Have a Pint at the Pub!

Irish PubSo now you’re abroad and are seeking adventure in the great wilderness filled with smart beautiful young professional girls in Mexico City. Great idea!  Your flight just arrived and now that you’ve checked in to your hotel or apartment, you want to grab a drink and get to work meeting you next future ex-wife.  Where to go first?

Now just like America, there are small minded provincial thinkers all over the world.  They’re not interested in the rest of the world and how those people live, they don’t travel, and they certainly don’t want to meet American guys out on the prowl for exotic tail.  It’s unfortunate because some of those people are super hot chicks, but this is just a fact of life.  So they hang out with their old high school friends in the places where only locals tend to go, such as the Bulgarian Chalga clubs, or those bars in Holland where all they play is weird Dutch pop music and everybody is smoking constantly.

Now we’re not saying you shouldn’t go to those places.  Those places are great sometimes because you’re more likely than not going to be a real novelty there as the only foreigner (see our post on being a contrarian).  And it demonstrates balls to be there totally out of your element, as long as you look confident.  But you’re in some ways fighting an uphill battle at those locals places.

Now every city in the world I’ve been to has an Irish pub, and one of the first things we do when we travel is to stop by for a pint.  I know it seems counter-intuitive to go to the Irish bar when you’re abroad.  But unlike the local places, there are always white English speaking people like us hanging out at the Irish pub.  So the people who want to avoid foreigners will avoid hanging out there.

But in place of the anti-American girls will be one of our favorite girl species, namely the Gringo Hunter.  These are girls who are as fed up with their guys as we are with our girls and are out looking for you.  God bless them!  They make the world a better place.  So just head over and say hi, they’ve been waiting to meet you.

I’ve found that the Gringo Hunter phenomenon is most present in Latin America.  One of my all time favorites is Reilly’s in Antigua Guatemala.  It’s actually run by a Dutch guy and is a great place to find friendly gorgeous Guatemalan girls from Guatemala City, especially Friday early evening and all day Sunday.  They also have a hilarious air guitar competition and trivia night weekly.  Other favorites of mine include Celtics in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City and The Pub in the Escazu neighborhood of San Jose, Costa Rica.

Today’s Lesson:  Stick your head in the Irish pub.

The other useful reason to go in is that the Irish pub is always populated with Old Gringo Expat Guy.  These guys are either old quasi retired dudes who just gave up on dealing with the bullshit of wherever they’re from, or they’re vaguely former criminal types on the lam.  Either way these guys are always an invaluable source of information on the local scene.  So make sure to hang out for a few minutes with those guys and ask them every question you can think of.

One caveat, the expat bars always have inflated drink prices vs. the local places.  I’ve never been in an Irish bar in the world with cheap drinks.  So factor that in your financial calculations.  It’s best to grab a drink there, talk to everybody while you drink it slowly, and meet the Gringo Hunters and have them take you somewhere else.

One final note – you don’t have to only stop at the Irish pub.  There’s also English pubs, American bars, Canadian moose lodges, etc.  The same principle applies at all those places.  You’d be amazed at how good the scene is at the bar of many of the world’s Hard Rock Cafes.  Just beware of the high drink prices.


Charlie Bushmeister

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