Reader Mail From Iraq!

iL Chiron writes in from Iraq:


First off, this is the first time I have ever taken the time to email some random fan-mail type crap, so whoever reads this bullshit should feel honored.

I have to say is by far one of the better websites out now. You guys are hysterical, downright entertaining and ruthless! I enjoy reading the blogs and it certainly does help me take pleasure in the little “personal” time that I have here on deployment in Iraq. I feel like somewhat of a child praising dudes for doing shit “men” should already know and be doing in general.

In some of the blogs, you guys are right on the money regarding women in the western part of the world. They think too highly of themselves and think their shit doesn’t stink, especially in NYC. Now don’t get the wrong impression of me, from what I have read I can bear a resemblance to ¡Raul!; just a younger, more admirable, Greek God physique having type alpha male.

Furthermore, from reading the website I have grown an interest of visiting other countries such as Ukraine, Russia, and even Bulgaria. Especially after this shitty place called Iraq, let me tell you, don’t ever and I mean ever visit this place. If I had to pick between a Vietnamese POW camp, hogged tied, being brutally beating with Bamboo sticks and having my balls surgically removed with a fucking butter knife or Iraq, I would purchase a first class ticket to the POW camp. Drastic much? Fuck no!

In the end I hope this shit gets read because if it doesn’t I will never and I mean ever waste my time typing a fucking email again, seriously…

Additionally, I would love to have an opportunity of having a “guest post” or just posting in general. Just throw me a topic you’d like me to type about and if you guys like it, post it!

Thank you for sharing your experiences, for being real and having some good old fun.

“I am nobody
Nobody is perfect
Therefore, I must be perfect!” –who cares who said it first; I’m saying it now.

(name redacted to protect the USA from terrorism)

P.S. Don’t “jew” me out of a reply either! would like to thank iL Chiron for his service!

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