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"Badboy"Several years ago I took a “workshop” or “bootcamp” from a “PUA” calling himself “Badboy“. Back when I took his “bootcamp” he was charging about 2,000 EUR for a weekend course which consisted of just two and a half days of “instruction”. I decided to take the course because I had read The Game and also a writeup in Playboy magazine about “Badboy” specifically (in retrospect it may have only been in some eastern European franchise of Playboy). The article made it sound like “Badboy” could walk on water wherever chicks were concerned. Money was not a big concern for me at the time and while I felt pretty stupid for actually doing such a thing, in the end my curiosity got the best of me. I just wanted to see if it was true, was there really was such a thing as a guy who could get any girl virtually with the snap of his fingers as described in The Game? It sounded impossible but if it was true I had to see it. Back then the whole “PUA” thing was considerably more “underground” than it is today. These douchebags certainly were not on VH1 making fools of them of themselves, that’s for sure and hardly anybody in Europe knew about “PUA”.

To make a long story short, if such a person exists, he is most definitely not “Badboy”. I don’t try to judge a book by its cover but “Badboy” certainly didn’t look the part. He was short (very short), skinny, bald and not particularly attractive.  He looked like a stiff breeze could knock him over. He gave the impression of a snake oil salesman more than pickup artist. He opened the course by telling us a lot of highly dubious stories about his conquests including one hell of a whopper about a girl he picked up somewhere buying him a car after just a couple weeks of dating.

“Badboy” packed 10 to 15 people into his “class” which he held in a tiny, cramped upstairs room of a pub which I’m sure he got for free… after all he was just bringing in more business for them. No food or drink was included in the 2000 EUR course price and neither was lodging. The other “students” were a rag tag bunch of losers that were all socially awkward in the extreme and some were much too old for the girls they were aspiring to chase. The “class” essentially consisted of lectures by “Badboy” and “field exercises”. The lectures were more or less a regurgitation of shit that came from some e-book he was selling at the time and the “field exercises” consisted of going out on the street, to cafes or bars and having “Badboy” instruct his “students” by saying “Go talk to her!” These “field exercises” progressed to “Go talk her but kiss her within x minutes.”

All in all the whole thing was of no value whatsoever. But what was really disturbing is he would often chose girls that are were far too young as “targets” and even go so far as to select what appeared to be ~14 year old girls walking down the street with their mothers. If he wasn’t selecting underage girls he’d often pick out totally unattractive girls as “targets”. If someone complained about the age or attractiveness of the chick he would say something like “it’s just for practice, go do it, get over your hangups” or something like that. I out right refused this sort of “instruction” which seemed to really piss him off because it challenged his authority and expert status in front of his other loser “students”. By this point I knew I was not going to see what I had paid for but aside from the bit about the 14 year old girls, it was pretty entertaining.

The most important takeaway form the whole weekend for me was that “Badboy” had no game whatsoever himself or at least none that he demonstrated to the “class.” He never once demonstrated any “skills”. What he did do though was let a fat chick twice his size (in height and width) totally emasculate and embarrass him in front of the whole “class”. What I was able to piece together was that this was some girl he used to bang who was totally pissed at him for unknown reasons. He felt he needed a female stand-in to help him teach his “class” so that he could do hands-on demonstrations of his slick moves. Instead of using his mad pickup skills to just go get a new chick (and honestly, you could throw a rock in any bar and hit a hotter chick) he decided to let this chick tear him a new ass in front of all of us, he just took her shit and swallowed it with a smile just so she would act as the stand-in for him to help him teach his supposed pickup methods. I saw no demonstration of any game whatsoever from “Badboy” at any point during the weekend.

He walked away with over 20,000 EUR cold hard cash for nothing. It was unbelievable. It was all marketing, all fluff, no substance whatsoever. None of the “students” got laid during all of this “field work” except for one who ran into a girl he already knew. The whole thing was a total embarrassment. What I can’t believe is how he sold Playboy (even if it was only an eastern European franchise) on this fraud and got them to do a writeup on him.

At the end of the day all “Badboy” really has supporting the idea that he’s a modern day Casanova is a bunch of pictures with a bunch of chicks who are all actually quite average and run of the mill for his home country of Croatia. I’ve since learned that you need very little game to bag hot chicks all day in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is made of two things: hot chicks and mafia douchebags that treat them like garbage. If you’re a guy in Eastern Europe the deck is stacked in your favor. Not only that but it’s easy to get a chick in a bar to pose for a picture with you. It’s even easier than getting her phone number and certainly easier than fucking her or making her your girlfriend. I have just as many pictures with hot chicks as “Badboy” does, maybe even more. But even if he did fuck all those chicks in Croatia, so what, they grow on trees there. As soon as he loses the home court advantage and visits a foreign country he’s playing the bitch to get fat chicks to do favors for him.

Badboy is yet another reason to stay as far away from all this PUA shit as possible. Don’t take my word for it, just go check out his blog where he gives cutting edge advice like “How to remove a bra with one hand“, the “proper street approach” and solicits you to pay him 1350 EUR (he decreased the price from 1600 EUR) to teach you how to pickup girls in Ukraine. You can be retarded, deaf, blind and dumb and still pickup hot girls in Ukraine. It’s actually a challenge to NOT get laid in Ukraine. Other than eastern Europe, I’ve never been anywhere in my life that has a greater supply of stunning women who are absolutely dying to meet any foreign guy that will treat them nice. Anybody that pays this fool to teach pickup in Ukraine deserves to lose their money! Just see “Internet Dating: No in America, Yes in Europe and Asia!” for one of the many ways you can have an unlimited lifetime supply of the hottest Eastern European chicks you’ve ever laid eyes on without paying douchebags like “Badboy” a dime. It is a crying shame this guy is still out there running the same scam after so many years.

This dude is cooler than Badboy

More cutting edge PUA advice from Badboy


JT, one of the commenters over at In Mala Fide told us that Badboy actually got his students arrested in London because he is such a socially retarded moron. Can anyone confirm or deny? Not that I don’t find the story totally believable or JT credible but I would love to have a news article or something to that effect to include here. Man Badboy is a shit head.

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