The Pickup Artist Scam

MysteryOver the last ten years or so, an industry which has been becoming more and more mainstream is that of the “pickup artist” or “dating consultant.”  The industry has been popularized by Neil Strauss’ excellent memoir, The Game and the VH1 show The Pickup Artist, featuring Mystery, probably the best known of these so called “pickup artists” or PUAs. Over the past 10 years this “industry” has spread like cancer, largely via the internet. Just google “pickup artist”, “pua”, or “seduction community” to see what I’m talking about.

This industry is populated with a host of so-called “experts” who claim to be able to teach guys how to meet and be successful with women.  They charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for their products, which include DVDs and live, in-person “bootcamps” where they claim they will teach even the most slovenly loser to be a Cassanova in a matter of days.

Although we here at Single Dude Travel do not want to be associated with PUAs in any way, we have read a lot of their material. Some of them have some valid general points but many give terrible advice and charge an outrageous amount of money for it. In general I think that PUAs are modern day snake oil salesman.

If you are a total disaster with women you need to clean up your own act and fix yourself before you can learn how to pickup chicks. If you don’t start from a base of self-confidence and a happy and fulfilling life PUA material is going to turn you into to some kind of weird, creepy social robot. Hell, most of the PUA guys admit that they were social rejects before they found their particular magic formula. The reality is most of the guys are just selling a bunch of useless CDs, DVDs and books that all say the same basic thing in different words for absolutely outrageous prices. In my opinion you are much better off just getting your shit together (job, finances, health & fitness, hobbies, etc.) and then going out and meeting a lot of people. If you are a cool, grounded, down to earth person you will meet more than a enough chicks through the course of your normal life especially if you follow our advice and put yourself in the right places at the right times.

To prove my point let’s take a look at some of these guys. This toolbox calls himself Tyler Durden. Besides the fact that he looks, acts and sounds like a total douchebag, you have to ask yourself whether or not he’s really telling you anything you can’t figure out yourself. Besides using fancy words like “personality matrixes” (the plural is matrices, douchebag) and “irreverence lens” to describe a simple concept like “confidence is sexy” what does he really have to say? Use a condom? Don’t get fat? Carbs make you fat? Seriously? Who is paying this guy for advice?

Here is a perfect [cartoon] example of the kind of social rejects The Mystery Method often produces. The cartoon dude is trying to pull off a pickup using the advice from the book pretty much verbatim.

How about this loser, “London Paladin,” do I even need to comment?

Mehow? Are you fucking kidding me? Another one destined for

Here is another one from “Tyler Durden.” Listen to his lame attempt to explain why you have to keep buying his shitty DVDs, CDs and books. If these guys developed the magic method to get any girl you want 5 years ago or more, as they might have you believe, what’s the need for a new version? These guys were already supposedly gods with women, why not just keep doing that? Could it be because this shit doesn’t really work, or to the degree that it does work it only works for a short period of time until the legions of followers these dumbasses have start going out and repeating the cheesy lines and routines verbatim to the point that every single chick knows them? I’d say so. I’d also say that his comment about “backwards engineering” sounds suspiciously like he learns his new cheesy pickup lines and routines from his “sutdents,” then writes new versions of his bullshit and sells it for outrageous prices.

Last but not least you have Gunwitch, aka Allen Robert Reyes who allegedly shot a 20 year old girl in the face recently



The choice is yours but I would highly recommend you avoid this whole PUA scene like the plague other than perhaps reading The Game and another book or two of your choice just to get the general overview. Then again you can get most of this retarded “PUA” shit online for free…

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