Valentine’s Day Special: How I, ¡Raul!, make love to a beautiful woman

Hot CupidHappy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all have a special someone tonight to make sweet love to.  ¡Raul! likes Valentine’s Day because all his girlfriends are dying to be one of the two or three girls ¡Raul! will have time for today.  Many people have asked me, “¿¡Raul!, how do you keep all the ladies coming back for more?” Well, it is simple, ¡Raul! is not only charming, intelligent, good looking, experienced in death defying feats of badassness and very gifted physically, but he is also a world class lover.  Whenever I make love to a woman I always make sure to do it right the first time. The first time can include the actual first time, or sometimes, for other guys, in the morning when they wake up and are relatively sober for the first time. For ¡Raul!, this does not matter. I make it happen the first time, every time. How? Well, here we go…

I am not going to tell you how to bang some coke slut. Most likely she doesn’t even care if you give her orgasm or not. She is so glad to have that coke in her that she will probably be orgasming from her trip to “11“. What I am going to tell you is how to make it happen with an actual high quality beautiful classy woman from Eastern Europe, or wherever you happen to be where there aren’t just a bunch of fat stupid American girls.

It really starts in the beginning… First, I can generally tell within a few seconds if I am going to make love to a new lady. It happens in the eyes. In that first meeting, I begin making love to that woman with my eyes. This does not mean ¡Raul! stares at her like a piece of meat or in a weird rapist kind of way, but it does mean I maintain eye contact and with a certain amount of intensity. Remember, it really does start from the beginning, and if you can’t maintain eye contact and good body language, you generally will come off as a pussy or someone who is not confident. Ladies don’t dig that. So, after I have met the woman I will begin to seduce, I spend a little time asking some questions. Eye contact and questions are crack for a lady. She wants it all the time.

Now I am getting her comfortable with me and vice versa. When I see this is happening, I always kiss the girl. Immediately. “Yeah right ¡Raul!! You are full of shit! You can’t make out with a girl that fast!”. You are wrong. You can, and I do. You know you are going to seduce her, she knows she is going to let herself be seduced. Listen, I, ¡Raul! am lucky. I have what the ladies want, but you can too with some confidence. Set this tone early. You are there for business. If she is not, you can spend some time trying to break the walls down (which I will write about later) or move on, to one of her friends if possible.

Ok, the kiss has happened. You two are enjoying some time staring into each others eyes. This is when I start giving her a light shoulder massage with the hand closest to her. Some body contact that is obviously a one sided affair, because receiving a massage is better than giving one, is good. Listen for her little moans. You will hear those but much louder later. At this point I lead my new lady friend to the dance floor.  This gives ¡Raul! a chance to feel more of her body as I give her a little massage while we dance and make out to the tune of whatever stupid music the cokehead DJ is playing that night. Ladies love to dance. Ladies love to make out. Ladies love massage. You are already making love to this woman.

Now, I am going to give you a gift. I will let you jump inside of me, ¡Raul!, while I fuck, oh, I mean make love to this woman…

It sounds like the music is over. I think I should move this party somewhere else. Her place? No. My place? Ding ding ding. I know I have some chick drinks at home. Lets’ go to my place for a drink. I am glad I am not getting any resistance to this, because I am ¡Raul!, but if she did, I would start making out with her again and repeat the steps described earlier. I start to kiss her again, not in a fast sloppy way, but with a slow nibble. I isolate each lip. From her little moans, I can tell she likes this. “Ok, let’s go.”, she says…

So here we are at my place. My place is pretty sweet no matter what country I’m in. Let’s see I have two options 1) I will pin her against the wall right as soon as we are in the door and start making out with her, or 2) I will pin her against the wall as soon as we are in the door and I start making out with her, then I stop to offer her a drink. I remember she was drinking gin and tonic. I’m going to put some music on and make her a drink, I’ll be right back. OK, I just made a light drink. I make sure not to make it too strong for me or her, there are more important things at hand. I go ahead and take a rip on the bong and offer some to her…

I am making sure to keep eye contact, because chicks want to be seduced by men, not pussies. I noticed earlier she had some soreness in her right shoulder, I am going to flip her over and start massaging her. I start over her shirt, but I make sure that I stick the thumb down her shirt to get skin contact while massaging. She is offering to take her shirt off which is OK with me. I slowly work the shoulders and then long strokes down the back. Each time getting closer to the ass. OK, now I start working the massage further down. Cause you know I love that ass. This will get her pants off. I start helping her with this, doing it slowly while making sure they come off smoothly by cupping her foot with my hand. Wow, she looks pretty great. All of the chicks I, ¡Raul!, make love to, look great… the ones I took for the team excluded. She wants me to catch up now. I take off my shirt, grabbing back and pulling it over my head.

Let’s stop at this point. ¡Raul!, knows he is very sexy and people just need to relax a little here and take a couple deep breaths…



Caught your breath?  Shall I go on?

I crawl on top of her and start making out with her. I make sure she has her legs wrapped around me. This is sweet. I think I will start giving her some friction over her panties. Feels like everything is good down there. No thicket full of small mammals and birds. Maybe I will reach inside and feel her a little too… yep, that was a great idea, she really likes that. If it was really bushy, I think I might just skip to banging her, but since things are nice, I am going to move on to my favorite part: ¡Raul!’s tongue!  Things seem to be good as I let her enjoy my making out with both of her hemispheres. Slowly. ¡Raul!’s trademark! I repeat, slowly. Round motions and up and down motions towards the top. Slow. Women, believe it or not, do not want to be fucked like a porno star, unless they are porno stars. They want to be made love to. And love making starts slow. I don’t worry because there is plenty of time for fast later. I pay attention to what she likes. It is no surprise that it is only taking her a few minutes to climax since she has never met someone like me. Now that it has happened, I, ¡Raul!, always put on my condom. There is no other decision right here. I put it on.

I start out by going in just a little and tease her. She is grabbing me and begging for more. Just a little at a time, it is too much for many women to have all of ¡Raul! at once. Now, I am finally in all the way. I stay there. Of course I want to bang her silly right now, but for ¡Raul!, this causes an “Oh my God” moment for her and I like to prolong that. I keep going slow at first. She starts dictating she wants more, but I just remind her that the only dictating that’s going on here is what I dictate.  Women don’t want to be seduced by irresolute lovers.

I, ¡Raul!, gradually work up my intensity. Sometimes slow, sometimes medium, and a few instances of hard. I love to move her around to different positions and enjoy her body. We go through some of my favorites: on top, cowgirl, folded up, on a table, on a sink, in a swing, in the fridge, busting through the wall like the Kool-Aid man or whatever else she might be into. I don’t do my favorite first, I save that for a little later. We all know that ¡Raul!’s favorite is taking a double flip off the trapeze landing on the water slide that takes me down to a Slip-N-Slide that leads straight to the woman who is waiting for me. Or doggy, either works for ¡Raul!.

As I am making love to this beautiful Russian woman, I give her a light rub where I was licking earlier. She will explode in no time. Right before this happens, I lean over and with eye contact and authority, I tell her that I am going to fuck her exactly how she wants it and this is her chance to tell me. She jumps at the chance. I’ve never heard of the Milk Scrabble, but I am all up for it. As I am banging her now and she is screaming, “¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Raul!!!!!!”, (remember, your girl will shout ¡Raul! too ), I take my finger and “crash her car”. What is the “crash her car” I speak of? I take that finger and start slowly inserting it into her ass. She really loves this and she is screaming. Wow, this chick is really loud. She is finishing for a fifth time already? Of course she is. I am ¡Raul!. Now that she is screaming from the 2 minute orgasm I am giving her, I flip her over and line up my favorite position and, yep, I give her what you all have been waiting for… I, ¡RAUL!, BANG THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF HER. I really, really, give it to her. If she wants harder, I give it to her harder. This is great. Man, I hope she is not stupid when I have to talk to her after.

(cigarette break)

Now that she has been ¡Raul!’d, I can feel her quiver and shake. I give her a little pressure squeeze, not hug but squeeze and make out with her as before. I don’t want to or have to do this long, but to her, this is solidifying the connection. She is mine whenever I want her now. I just banged her right and she will keep coming back for more. How do I know? I don’t have one girlfriend who wouldn’t fuck me again if I called.

“Hey old girlfriend, it’s ¡Raul!.”
“Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy ¡Raaaaaaaaaul!, when can I come over?”

See what I mean?

Now just remember, it’s not rocket surgery, it is ‘Making love the ¡Raul! way’. It will work, and if not, send her to me, and I will make it work.


By the way, Dude, you are welcome.

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