Ambition is the ultimate aphrodisiac

La naissance de VenusGuys like to bitch that all women are gold diggers and asshole chasers. While this may seem true on the surface the truth at a deeper level is that assholes and successful guys who make lots money share the trait of being ambitious. Call them corporate douchebags, call them what you will, the ones who get first pick at the most desirable women have something intrinsic about them. If you were to ask them, these guys would tell you that you don’t need money or looks to get the girl.

I am inclined to believe them. Henry Kissinger famously once said: “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”. He didn’t say money or looks or charm. He obviously observed from his high-powered vantage point the effect people at his station in life have over women’s ability to think straight. From what I’ve observed, experienced first hand and been told by women who’s opinions matter, it’s a man’s ambition that sets off attraction in the opposite sex. Just approaching a woman whom you “want” with the air of taking what you desire in the moment is very arousing. She might call you an asshole or a player but she will tell you this as she gets undressed for you eventually.

My advice to most of the guys who complain about their lack of a girlfriend is that they have no bait at the end of their line. They haven’t tended to their own lives, they don’t have a sense of purpose that’s tangible to others. They haven’t gotten their own act together. Why the hell would a desirable woman want to join that club? Forget the narcissistic metrosexual/hipster preoccupation with grooming and clothes as of the last 10 years or so. That stuff is just a gay fashion-mafia conspiracy to get us to buy their stupid merchandise.

The best traveling for a man is travels with a purpose. Work, a mission, a project, an adventure, something compelling that he’s excited about himself that he can convey to her. Women call it a passion, and it’s always for something other than women. Good women care little for money but in fact for a man’s instinct to get more for himself.

Boris adds:

Short, sweet and right on point!

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