The Single Dude’s Rules for Money

Money BagsWe think a lot here at Single Dude Travel about how to spend and make money well.  Of course it’s good to have money.  Lots and lots of it if possible.  Making good money makes all of life easier because of all the other opportunities it opens for the single dude.  But there are a lot of common mistakes that guys make with money.  So without further ado here are some basic Single Dude Travel rules for money:

Rule 1:  Don’t waste your life in a corporate prison slaving away long hours to make someone else rich.

Rule 2:  Don’t be a walking wallet.  Avoid gold diggers and girls who take advantage of your money.

A common mistake by guys worldwide, and especially Western guys traveling to poorer countries is the assumption that women will be mainly attracted by money.  Believe it or not, in our opinion there are more gold diggers in the West and especially America than poorer countries.  In America these days, a huge number of hot chicks think that all that is required of them for success is being a hot chick.  Ever been to an NBA game?  Whenever I go to a game I always see a bunch of slutty looking really hot chicks sitting without dudes on the lower level.  Think they’re just huge hoops fans?  They just love Chris Paul’s crossover?  Of course, not, they’re there to try to catch the eye of some player so they can spend his money.  Gold diggers are all the same and they’re all over the world, but in a so-called “advanced post-feminist culture” like America I’m always surprised by how prevalent gold diggerism is.  From Chalga sluts in Bulgaria, I’m not as surprised.

But who the fuck wants a gold digger?  Do you really want to be with some hot chick and know she’s with you just for your money?  If so you better be damn sure you get a pre-nuptual agreement if you get married, because she’s just waiting for the opportunity to divorce you and take a shitload of your money.  It’s not just really rich guys who get caught by gold diggers.  There are plenty of women who would love to not work and spend the day shopping with their middle class husband’s money.  One must be very careful.

Learn to spot the warning signs of gold diggerism.  Does she have a job other than stripper?  Career aspirations?  Does she even pretend to reach for her wallet when the bill gets there?  Does she have someone else in her life (ex-boyfriends, “just friends”, etc) that have bought major things for her like cars or “tuition”?  Is she generally just a materialistic bitch who needs to have designer everything?  Does she do a lot of coke?  Does she run really fast in high heels?  Eject!

There has developed in America a whole new type of gold-digger type personality which I like to term the “professional dater.”  These tend to be pretty and young girls in New York or LA or other big cities who know that rich guys will try to impress them with money.  These girls go out on several dates a week to expensive restaurants with different guys, cause face it, they’re barely making enough working at their mid-level jobs at Macy’s to pay their exorbitantly high rent, much less go to nice restaurants.  An easy way to avoid these girls is to never take a girl to dinner on a first date.  My general plan for dating is:

Date 1 (optional):  Coffee

Date 2:  Drinks and dancing (possible sex)

Date 3:  Cook to Bang and sex

As you see the cost and time commitment starts small and stays very reasonable.  If you’ve been dating for a while then you can take them to dinner later, but not when you’re still trying to sleep with the for the first time.  This is actually a point that the PUA dumbasses got right.

I think that there are only two acceptable situations to take on a gold digger.  One, you’re super poor and in debt up to your eyeballs.  Then marry her!  The joke’s on her then, but if she’s worth anything as a gold digger she’ll sniff that out immediately.  So in reality the only acceptable scenario is then if you’re a childless old super rich guy and you know you’re going to die before you can spend all of your money and then a super hot chick shows up.  Make sure you cut that bitch out of your will so the joke is still on her. But watch out, she’ll probably poison you or something so she can get back to her abusive boyfriend she’s been seeing the whole time while you were at your weekly dialysis appointment, you old bastard.  If I were you I’d just move to a country where prostitution is legal, like Thailand or Costa Rica and have a different super hot girl every time I took enough Viagra to get it up.  All for way less than a hundred dollars a pop!  That totally beats getting poisoned by Anna Nicole Smith.

Rule 3:  Don’t throw your money around to impress women.

So now that we’ve established that gold diggers are a bad idea, how does one use money around the right girls?  One must is to not think that your money will be enough to attract a woman.

A lot of guys that travel to Eastern Europe, for example appear to think that all they have to do is go there, throw a little money around, and the local beauties will be so impressed by his Western standard of living and so attracted to his wallet and his ability to “rescue” them their supposedly shitty lives that they will immediately give him a blowjob right then and there, just because he bought bottle service at the club.  This assumption is incredibly insulting to these highly educated successful smart beautiful Russian girls who are really just looking for nice, smart, hot, quality guys like us who treat them like real people too and not some commodity that can be bought and sold.

Be different than all the other guys and that arrogant attitude.  Don’t take a girl to super expensive restaurants, cook to bang instead.  Don’t buy her a bunch of expensive drinks or drugs.  Make your gifts cheap and thoughtful.  Most importantly, make yourself and your time the valuable commodity, not your wallet.  Get your relationships off on the right foot by setting the tone right. The tone is that the object of your affection should want to spend time with you because you’re a fun and exciting guy to be around. She should should enjoy being around you because you make her feel good not because of what she will get from you if she does.

Rule 4:  Don’t be cheap.

It’s good to be thrifty, but unless you’re totally poor, it’s OK to pick up the check sometimes.  When you’re with other people, pick up the check sometimes.  What goes round comes around.  If you meet a local wingman, take him out and buy him a drink or two.  That kind of investment will pay off.  Add a couple more dollars than you owe when the check comes.  Buy a girl’s coffee or ice cream.  It feels good to be treated!  If you find it’s always you buying the ice cream, then it’s time to reevaluate.  Maybe you have a gold digger. But at least it was Rocky Road and not Cristal or some dumbass diamond ring.

A Dude Being Taken Advantage Of

A Dude Being Taken Advantage Of

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