The hot wing girl

Angel WingsWho you roll with in the day or night make a huge difference in the access you get to different women. I heartily recommend you show up with a beautiful woman or at least a woman as your wing. You might be thinking that it disqualifies you from being considered as a candidate since you brought a sandwich to a buffet, but that is false male logic. Especially when you are new to another country and want to make it memorable, do whatever it takes to get shown around by a hot local. Even hiring an escort (call-girl) to be on your arm isn’t out of the question. You could negotiate a no-sex date where she just shows you around before she goes off with clients. Just tell her to dress pretty but not hooker as you want to be respected, not laughed at.

Sausage packs get shut down fast, women get you in to clubs, better tables, acceptance in to circles of people and other women in the room classify you as non-creepy, non-predator. The way a woman thinks, if you are with an attractive woman then you must have already passed a number of criteria cuts. If they think your friend is hotter than them, they will actually compete for your attention in the form of subtle cues to get you to look at them. I was recently sitting with my beautiful fiance at an outdoor restaurant and a moderately pretty girl over her shoulder flashed me her crotch to see if she could derail me from fawning over my babycakes. I was surprised, but not impressed.

Latin women in particular will stare you down when they are with their boyfriend to get validation or stare you down when you are with someone. If you have an attractive girl with you, she has an unwritten permission to introduce you to whomever you want to meet. The important factors regarding your “partner in crime” are as follows:

1.) There must be some sort of value exchange with her so she is having a great time otherwise all is lost. That means facing her, engage with her and treat her well, maybe buying the drinks.

2.) Man-up and introduce her to great guys in a dignified way when you are out. You can’t be staring around at other women otherwise you will look like a terrible date or the whole game will be obvious. Remember, women are 20 times more attuned to social dynamics than guys.

3.) The hot wing girl makes all the difference in the world. Because of their popularity, they are experts in how to get any girl you want and when they help you, your target is so taken off guard that you made a play and often flattered since you already established that you “get it.”

4.) Remember; Don’t eat the bait. Treat her like a princess and she will reward you amply.

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