An introduction to Russian girls

There is a land across the sea filled with women so beautiful, your balls will ache when you lay eyes upon them. Russia is the name of this promised land.  These gorgeous sirens have suffered much hardship at the hands of the men in their home countries who are generally abusive irresponsible drunken assholes, and usually fat, ugly and frequently criminal to boot. Without any reasonable prospects these the women have thrown up their hands and declared Russian men “impotent”. Imagine the Homer Simpson of the eastern bloc, Borat. It makes them wary to trust any man. Get ready to be quizzed about your whereabouts last night, and have your answers ready. They all have KGB designed bullshit detectors, so no lying. If it goes off, they might throw your Apple laptop at your head.

So, if you suck here in USA , you will still suck over there too, so don’t get the idea that the average, run of the mill American douchebag can show up in Moscow and get banged simply for flashing his US Passport. That was true only from 1989-1992 when Communism fell and their economies were devastated and many women desperately needed to emigrate to the West. Their economy is stable now, though difficult. Their women freely travel to NYC, LA and Miami for fun and return to their homeland. But now you know where bulk quantities of the planets most smoking hot women can be found and I will now tell you some rules about what it takes to hook up with them.

Rule #1: They are NOT easy to get in to bed.

Banish from your mind that they are easy because they can smell that arrogant attitude from the end of the bar and they will enjoy crushing your assumptions under the heel of their real Prada boots. Yes, there are MANY Russian prostitutes in the world and for that reason, it is extremely important to regular Russian women that you know they are not hookers. Those sexually crazy Russian girls you see in clubs and on the internet are pros and they are laughing all the way to the bank.  The whole pornography and sexploitation thing has made the regular girls feeling rather bruised and defensive and it bothers the normal women that they might get lumped together with their professional sisters.  So, you have to somehow convey respect without being a pussy. Got it? That said, these Communists have no God and will show you their lingerie by the end of the night if you push their buttons the right way.

Rule # 2: Just because a woman speaks Russian, doesn’t mean she is a Russian.

If you’re gonna play in this arena , you better pull out a map and start getting familiar with the countries of the region and their major cities. Nothing deflates a Latvian girl more than being called a Russian. Nothing makes you look stupider to a Ukranian girl than you not being able to name some cities there (Hint: Odessa, Kiev, Sebastapol, etc.). There is a great deal of resentment that these countries feel towards the Russian occupiers who fucked them over so very hard after WW2. Make sure you know who you are talking to. ( Wait, I think that alone might be a good topic of conversation with them….!) Russian women are the prickliest of the Slavic world as they’ve been pushed the hardest by Russian men, especially when they tell you they are from Moscow. Moscow is the equivalent of NYC for them and has a lot of hardened strong professional women. St Petersbergers are wondrously sophisticated and romantic. Siberians are gorgeous and affectionate.

GENERAL RULE FOR ENTIRE PLANET: Big city girls have big attitudes as they have to weed out 100 losers a day. Country girls are much sweeter and simpler. When looking for the supermodels follow the money. Where you find most of the wealth, there you will find most of the beautiful women in any country. Moscow has 80% or more of the wealth in all of Russia and not surprisingly a mind boggling number of spectacularly beautiful women hoping to find their man, just like NYC. Calibrate, you don’t hunt swans with an Uzi.

Rule #3: They are used to strong guys, guys unlike you and your friends. Remember Stalin, Putin, Krushev, Rasputin, Boris Badanov? These guys were badASS! Whatever you do, do not let them decide what’s next on the agenda (unless it involves getting naked). That means them deciding going to a different bar, eating, where to meet etc. They are used to STRONG leaders, so lead. They don’t respect anything less. If you ask out a girl, you must have a plan about where you are going even if it sucks. Going for a walk through a cool area is acceptable. Buying dinner is a lesser option, especially when it smacks of you buying them. And don’t smile all the time unless you mean it.

There is a Russian saying that you can only have as many friends as you have fingers. That means, they are slow to trust people but if you win their friendship, it actually means something (unlike L.A. for example). The payoff with these women is that they actually want to be be very submissive, are screaming maniacs in bed and will do your laundry while you eat the breakfast they made. They are like having a Ferarri. Requires skill to drive, but oh what a ride! So, man up! One unfortunate inexplicable exception to all this alpha male stuff is Anna Kournikova’s choice to date Enrique Iglesias (WTF? Publicity stunt so he doesn’t have to come out of the closet?).

Rule #4: They are romantic. They all want to be Cinderella. Therefore, you have to be their knight in shining armor who whisks them away from the hell they live in. Flowers, opening doors, being protective, etc, win you lots of point in the east if you do it in a guys-guy kind of way. Take them to the ballet and they will be yours. It triggers an uncontrollably stupid passion in them. You might want to kill yourself at the opera but you can survive watching almost naked teenage girls dance around for 2 hours. Dress better than you do in back in Minneapolis. They want their man to look good too as they take way better care of themselves than their American counterparts.

They also read tons of books as they are generally waaay smarter and developed than American women. So, like geography, if you are unfamiliar with Chekhov, Pushkin, Dostoyevsky and Tchaikovsky, you could end up looking like a dumbass. The majority men of the East are emotionally flat toolbags and usually drunk with no prospects for career. Be better than that. From what I’ve seen, Italian guys kill in East Europe, not that you have to be one. Slavs of all ages far prefer George Clooney over Justin Timberlake. It’s a race to the top, not to the bottom with these girls.

Like I said before on in earlier post , the best place to meet women of every variety is to go to shopping malls. Russian women dress way sexier than American chicks and it doesn’t have the same connotations as it does here. Eastern European women really love to shop and you might as well go find them in their favorite habitat. All they really wanted was to attract a real man, anyway.

Russians in particular love to party in big groups at long tables with endless Vodka. With the big doofus guys cockblocking, it’s very hard to break in to these tightly knit groups which is why I stay away from their big party halls. Bars offer good opportunities but Cafes are better. Fast food places are fantastic because girls 18-25 concentrate there as that’s all they can afford and in Eastern countries and the fast food isn’t that bad. A detail to remember is that women in the Slavic countries marry VERY young. Commonly by 19 they are boxed in to marrying the first guy who came along by their parents. These marriages are meaningless and the young dipshit husbands burn any goodwill within a few years of a marriage. That means, these girls who are “married” are very lonely and dying to have an affair. When you see the ring, know it’s a good sign because she’s in a hurry to be rescued from her misery.

Part of this same equation, there are many early divorces for the same reasons. So, it’s not uncommon to find a really slammin’ 24 year old with a child who now just wants to replenish her deficient self-esteem by fucking as sport or as means of getting husband #2. A strategy I respect, in fact. MILFs are extremely good news in East Europe. Life has taken them down a notch and they aren’t gonna play as many games. Keep your eyes peeled.

Cougars are also ample and maintain their looks far beyond Americans the same age. This is due to the fact that they walk everywhere, often in heels (apparently great for buns and calves) and they don’t over-eat. If you meet a cougar you like, proposition her right off the bat and make her an offer she can’t refuse. This is what all the Italian guys I know do there with great success.

OK, you don’t have time or money to go to Eastern Europe? Well, some of them have come right here to us. Most major cities have big populations of recent immigrants with very “talented” girls among them all wanting to live the American dream with you, if only for a weekend. When you see names like Tatyana, Svetlana, Ana, Anastasia, Karina, and Olga on Facebook, you are wise to investigate and connect.

Brighton Beach, just a subway ride beyond NYC, is a huge ex-pat Russian colony, everything said above holding true. Likewise for Chicago and L.A. (hoping to be “discovered”). Now that you know a bit about what they are like and how superior they are to lame over-rated pain in the ass American women, you can go to town.

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  • JRyan72

    Well Brighton Beach is not outside NYC. It is part of NYC located in Brooklyn and you are far more likely to come across old russians there then the young girls who will head into Manhattan. Russian women are beautiful and once in a relationship they can be very loyal. One thing to be aware of is they will hold in things that annoy them and become a ticking time bomb. A russian won’t laugh unless something is funny, they don’t smile unless they feel like it, if you ask how their day is they will give you a detailed explanation, and if you anger them they can totally snap. Russians don’t really filter their emotions. What you see is what they are feeling at the moment. Russians are also a very proud people so while they may trash Putin or the government in front of you I wouldn’t join in since they could turn on you for doing so. Americans can be the same way. Its ok for us to bash our politicians but it becomes annoying if a foreigner starts doing it to excess. Russians are survivors. They will do whatever it takes to survive and sometimes that includes bending the rules. Russians love to put one over their government if they can get away with it.

  • Leonid

    Some of the topics are spot on but too many stereotypes thrown into a mix.. Especially about their men – drunk abusive Borats LOL! I’ve visited Moscow and St Petersburg and spent great time with Russian girls never paying for sex (except going out together, buying them few drinks and a meal which is fantastic time to spent anyway). I can tell you that these two cities are totally different from what they call the “real” Russia, something like Ural or Siberia. It is true, most of the men are tough and emotionless, but this is where foreigners win with their open minded and friendly manners. Local girls will LOVE you for being different, so SMILE and JOKE all the time, be ROMANTIC and slightly awkward, don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself and always make her feel special, just keep saying how beautiful they are and how special this moment is for you))) That is if you are not dealing with gold-diggers and prostitutes… Curious college/uni girls 19-22 are the best option in my opinion to have a romantic affair with. Also I agree with author, that’s true – there are many young divorced or married ladies in their late 20s early 30s seeking for an affair! That’s it folks 🙂

  • Jack

    They have a hard time with trust certainly. I dated one for 10 months. 9 months long distance, 1 month together. We did have a strong connection. But well her trust and jealousy issues made problems because even though I resisted at first a few times I caved in to her manipulations and let her win. Because I wanted her to trust me. This ruined the relationship because I didn’t propose before I left. Partly because I didn’t plan on it the first trip, but also I wasn’t 100% sure at that moment. She tried to guilt me into it before I left… Indirectly saying she thought I was going to blow her off but I didn’t. I went home to plan, prepare and think about moving there long term. I said give me 6-9 weeks to get everything ready. She cheated after 6, 10 days before I was supposed to go back. She admitted finally it was because I caved into her manipulations a few times. Well she knew what she gave up.

  • Cabinet Man

    I have to agree, I’m willing to bet that most of the posters here have never crossed the Atlantic.. I spent 10 days with a Russian women and she was the most intelligent and caring person I’ve encountered in my entire life, she could have had a free ticket to America, but she wasn’t after that, she was after true love and nothing else, sadly the chemistry wasn’t there for either of us, but we remain very good friends to this day, She never once asked me for anything, but if she did I’d give it to her in a heartbeat.

    There are superficial and materialistic Women everywhere, and their the most likely gold diggers, their everywhere, especially in America! YES!. this is especially true for Women over 30.. You know how you middle income guys join a dating site or dating app like Tinder and you can connect with just one average to good looking Woman?, it’s not because of you, it’s because most of these Women are looking for very successful Men according to occupation and location, Men with PhD’s who have a beach city zip code.. Finding true love for these Women is secondary or often times not a priority, These are the true gold diggers and American Men know it, and what their doing is pretending to be doctors and they fake their zip code, just so they can get laid, and it often works, in my opinion they deserve each other.

    • Alexander Adamovich

      Yeah, said. Russian women also got spoiled in big cities and just trade their body for income, Small towns are different. I guess Asian wife is still better… With all gold digging and feminist shit white population is disappearing while muslims bread like insects because women are just incubators in there. Keep in mind that most of girls going abroad are gold diggers who may change partner for bigger income. They do not immigrate to become engineers, IT specialists, maybe models sometimes or actresses including porn. Mostly they immigrate to find their husband in 30-40s or even 40+sugar daddy while they fuck with their fitness teacher. Most of the smart girls can make their carrier in Russia.

  • Claus Thaler

    If you want a Russian woman, you’re also going to have to live and work in the Motherland, because the nicest and most wonderful girl will turn into a blyad in no time once she is exposed to the west. Think about why you went looking in Russia in the first place and not Cincinatti, OH. Think about the most toxic culture of western feminism and ask yourself how long Olga or Nadezhda can go without dumping you for a bigger wallet. I have seen breakups in the US, because the neighbor had a larger wide-screen TV. Perhaps it is a good test, if she is willing to stay with you in Russia, maybe she will be your zhena (wife), but if she dumps you, you know that using you as a ticket to the west was her plan all along. One final word of advise, if she is already over here then she probably did precisely that, she used someone just like you to get to the US and is now trying to trade-up. You might as well not bother then. Russia, especially Moscow and St. Peterburg are not nearly as bad as the western propaganda wants us to believe, especially if you are in high-tech or IT you have a good chance to get a decent job in relation to the Russian economy.

  • sadun

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  • TedCru4ever

    Gosh, guys grow up and man up! Before pedestalizing girls from any particular country, at least use Google Translate on their internet forums, communities and blogs. Half of Russian girls are feminists and things are getting worse every year. The second part of them are pornstars on xpaster and

  • BlueBellablue

    You say Russian men are bad, well behind every good man lies a good women, So clearly these women you claim to be good partners and wives, are in reality not so. If Russain men are drinking like hell, one has to ask why? A true women will not sit and drink with men and keep running for fashion and looking for sex , she will help her men and her society to be moral and strong with her her modesty and kindness. Unfortunately i dont see this in all russian women. You are fascinated because they like sex and money. So they profit both ways,whilst you get broke, get AIDS and die.

    • Jack

      Very true, Russian women are not that great. They look good and are often smart but tend to be lazy as far as relationship wants and desires. They want a strong male “leader” with a solid income and education but they are always looking to trade up for what’s ready at hand.

  • Peter Steele

    So, let’s check out these supermodels and awesome girls) Are they so hot and horny like i’ve tried using escorts in riga ?) Really luv white cuties.

  • Void

    It is funny to read! The article is full of stereotypes. Don’t need you here added of bears, balalaika and vodka with a nuclear reactor in the wardrobe. You were in Russia? When? In which city?

    Get a grip! Today Moscow is more developed than most cities in America!

    Fat, drunk men… How long can this nonsense?

    Drunk men in Russia was when the US destroyed their country in the 90’s, after the betrayal of Gorbachev. And they’ve been extinct for 4 million a year! You killed those women! Also known as goddesses. AT LEAST 2 MILLION A YEAR! In addition to charity you do not have any emotions. You are not even able to understand your own words.

    Today Russia is a sporty, beautiful boys. Fitness rooms, pools, stadiums filled. These guys are restoring their country. Many of them don’t even drink! Never!

    The girl who finally thinking of traditional values, turning away from Western dirt, which tried to turn them into currency prostitutes.

    Russian society is back to its own culture. And I’ll give you some advice. You should think about their country. To criticize their fat guys that in 40 years as helpless as children.

    Eastern Europe were from Russia. Russia today is Russia. Original country with a rich culture and traditions. And if you Eastern European women need to go to the Ukraine or to the Czech Republic…

    • Jack

      I fucked a smoking hot Russian girl for a few months. She just couldn’t handle me being gone for a few weeks.

  • wiggity

    I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. I don’t want to stereotype, because I know that there have to be some good Russian chicks. But every one I’ve ever known has been a drunken, materialistic, opportunistic whore. And this isn’t bitterness from some bad experience….I haven’t dated them. I have known several…and then several of their friends. They’re all the same. They cheat on their husbands, they go after you for your money, they manipulate, they lie, they’re dirty, their houses are pig styes and they just generally make the culture they come from look bad. And not a single one of them was very intelligent.

    I read an article in one of the big magazines..can’t remember which one…that talked about studying people who grew up in Russia that talked about how many of them display classic sociopathic tendencies. And I could totally see what it was talking about! This lack of moral fiber and conscience is completely evident in the ones I have met. Take no responsibility for anything, they’d screw their own mothers over. They may be good to get a little somethin’ somethin’, but to marry and bear your children…oh, helllllllll no!

    • Josh Duggar

      So true, I know many Russian girls, in the East Coast US and in St Petersburg, as well as a few in Moscow and even one in Siberia. They are the biggest whores and liars. In addition, most of them are NOT hot “10/10” stunners. Plenty of frumpy ones, bad skin, silly hair and terrible sense of style. They are very materialistic and lie and manipulate even when they don’t have to. It’s almost like they will lie just to practice and keep sharp their lying skills. The blog and the comments about “zomg I banged a bunch of 10/10s!!” here just sound like keyboard fantasy reports. And just LOL at the suggestion to go to Brighton Beach. Perhaps if you want to get stabbed during a Russian sausagefest for hassling their women. Neither the men nor women will want anything to do with a guy who is not Russian… And on a final note I know a few American guys who have made the mistake of marrying one of these “stunner” Russian girls: all of them are divorced and one will probably never see his kids again — she took them back to Moscow (the place that, according to so many of these silly blogs, she was “dying” to be rescued from. LOL!)

      • wiggity

        Yep…a friend of mine was married to one. She screwed around on him with countless men, bringing many of them home to flaunt in his face. Took their gifts, their money, their this, their that. Never took care of her children. Worst. Mother. Ever. And, yes, when they divorced, SHE got the kids. And has proceeded to ruin them even further. None of them have a future that I can see. She doesn’t give a crap about anything but herself. Horrible, horrible person and a total sociopathic narcissist. And though she thinks she’s a hot number…..NOT. I wouldn’t bang her with someone else’s equipment. Her vagina is a revolving door. She has bad skin, thin, ugly hair, crappy shit breath from her constant alcohol use, smoking and lack of proper teeth care, and she always smells like body odor covered up by cheap perfume. But she gets the men. It must be the accent. That’s the only thing I can attribute it to, because I’ve known a couple people that screwed her, and not one of them said she was that good. I think her victims must just be living in some fantasy. I say if someone is stupid enough to fall for it, they deserve the hell coming their way. But for me….PASS!

        Nice moniker, by the way.

    • BlueBellablue

      Also most of them claim to be so highly educated when in reality they buy their qualifications back door. Thanks for thinking with your brain and not your b-lls.

      • Noble Intellect

        you sound like a whining western white trash who was kicked around a bit

  • Mariana

    As a russian woman I find all this bashing of eastern and russian men in the article insulting and narrow-minded.

    • Yea but it’s the rule not the exception.

    • BlueBellablue

      I know how you feel, this guy is praising you russian women and judging other women based on sex. Its very disturbing because he claims russian women as some sort of super women when in reality no nationality is perfect. There are good and bad in every country. He should stop looking at women like sex objects!!

    • Alexander Adamovich

      Well, “Men in Russia are almost all entirely drunken losers outside of Moscow, and it’s common for them to beat their girlfriends or be total deadbeats so as a foreigner you are already a prize since you’re less likely to drink counterfeit vodka by the barrel and actually have a job.” is totally crap. Maybe like 5% or less beat their girlfriends and 10-15% are drunks in cities which still leads to 15 – 20 % of girls who can’t find decent boyfriend. Most of Russians have balls unlike Europeans who may pee in their pants if they see aggressive Arab and can’t protect neither themselves nor their girls. So most of Russian women are develop faster they really love children and family and don’t give a crap about some american loosers roaming for underage sluts. Moscow is full of golddigers and you may be disappointed about outcome of your affair.

      Still, of course if you search for serious relationship smaller towns of Russia is great place to find decent woman if you are not scared of being beaten by local thugs in the local club. They do not like other males to enter their territory, you know.

  • alexthegreat

    russia has the best women in the world hands down. if you like the slavic look, its heaven on earth. i also like latinas and i heard colombia was great, with many good-looking girls and very friendly and generally easy.

    • BlueBellablue


  • Dyevushka

    Superhot young Russian girls are known as ‘Dyevs’ by the locals, and they are in every bar and nightclub. The clubs I went to in Moscow I picked up 10/10 looking Russian girls who came back with me for a marathon screw session they are incredible. Seems every girl in Russia is a pro ballet dancer with an amazing body and wants to party. Problem with Russian nightclubs is of course “Face Control” meaning if you don’t look rich enough the bouncers won’t let you in. You probably can’t afford those clubs anyways they are Oligarch hangouts full of millionaires and gangsters.

    Men in Russia are almost all entirely drunken losers outside of Moscow, and it’s common for them to beat their girlfriends or be total deadbeats so as a foreigner you are already a prize since you’re less likely to drink counterfeit vodka by the barrel and actually have a job. If you are not 100% white/caucasian I would NOT go to Russia, as there are roving gangs of ultra nationalists beating up and assaulting anybody who looks like a migrant so blacks/asians/indians do not go here!!! Instead go meet Russian girls in Turkey beach resorts or in Cyprus where there are no racist thugs.

    Great destination for girls, but not as good as Florianopolis which is the best spot on this planet to meet supermodels. Surprised there isn’t a review of Florianopolis yet on this site, it’s like you walked into a Sports Illustrated SwimSuit fantasy world.

  • El Matador

    Awesome responses all around to this hot topic, gents.
    I must say I stand by my words on this topic but need to add a few caveats lest my sweeping generalizations be taken too absolute.
    -Don’t be a dumb-ass. If you go in to a bar that is too dangerous for your level, just leave. Those kinds of places are best entered with your other USMC platoon-mates.You know when you’re in over your head. Intoxication is not required to play the “get the Russian girls” game. Yes, you could get victimized in one of those dark seedy bars full of Borat’s retarded cousins.
    -You know when a woman is lying or full of shit. Don’t lie to yourself if she’s too easy to get, or sketchy.
    -There are different kinds of Russian girls. Duhh. My point is that there are so many wonderfully sweet, idealistic and intelligent ones who are also very beautiful, looking for a decent guy they can lean on. If she’s dressed like a complete slut, guess what? She might have daddy issues and the baggage, substance abuse and insecurity that comes with it. Much of the f’d-up deceitful Russian girls are products of fatherless childhoods, just like here in USA.
    -See my posting about Malls! These chicks shop like nobodies business and they are PUT TOGETHER! Meet them in their favorite habitat and buy them coffee. Night time is for dating, not hunting.

  • Evan

    Think of it like this:
    From what I’ve come to learn of Russian women, generally, they are the American men of women.
    Every frustration we have of women in our country, it is mirrored of men in theirs (generally).

    • That’s a funny analogy that rings true on many levels.

  • A Man with balalaika guys still thinking its Cold War out there. I really doubt that every Russian girl is dreaming to leave Russia to live somewhere in the suburbs of damn Kansas-city. Things have changed

  • Evan

    I’m halfway through my 3-week Euro-trip at the moment and felt I should respond to this post as it was so definitively dead-on I was shocked.

    First I must disagree with SDT’s take on Prague as it was an amazing city with a thriving night life. I can’t speak enough on how nice the Czech girls are.. Once past their stunning but icy exteriors one can plainly see what sweethearts lie beneath. I encountered only one stag party my entire time in Prague and I was partying A LOT (it was obvious to everyone around that these guys were desperate drunken losers). The stag party scene was also very discouraged in Prague and I think that perhaps Czech tourism may have taken steps to clean this up as it sounds as if it was out of control before. Goldiggerism was not to be found except for a Ukrainian girl I met at James Dean bar/club in old town (btw old town was far better a place to party than downtown, wayyy more czech girls of class in old town). She was an LA 10/10 through and through and after using a PUA move to open her up – when making eye contact with her from across the room I stare back and give her the middle finger for a moment and then smile and use it to call her over, like clockwork she complied and came right over to me – I have to say that after talking to her for maybe two minutes, I had never been so turned off by such a beautiful woman. But even then I would still choose her over any 10/10 LA chick as this girl wasn’t out to play any games. She was after a dude with deep pockets and wasn’t ashamed to convey that. To the American girls reading – this is whats known as Integrity, look it up!

    Anyways, onto the Russian girls that you are so right about: I met only a few while in Prague, but one so amazing – a perfect gem – we hit it off immediately and she made my heart ache like never before when we eventually had to say goodbye as she had to get back to her job in Moscow. To reiterate: everything you’ve stated above is startlingly accurate.

    What you’ll notice with most Russian girls is that one need not play any games or run any routines. They simply don’t play that shit and will lose interest almost immediately as they’re some of the smartest most intellectual girls on the planet. So what does this mean? It means you get to be the nice guy you genuinely are, and instead of toying with you or walking on you for doing so, they will actually respond to you and reciprocate the kindness you show them. Like any self-respecting woman they do not hop into bed immediately and prefer to wait and see if you’ll lose interest or turn into the asshole they suspect you might be. All this can be attributed to the attitudes and behavior of the Russian men you’ve mentioned above. But its ok, life in Russia is crappy and they know it. If they meet the right man they may be willing to take the risk and leave, however they are the most loyal women that exist; to their families and to their boyfriends/husbands. Just remember – to my American brothers in particular – Russians have to get temporary visa’s to leave their country anytime they want to travel, and it is very difficult for Russian women to get (much more so than Russian men) visa’s to travel to the US because the Russian government is aware of their women just waiting for the opportunity to get out and stay out once they make it to the states. So for me, since I look to continue this relationship, it most likely means me planning my next trip to visit Moscow, instead of getting her to the states.

    Yes they are romantic, and yes they want a strong man. This doesn’t mean you have to be tall and muscular, it means you have to convey your willingness to protect your loved ones with your personality. And romance.. what I’ve discovered is rather startling about girls that want to be romanced: The stupid chicks don’t care so much about romance and just follow their emotions when it comes to hooking up. However the more intelligent a woman is, the more into being romanced she is, and the more open she is to a man that is willing to fit that knight in shining armor role to sweep her off her feet. As with any girl, come off as desperate and creepy and they will shun you. Come off as a gentlemen with manners and respect, and these Russian beauties will embrace you as the pure of heart angels they truly are.

    So that’s where I’m at, I met the women of my dreams and surprise! she’s Russian. I’m in Berlin now and the city is swarming with gorgeous women left and right. The nightlife here is amazing and all the girls are looking to hookup. For the single dude, Berlin and Munich are most definitely high-priority destinations if you’re into sie Deutsche! However my heart remains in Moscow.. 😉

    • Check out our article on Germany.

    • Dale

      Evan, Going on a few week long Euro trip hardly makes you an expert on European woman. You are a fool. I lived there for many years and you, sir, is what I would consider “easy prey”. Very dumb and inexperienced. German and Russian woman are equally conniving, rude bitches. Spanish, Italian and Greek woman are possessive, but at least they seem to be family orientated. Just don’t piss them off, you may pay with a limb, a private part or possibly with your life(meaning they will make your life hell if you cross them). Definitely beware of Russian and German woman. Russian woman being the worst. That is the extent of my experience with European woman. Just remember guys, pretty is as pretty does. This is true with any culture.

  • M

    I re-read this post after meeting with a Russian ‘friend’ last weekend in Prague. It’s a great post and full of good advice that’s probably apt for all women, not just Russian. I agree with the premise that you must be a man, and be prepared to treat her like a woman. That means bringing your A-game as far as being a gentleman. You should be decisive and have a plan for doing things. Also be a gentleman…open doors, carry bags, dress well, and generally treat her like a queen. In return she will cook for you, clean for you, and treat you like a king – both in an out of the bedroom. I hate to admit it, but I did have re-learn a few lessions about how to treat a woman when I was with her. I think American society has undermined our traditional roles and relationships between the sexes, including manners and etiquette. Heed my advice…your average American dude will need to brush up on his social skills if trying to impress a Russian woman.

  • Kenguru

    You can also check out the largest forum on FSU women, and download its free e-book, here –

  • Not a bad article. You can learn more about meeting women from the FSU at this group: See you there!

  • Brian Mark


  • Brian Mark

    Russian girls are hardly angels and far from perfect. Go over to Russia and think you are dating Miss Sweet and Innocent you will get eaten alive! I can remember a couple of Russian girls asking me “why are Americans so stupid?” What they meant is why do Americans believe what people tell them. Russians are big liars (just like in many other countries). Americans are not stupid, they are just used to people telling the truth because honest is a virtue. Russians believe being “clever” (conning or scamming) is a good thing, where we would see it as lying or stealing. I will go as far as to say that there are just as many people that say Russian girls make horrible wives. I agree with the author, “if you are loser back in the West, you be much bigger loser in Russia”! If you’re a loser in the West you’ll just be ignored, but in Russia, you’ll be exploited for maximum profit. Enjoy Russian women, but proceed with caution, because they are not the fairy-tale women the dating sites portray them to be!

    • ‘Sounds like you’re talking about Ghetto Culture in Cyrillic. Too damn bad, too.

      I do still hold out some hope, though, because Russia is a big big place, and I’m willing to bet that a number of these horror stories are told about Moscow and St. Pete, and not Siberia, for instance.

      But really, the heck do I know.

    • Richard

      Very informative Brian, I was waiting for the other side of the coin.

      5 star article! Perhaps not Russia but I have a strong desire to visit Belarus, Czech Republic or one of the Baltic nations.

  • agaluma

    I have been traveling to Russia yearly since summer 2001. Priorly i had many Russian professors at the U of Chicago. I always met with my profs several times a week and knew the family. Wive’s, while I was a student, considered me a family member and i did date many of their daughter’s casually. Interracial dating in Chicago was unheard of in 70’s Chicago. Russian peoples simply did not go along with the hype then or now.
    Every visit i have had to Russia was to meet a plain Jane type girl. All have had University educations and very stable low wage 10 ++ hour a day jobs 3 days on 3 days off then to a second job abd the same. Most slept in the office overnight using a cot while on the job. That is life for the average Russian woman under 25 years old. Incidentally i have not gone to visit any over 25.
    We are told the bar scene is hot and it is if you are a US Marine with buddies and a trusted ride back home. The bar girls will have sex with and party you broke! Marines are not paid much,especially if in Moscow the planets most expensive city,so run the love game. Many women fall for it and end up pregnant and back home soon to be alone in their gvt sponsored apt pregnant with child and promises. The next guy pays the price………….
    Most other single guys out after about 8 pm or so is fresh tourist meat.In summer as you know it never really gets dark out, so do not think attacks happen under cover of dark. Anyone out clubbin and drinkin had better have someone Slavic or Russian watching their back. Russian men are not standing around watching you enjoy all the lovelies sans disdain and resentment. I have seen guys cold cocked and stripped to their socks in less than 10 seconds. Chloro hydrate use is common also especially when a big spender takes miss universe back to his hotel at the hyatt. She will drug you any way she can to get your tangible assets.
    There are also many lipstick drugs and vaginal suppository types also.

    Away from Moscow and most large cities,the same applies though prices drop dramatically. Rip off artists and beautiful scammers salivate to see you the brave westerner hittin women up for attention.I remember in an airport once a confused man was pacing back an forth in front of me many minutes. I was talking to a gorgeous tatar brunette who was traveling to Kazan with me. He stopped,sweating, and asked me something then walked away somehow dropping a wad of fifties about 4 inches thick. I laughed inside and kicked it across the terminal. People went nuts,his accomplices sitting on both sides of us bolted from their seats to track the money. Had i picked it up instead he would have accused me of theft.

    Similarly, men out in clubs have been confronted by a girls husband,boyfriend,brother,….accused of treating the girl as a whore then beat to the ground,robbed and left in the street. Cops are always around but have little interest in helping a drunk who got their asre clocked. Most stand to the side and watch in amusement. Do not get me wrong though. Russian cops are always around plainly or in plain clothes. Russia is safe too until you go out having a time with their females. Do not believe me? Escort one home to her gvt sponsored apt,or away from the city center.

    Russian women are all over the USA too. San Francisco has a homeless shelter devoted to Russian mail order brides who left hubby after a few weeks. Most complain about being treated as a sex toy. It is simple to claim domestic Violence and then sue for support/ alimony. Citizenship req’s are waived when DV exists in these marriages spousal support remains in effect. Additionally anymail order bride sponsored arrives with an agreement between you and the federal gvt to support her while in the USA 11 years mandatory no matter what happens.

    I have had a lot of fun with Russian girls. Hostels are one best place to meet them unless you are fat,balding and a sports fan. If you play wave cash in the air ‘I am rich’ routine she will teach you a very expensive lesson. I have met plenty of gorgeous Russian women married to scrawny ugly South African black men who did no more than sell tomatoes all their lives for a ticket out of Africa. All Russian women I have met expected to work and do live to work and produce. They Love Russia as theirs and their product. A Russian womans pride is not actually in her looks but her abilities as a proud Russian citizen. America the dream is a fallacy topic of dope and crime commonly discussed by normal Russian peoples. Russians hate the rich and it is their primary complaint about their own leaders.

    • Prakash

      Dude. Thanks for the post, very informative. I am an Indian guy, traveled and lived in 4-5 countries, studied and settled in US now. I need some information/tips from you. Please advise. E-mail communication would be good. My email id

    • Alexander Kutusow

      Hehe Agaluma you are so full of shit, I can´t stop laughing You guys have realy a wanton imagination! Please stop writing keyboard fantasy reports.

  • El Matador

    Yes. That was what I meant. My latin roots were coming through.

    • Ah, cool. Thank you. And by all means, be Latin, my man.

      I’m imagining a scatter plot, where the Y-axis is “sweetness” and the Y-axis is “median GDP per capita”, and that it generally slopes down and to the right. It’s the outliers that interest me the most, though I’m too ignorant to say what they are.

  • I now have straight-up personal experience with this. Dig it:

    I just got back from a retreat center in Peru, which included a good handful of Russian women in attendance, a portion of whom could speak some English.

    These women blew me away… subtly. For example:

    1: They’re really really smart. They know stuff, they can explain stuff, you learn from them and you enjoy doing so.

    2: They’re adventurous, outgoing and interested in other people (including me!). They ask questions and they tell interesting stories.

    3: It requires zero effort to be interested in them. You just enjoy their company and they enjoy yours. You don’t have to work at it. You naturally want to be near them, to spend time with them.

    4: They keep themselves in freaky-deeking shape. One of them did just find in her bikini and I later found out that she was 36.

    I apologize if I’m not explaining myself well, but I can’t emphasize the power of “3:” (above) enough, because it’s the most important. You don’t have to work at it. You genuinely enjoy their company and you genuinely want more of it.

    How can one not end up happy with a swell girlfriend and/or wife if the women around him are genuinely engaging, interesting and enjoyable? If your refrigerator is full of apple sauce, and you really like apple sauce, then how can you not end up eating apple sauce?

    This one was a perspective-changer for sure.

    • El Matador

      Dear Craig, if this is really Craig Himself;
      Can you not understand why there isn’t a mad stampede for these amazing women?
      I figured once the word was out they would be in shortage and they would be hunted to extinction.
      Of course, there is the type that lives in USA who has a (justly) inflated sense of her own stature in this market of midgets but it’s not hard to get past that arrogant attitude.
      All beautiful women need to manufacture a hard bitch shell to keep all the leeches off of them. Russians are particularly good at it. But they really are a goldmine (not just gold diggers!) if you find a good one.

      Anyone else out there in Singledude land want to share your positive experiences with Russian/Soviet women? This is a thread that deserves an entire blog unto itself.

      • > Dear Craig, if this is really
        > Craig Himself

        Indeed it is.

        > Can you not understand why there
        > isn’t a mad stampede for these
        > amazing women?

        I don’t quite understand what you mean. If I flip the double-negative, I translate the above as “Can you understand why there is a mad stampede for these amazing women?”, and I didn’t know there was such a stampede.

        Sorry to get all grammar-Nazi, but I want to make sure I understand you.

        • I think he means: “can you understand why there is not a mad stampede?”

          • Ah, well in that case no, I don’t understand why there isn’t a stampede, ‘cuz those girls were friggy-diggin’ magic.

            But then again, take me for example. I had that experience, right in my face, but now one month later do I have any good ideas for how I could actually end up moving to Siberia and still survive socially and financially? No, I don’t.

  • getplaning

    I live in Spain where we have quite a large colony of Russian expats along the coast. I have gotten to where I will only date Russian women who have come here to live. Good God, they are beautiful. Most are very sophisticated, speaking several languages, and many have had years of training in some athletic sport like track or gymnastics. And for the most part, they are very approachable, not stuck-up at all. I did find that many Russian women have suffered abuse at the hands of Russian men. Treat them with respect, and the rewards are limitless. As in, “My friend Elina just arrived from Moscow, can she come with us tonight?”

  • El Matador

    HA!! There’s a new reality show called Russian Dolls about the Russian girls of Brighton Beach.

    It sounds like a Russian version of Jersey Shore.
    Great. The word is out.Now that they’re done exploiting Italian girls from Jersey (who are WAY hot)
    they’ve moved on to the Russians up the beach.

  • John Connor

    5 stars article, I had 3 Russian girlfriends in my life, and I have to say that generally speaking they are far far far better wifes than their american counterparts. It is so completely true what you said about them wanting a man to lead and they won’t have a problem to make you breakfast, dinner and be nice to their man…unlike most american women, the ones I met have much much better education and knowledge of the world and current affairs too

  • El Matador

    Or, just man-up and buy a plane ticket to an East European destination and hang at cafes and malls. If anything, meet people who can be good wings before you go. I don’t really see the point of the middleman. A service is already narrowing the field. I have seen more often than not, people finding a great love through the most random of circumstances like boarding a bus or buying a postcard. Maybe that’s how life works….

  • Everyone has heard of the history of “mail-order” brides, but technology has certainly changed that earlier concept. Today, men are able to meet women through numerous online sources – women from virtually any country in the world. For this process to be fruitful, however, and for men to discover how to be successful in dating Russian women, it is best to utilize the services of a trustworthy and ethical matchmaking service or marriage agency in the country of the woman being sought.

    Any man can locate matchmaking services in Russia or the Ukraine, but let’s take a look at what truly legitimate services offer, so that you can avoid being “ripped off” or scammed.

  • Dood McMan

    There R many Russian chix with pretty faces, who R not fat cows. Other than that they have nothing 2 offer. They have no curves, & all they ever do is lie, cheat, & steal. I am of course not implying that American women R better, as all American girls do is eat, complain, & steal =) Russian girls R genetically defective & unfeminine. 2 prove this, simply watch how they age. It goes 2 the middle, like a man. If U like ‘WOMEN’, & not ‘boys on estrogen’, stick 2 regions with curvy gals – like the Balkans, or Middle Eastern, Indian, whatever. @ least there U can find girls with shape. & N E so-called ‘Russian’ with sexxxy curves is actually an acquisition from elsewhere – perhaps Azerbaijan or some other Middle Eastern type of place. Use your EYES. Slavs R krap – except 4 the cute cat faces =D There is more 2 a chik than just the face!

    • Dood, you are way off base. Nevertheless, see today’s post by me and then get back to me.

    • Aren’t most people in the Balkans Slavs too?

      • Indeed, the Balkans are actually the true Slavs, while most Russian blood is actually Mongolian-ish.

    • Sorry @Dood, but I just can’t take anything you write seriously until you’re willing to take the time to spell out the words “you”, “are” and “to”, to start with, the way a literate non-moron would.

  • James Flynn

    Absoloutely true. I’ve spent five years on this particular type of girl and everything here psychologically is sound. Be aware however this paradigm is rapidly changing as more and more of them gain romantic experience of western european men.

    This gives them a greater psychological variety and ups your competition, its no longer just a case of ‘taming and gaming’ them, it becomes harder. Which is a good thing if you’re up to the competition.


  • PUAGuy

    This is definitely 5 star reading material right here!

  • chris

    This is 5 star reading for the any single dude who has wondered about Russia and Eastern Europe.

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