Embrace the concept of “The Game” and “The Team”

Old Leather Football HelmetMeeting chicks and living the life style we describe on this blog in general is a game. Aside from serious injury and death there isn’t too much that can go wrong in life that you can’t fix much more quickly and easily than you think. Therefore, this is a game. Your travel buddies are your team mates playing this game with you and they are on your team at all times. They are going to do everything from help you get laid to watch your back and make sure nothing bad happens to you. Chicks never ever come between teammates. Select only team members that will embrace this concept. It’s important on many levels, perhaps the most of which has nothing to do with girls. You are going to be traveling in countries you’ve never heard of that you don’t know anything about, if you follow our advice its generally safe, however shit happens and your team members are your safety nets. A good team can communicate non-verbally simply by making eye contact across the room or giving a subtle signal. Girls are great at this, guys suck. Learn how to do this and foster this skill within your team.

Lesson number 1: Be a team and act like a team.

Optimal Team Size

Now you need to decide who is going to be on your team.  As we’ve already detailed, if you want to travel and have a good experience the worst thing you can do is travel with 8 or 9 of your friends. Large groups of men intimidate women and are more likely to be out drunk causing trouble than smaller groups of men. Women also do not usually travel in such large groups. Even if you do find such a large group of single women it’s very unlikely, statistically, that you will all find somebody to hook up with. If you don’t all connect the people that are left out will totally fuck up everything for everybody else because they’re bored. I could go on and on but just trust us, your group size should be between 2 and 4 and if you have 4 you should operate as 2 independent teams of 2 in different locations and meet up only when the situation calls for it. For example let’s say Bravo team is at some random bar getting on very well with 2 of a group of 4 girls. Bravo team plays solid game but there is a point in time where they have to pick their targets and the two unselected girls will become bored and ruin everything often times. This is where Alpha team comes in, if they are not occupied elsewhere, they will engage the 2 girls and split the group. If everyone has solid game this is not too hard to do. Alpha team’s objective would be to take the two girls to some other bar so that Bravo team can operate. Alpha team will be in a decent position even if they don’t like the two girls they left with because it’s always better to come in with girls. If you don’t understand this concept go read about the concept of “social proof” on your favorite douche bag PUA’s blog.  Incidentally, our favorite douchebag PUA is definitely London Paladin.  Check this guy out, every single picture on his flickr photostream looks fit for hotchickswithdouchebags.com – that’s if (and a big if) the chick he’s standing next to is even hot.  This guy is definitely a loser and we can’t believe people pay him for advice.

Anyway back to team size, if everyone’s game is solid I feel that 3 is the optimal team size. The reason for this is that often times you will approach a group of 2 women and a connection will be made between one of the women and one of the dudes.  Then the other guys can go off and let the new lovebirds get some privacy.  You can of course do this if there are only two of you but gaming alone is not as fun and it limits your ability to control larger groups in social situations. 4 is just too much, hence the need for the sub-teams. The old adage “two’s company, three’s a crowd” is wrong. Two’s company, three’s a team and four is a crowd.

Lesson number 2: The optimal team size is 3.

If you absolutely MUST travel in groups of 4 or more than than just make sure that your break into sub teams of 2 or 3.

Charlie’s dissent:

I like going out by myself as well, I don’t think it’s a handicap at all, especially during the day.  I can’t always find dudes to go with me on all of my 20 weeks of travel yearly, so I go it alone frequently.  Also, I think that 4 guys in one location is okay, but only if everyone in the group is strong and no one is dead weight.  The more dudes on the team, the more important it is that everyone must be a strong player.

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