Internet Dating: No in America, Yes in Eastern Europe and Asia!

Hot Russian BrideI think it’s safe to say internet dating has finally lost it’s negative stigma, or at least most of it. Too bad it hasn’t lost its shitty results, at least in the western world. I never had any qualms about it myself, if it results in getting hot chicks into my bed I’m usually down for it. It just doesn’t fucking work in the states. You could waste a year of your life on and maybe, if you’re lucky, have the privilege of buying a fat chick or two dinner.

So enough about where it doesn’t work, let’s talk about where it does work! Europe and Asia! More specifically Eastern Europe and Asia. You may want to ask me at this point “But Boris, don’t you run a website dedicated to where to go to find the hot easy chicks? Why do I need to go on a dating website like some loser?” The answers are “Yes!” and “Because it has it’s advantages.”

While we do focus on gorgeous women that will be thrilled to get to know you, we’re not really focusing on shameless sluts that will bang you in the men’s room five minutes after meeting you. That’s really not our style. So even though many of the girls you may meet will be absolutely overjoyed to meet you, you’re stilling going to have to date them a little bit to get them in the sack often times. However, let’s say you don’t have a lot of time, maybe you only have a long weekend. Chances are good you’ll meet somebody if you go where we tell you, but it’s not guaranteed. This is where internet dating comes into play. Why not hop online 3 or 4 weeks in advance and start a little mini relationship with the Eastern European super model of your choice, that way when you arrive you’ll have a built-in girlfriend the moment you step off the plane (she might even pick you up at the airport). You can survey the lay of the land with a gorgeous chick on your arm that speaks the local language and decide if you want to return for a longer stay to continue your relationship with her or somebody else. All in all it’s not a bad deal.

But wait… there’s more (picture your favorite infomercial douchebag)! What if you want to bring a gorgeous Eastern European to you (or at least closer to you)? If you’re lucky enough to live in Europe, with the advent of the EU this is now more possible than it ever was before. You would be absolutely shocked at the number of Eastern European hotties that would be willing to come meet you on their own dime if you will just have a mini internet and telephone relationship with them for a couple of weeks. I know, I did this almost exclusively for a year and a half while I was still working as a corporate slave and I had no time to travel 20 weeks per year like those lucky bastards Raul and Charlie. (If you’re need of an escape hatch from corporate slavery yourself, check out “Escape the Corporate Prison“) Seriously, internet dating BLOWS in the states but it’s highly underrated in Eastern Europe (if you’re a western dude that is).

So now that I’ve convinced you that internet dating is not just for fat losers that live in their parents’ basements, let’s talk about what sites to use:

1.) Eharmony

2.) Mail order bride sites

Eharmony: Don’t ask me why it works, it just does. It’s kind of expensive and time consuming but it’s something you can easily keep running in the background. There aren’t a ton of people on it in Europe but those that are can be real catches. I met gorgeous girls from the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia on Eharmony and they all flew out to see me in Western Europe and they were all knockouts. Now that $150 or $200 or whatever they charge for a yearly membership doesn’t look like such a bad investment does it?

Mail order bride sites: I know it sounds sleazy and/or scary but put your preconceived notions aside. I’ve met plenty of girls from these sites and they’re totally normal, down to earth and they aren’t expecting you to marry them right away. In fact, I had some beautiful little mini relationships with girls I met on some of these sites and marriage was never even mentioned. You do need to do your homework and make sure the site you use is legit and has an active management that bans scam artists. And use common sense! Don’t ever deal with a girl that wants you to send her money. I’m not going to tell you which sites, I have my own personal favorites and they’re so good I don’t want the rest of the world in on the secret. However, you can find tons of them. Google is your friend, just type the country (or region) of your choice and “brides.” There’s thousands of them as you can see and that’s just for Ukraine! Another hot tip, while these sites can be expensive (like eHarmony or even a little more), DO NOT use a site that wants to charge per girl or per letter to a girl – those are scams! Whatever site you use they should let you communicate as much as you want, as often as you want, with as many girls as you want for a flat fee per time unit (month, 6 months, year, etc.). Be prepared to shell out a couple hundred bucks of the best money you will ever spend in your life!

So now that I’ve convinced you of the potential benefits of internet dating, I need to warn you about the biggest risk. Do not, I repeat do NOT actually marry one of these chicks and bring her back to the states or anywhere else in the west. You will ruin her. You wouldn’t drive your brand new Ferrari down a dirt road full of potholes would you? Then do NOT bring your hot new Eastern European fiance to the west. No matter how great a girl she may be, the west will corrupt her. For one thing, if you bring her to the US, for example, she’ll get a bunch of stupid fat American girlfriends that will convince her that you don’t treat her well enough, she shouldn’t have to cook for you and so on. To add insult to injury she will likely become fat herself. It may not even be her fault, the food in the US is just so awful, her flawless little body will not be used to this chemically processed garbage and will respond with a severe case of edema. Again the Ferrari analogy is perfect: you wouldn’t put non-synthetic oil and low octane gas in your Ferrari would you? Of course not! So don’t take your hot Eastern European model girlfriend to McDonald’s, Burger King, Arby’s and Taco Bell!!!! Next thing you know you’ll be looking at a total [fat] bitch that’s very expensive to support in the best case scenario and a divorce in the worst case. If you’re looking to donate your house and half your assets to an Eastern European girl, more power to you but there are easier and faster ways to do it. If you truly do fall in love and want to get married, great, we at Single Dude Travel are happy for you, but we implore you, please do not take her to America or Western Europe. Stay in her home country with her or if that place sucks run away to Thailand or Belize or something. Also make sure you get married in a country where the marriage will not be recognized in the country(ies) where you have the majority of your assets.

The way the western world corrupts these beautiful flawless little Eastern European snowflakes is a topic that warrants a separate article all of its own and one I will definitely write in the near future. However, for the time being, take my word for it, keep the love of your life away from the United States, Canada and the UK absolutely at all costs (and to a lesser degree all of Western Europe).

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