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Hot Bulgarian chicksAh, Bulgaria. A great single dude travel destination.  If you’re on a budget and you don’t want to venture too far off the beaten path Bulgaria is a excellent destination.  It’s not too far away, cheap, beautiful, fun, has 24 hour, 7 day a week full on partying and lots of super hot girls who still carry genes from the alien race that came over on a spaceship and populated the area with alien nymphomaniacs thousands of years ago.  We call them the “Master Race.”

There is no point repeating what others have put out there already, so if you want to know stuff about Bulgaria’s population, size, history, etc check out the CIA World Fact Book, the State Department travel advisories and Wikipedia.  From the government sources however, take what you read with a grain of salt.  When I first started traveling in Eastern Europe and reading the US State Department travel advisories I got the impression that I would need full body armor and automatic weapons to safely navigate Eastern Europe.  As you will hear from us many times, there are always exceptions but by and large you’re more likely to get in to get in real trouble more often by venturing int the wrong neighborhood in a large US city than you will in Eastern Europe.  One key difference between Bulgaria and the US is that Bulgaria is full of what we like to call “Mafia Douchebags,” however Mafia Douchebags most of the time behave like bees: don’t fuck with them and they won’t fuck with you.  Just leave them and their battered chalga slut girlfriends alone and they won’t bother you.

What I will tell you is that Bulgaria is basically one of the poorest countries in the EU which also happens to makes it one of the cheapest.  It’s also only a two to three hour flight from most major EU airports (i.e. Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris, etc.).  It does not directly border nor is it even particularly close to any Western European countries with large numbers of drunken asshole football fans (DAFFs).  So geographically Bulgaria is in pretty good shape to be an ideal Eastern European travel destination.  It also some other great things going for it – it has a quaint wine country in the center that may remind you of northern Italy, mountains that are good for skiing in the southwest and beaches all along the east on the Black Sea.  That’s a lot of pretty cool geographical features to pack into a country about the size of Kentucky or Iceland.

Sofia is the capital city and it has great night life and naturally is also the most expensive city in Bulgaria.  Still you can find nice hostels for about 10 EUR per night and you should be able to find apartments that sleep two or three for 35-80 EUR per night short term, 450-900 EUR per month for 1-3 months and 200-400 EUR long term.  The prices I’m describing are for fully furnished apartments.  If you go to small towns outside of Sofia you can often easily find hotels or guest houses for as little as 10 EUR per night or less.

The women are some of the hottest you will find on planet earth.  On scale of 1-10 for the number of hot available single women that will be interested in meeting a quality foreign man I would give Bulgaria a 7.  Even though the place hasn’t been over-run with DAFFs yet, just being in the EU always leads to some DAFF traffic which inevitably turns off some proportion of the local women to foreigners otherwise Bulgaria would definitely rank higher on my 1-10 scale.

Bulgarian women are not without their flaws, however.  While you can certainly find gorgeous, highly educated, highly intelligent professional women all over the place in Bulgaria that make even the best American women look like Rosie O’Donnell, the hottest of the hot girls in Bulgaria have a propensity for being Chalga Sluts.  If you want to know what Chalga is look no further than this video:

A Chalga slut’s goal in life is to go to Chalga clubs and throw a bunch of napkins on the floor, and then fuck old, fat, bald Mafia Douchebags in order to ride around in their 200,000 EUR+ Mercedes that they bought with money they stole or embezzled from the EU.  If you want to learn about Mafia Douchebags check out this video:

Unfortunately it’s not subtitled but there isn’t much to what this fat stupid neanderthal is saying. The central concept in this shaved ape’s only partially coherent rambling is that the best way to win over a chick is to have an expensive car and to be a criminal asshole. Fortunately for us, only Chalga sluts agree and quality Bulgarian girls view these Mafia Douchebags with the same disdain we do.

Now, Chalga sluts can be picked up, but they’re much more difficult because it’s unlikely you will have anything in common to talk to them about and they often don’t speak English or any other foreign languages.  I in no way want to discourage you from going to Chalga clubs and banging Chalga sluts but if you’re anything like us you will like the girls that hang out in bars, coffee shops and house clubs a lot better (although they definitely have house club sluts that are basically the same thing as Chalga sluts).  In a way, you could think of a Chalga slut as an American chick… only hot and a little bit smarter.

There is another thing you should know about Chalga music: if Bulgaria ever fights a civil war it will be over Chalga music.  Half the people love it and half the people hate it.  Chalga chicks are hot though.  Check this one out:

In Bulgaria, the best method to meet girls is to go to cafes, bars and restaurants in the day time hands down.  Once they go out and start partying they hit it pretty hard and all the clubs and bars (no matter what kind) are often loud enough to make your ears bleed.

We will be writing more over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned, and book your Bulgaria tickets for your next vacation.

Map of Bulagaria

Charlie Bushmeister

Call me Charlie. I decided to join with others to write this blog because I feel that I have learned a lot about how to succeed in life in general. It took a lot of trial and error and I've developed a wealth of philosophies, skills, and tricks of the trade that would be very useful to like minded guys out there. There's no need to repeat my mistakes, of which I have made many, instead I urge you to read this blog, absorb and practice its lessons, and then go out and have the most awesome life, on your own terms. To me that means good health, success in your career, the number and type of relationships you want, and general satisfaction that you're not wasting your life spinning your wheels, but going forward always towards your goals.

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  • Bulgaria is a pretty original place to visit, thanks for the guide – really enjoyed reading! Agree that traveling to Bulgaria is cheap – average prices for living are lower than in Egypt,Turkey or Greece.

  • munwar

    holy cow man, all was interesting to read, but i like chalga music dont know what i should do im planning to go there shortly.I sit safe to go there or not??

  • Dave

    Hi. As a 30 year old single guy from England, what are the best clubs bars to go to for meeting women in Sofia

  • Guy Jones

    I spent a few months in Bulgaria in 2013, some Chalga clubs are no go really unless you are brought up in that culture, girls are orientated towards money and only big money in those places. But Sofia has many very good mainstream music (house, techno, rock etc…) venues that are fantastic. Some of them have got fantastically smart and plushly designed interiors, better than anything in London, you scratch your head wondering how they can afford it, but since the early ’90s not far off $100billion of public money has disappeared, so I think some has come from the grey economy. I don’t think that really matters the fact it might be dodgey, for a tourist or someone who maybe considering emigrating their things are tightening up with regards the finances of the country. What matters is the country has a great nightlife, beautiful scenery and like countless people will testify the girls are stunning. Walking down Vitosha boulevard is brilliant in the summer, I don’t know why the region has so many pretty people, Thessaloniki is similiar too, the girls there are also stunning and lots of Bulgarians advise on Serbia too. I do in fact plan to emigrate to Bulgaria, not just due to the women, the country really does have a magnetic charm to it. Some cities (Plovdiv and Sofia) have been experiencing a some years of economic growth between 10-20%, so it won’t be long before certain areas are as wealthy as anywhere else. In fact certain areas of Sofia are pretty exclusive now.

  • Guy Jones

    Just wanted to point out that some of the information from the CIA factbook aren’t facts, projections which have been found to be a bit wide of the mark. For example the population figure, good read apart from that….

  • Scott

    Any tips on applying for a visa for Bulgaria? I’m heading over there in June and need to get on it. Thanks for the tips bro but you should’ve mentioned this on the blog post! I just found it out. My bad I guess but I assumed we didn’t need one.

    • What are you talking about dude. It’s not our job to do all your research for you. Americans don’t need a visa to visit BG, nor do EU citizens. Where are you from, Nigeria?

      • Scott

        You’re absolutely right but you’ve mentioned it on a couple other blog posts so I thought maybe you did the same on here. Anyways, I saw that two seconds after I posted that I was good (American). Bulgaria has some sketchy looking travel website that says US and canadians are good. I live in Australia so I got a mate coming…hope he’ll be alright.

        America sucks but I guess it does have it’s privileges when it comes to this. Avoiding sunny beach btw…thanks.

      • Matt

        Bro; relax. Let the kid live & learn at his own pace. One simple word: respect.

  • Julia ivanova

    Im Bulgarian!:)) if someone is looking for a wife.. Y’all need to go to Bulgaria,the women are really beautiful and every girl knows how to cook and clean and they work very hard! I think it’s better to have a Bulgarian wife then having an American wife.. It’s not Bc I’m Bulgarian it’s because I’ve lived in us for like 4 years now and I see my friends mothers and they don’t really cook for there kids or clean…
    All they do is buy fast food to there kids.. That’s not really healthy.. Home made food and products are good! I’m soo happy that my mom is Bulgarian.. Bc she cooks every kind of foods everyday! It’s delicious! And she has never worked in her life.. Bc my dad didn’t let her.. Bc he wanted my mom staying home and waiting for us after school and cooking and cleaning etc… My dad working verry verry hard!!! He doesn’t even sleep! He’s a truck driver and he travels all around the us every single day without sleeping! And I’m just so proud to have a family that takes care of each other!

    • BP

      Julia, thank you for your commentary. You sound like a well-raised young lady.

    • Robert from USA

      Not all people eat fast food in America. If you find a true country American they eat a meal and not fast food. I am an American at heart and love my country. Some americans have tend to become on the lazy side and rely on fast food. You must have seen the city people eat fast food. Not all people in America are lazy either.

      Robert from USA

    • totti

      Hi Julia, I am very interested to visit Europe specially, Bulgaria. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks

  • mik

    Replacement for copyright blocked Andrea i Galena video:

    • Seems to work for me. Maybe it’s your region. Try to google it to find one that works.

  • Fucking Yanks

    Dont go to America full stop.

  • mark

    Chalga sounds like that crap that comes out of minarets in the middle east. seriously.

  • Tom

    great article! love how you bring american chix back down to earth (where they belong). i notice, like most eastern europeans, they seem to wear a lot of makeup, so it’s tough to really see how good looking they are. i’ve known a lot of women that look pretty good with makeup, but take it off & they are pretty hideous. i have a real b*tch of a time finding a chick here in the states mainly because i’m only attracted to 9’s & 10’s AND they have to be nice too. yea, good luck with that. most i’ve dated have been from other countries (though not bulgaria) but just happen to live here in the u.s. just 3 questions: the one that gets out of the stretch at about 2:45 in the second video and the one dancing with her at about 8:00 seem more like a natural beauties, without so much makeup. how common are their type? do the majority of them smoke? and how inked-up are they?
    thanks, boss!

    the chalga music IS weird. sounds like a cobra should be coming out of some basket….

    and one thing for sure, there certainly doesn’t seem to be an overabundance of FAAAAAAAAAATTIES there like there is here!

  • PLC

    Geez, I’d forgotten all about chalga. I was in BG in ’02. You can find it in one form or another throughout the Balkans and even Turkey. I couldn’t stand it, and neither could some of the locals.

    Mafia guys, heh. EE is full of them the further east and south you go. They were known as Boretsi (wrestlers) IIRC. Hulking thugs wearing tracksuits, gold chains and those stupid white trainers with no soles. Never seemed to be working at anything, just loitering and being surly.

    There were lots of beautiful, educated women. But many had bad teeth that showed only when they smiled. Lack of access to cheap dental care, I suppose. And life was a struggle for locals if you weren’t rich. I remember one local half jokingly suggest that I get together with his sister (all of 18 at the time) just to get her out (and of course bring the whole clan out later) of the country for a “better life”. Nothing’s as sexy as an Australian passport.

    Most embarrassing thing I saw were obnoxious drunken North Euros and Brits at some Black Sea resorts. Of course, I as a pasty white foreigner, was assumed to part of that ilk. but nonetheless a beautiful country rich in history. And agreed, some of the hottest educated women I’ve ever met. I’d go back.

    Now Macedonia (FYROM) OTOH, was really cool. Cleaner, more organised and friendlier. I’d go back tomorrow. And yes they have their own form of Chalga, sadly.

  • im gino

    any body can send me email please
    my email is
    thank you

  • im gino

    my name gino im from canada vancouver
    i love to go to bulgaria im 36 years old
    im looking for wife what do you guys thing

  • serein

    Nice interesting post on Bulgaria

    The girls are reaally very hot and I must say there music the chalga pop music is awesome. Some of the singers like Andrea, Galena, Anelia, Preslava are super hot. Are there Asians in Bulgaria ?

  • RayGee

    Like Gods… If you are dark skinned Latino, or Black you will have to beat women off you. I love Bulgaria. I’ve been going there for many years. Boris describes it well. I am Latino and have a great time and meet many women. 😉 BG is an awesome place.

  • david

    How are black Americans treated in Bulgaria and or Romania?

    • I honestly don’t really know. There aren’t many here. The only ones I’ve met work in the Embassy and the topic really never came up. I have heard that you should avoid Russia from a few different sources. Maybe ask on Couch Surfing.

  • Neal Shultz

    I’m a writer — so when I say you write brilliantly, I mean it. Fantastic stuff. I’m going to Sofia, in part to visit a former student who is writing a Ph.D. thesis on Roma and Sinti in Bulgaria. I want to learn about Roma and Sinti. But I’ll also want to hang out and meet people, too.

    You’re writing is inspiring on that front. Thank you.
    Neal Shultz

  • paul

    hey boris, good day to you.I met a Bulgarian girl over the internet,and she sent me the link with the neanderthal asshole you have posted above.Funny that you have the same guy here. She told me the same things you have written above,and yes she is absolutely beautiful and will be a doctor in a couple of years,very,very intelligent.We have been webcamming daily for over 3 months. I have a trip planned in a month to go visit her. I’ve been looking for years for someone here in the U.S.,i met her in one week. Advice to guys who want to meet these women,smile,don’t brag,tell them you respect women and want to be a loyal man so you can have a loyal woman.Be HUMBLE and smile,most importantly have a positive outlook on life.A woman that will work overtime weekly,just so she can have a good man and live well(by their standards,which is easy to surpass in the U.S.), is hard to find here in the states.Good luck guys and remember you don’t have to accept the crazy selfish stupid women we have here in the states.

    • Dood McMan

      Foreign chix who want 2 move 2 the USA just want $ (& dead objects) =) They will slowly (mysteriously as U may think) turn into ‘American’ girls. A better option is 2 find ‘foreign’ girls who were BORN in the USA, or imported very EARLY (in childhood, etc.) They R the 1’s who have nostalgia 4 the homeland & might actually like guys, unlike American hags =D I know 1 of the things they like about me is I am genuinely into the music & cultures – even more so than they R!

      • Disagree. The born in America or early transplants are the most like regular American girls. There’s plenty of foreign chick that come to the US for school, a fresh start, etc. You gotta catch them early before they get Americanized.

    • Tom

      hey paul
      just curious. how did you initially connect with your bulgarian beauty? and do most women there speak english? french would be my only other option…

  • dave

    You r so f’ing funny!!

  • Nikolay

    Haha I think you got me wrong 🙂 I am actually glad you underlined the bad and the ugly faces of bulgaria. No matter how much I love my country most people are blind to the obvious facts. Maybe the “political leaders” (pfu!) will take note one day 🙂

    • Boris

      I’m glad you have a good sense of humor about it. I still love Bulgaria overall, one of my favorite places!

  • Nikolay

    Dude, I am from Bulgaria and have studied in the US. Have to admit you captured the essence of the (sad) Bulgarian reality. And a tip: next time you swing by Eastern Europe, and maybe Bulgaria in particular, pay no visit to the big cities; rather go to the small villages in the heart of the mountains and breathe in the better part of the country.

    • Hey Nikolay,

      Don’t get me wrong. I love Bulgaria. In fact I like spending time there above and beyond most other places. I just wanted to give a picture of the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny. Every country has a dirty underbelly (pretty much) it’s not at all unique to Bulgaria. I prefer Bulgaria to the US and the UK for example.

    • swampwiz

      I just came from skiing at Bulgaria’s pearl ski resort, Bansko. Wonderful place.

    • brainstorm_operations

      The most amazing woman I have ever met, came from Gabrovo. I am headed to Bulgaria because of this reason. There has got to be more where that came from. 😉 Great tip.

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