Eastern Europe, now do you see?

Hey bro, what’s up?  How are you doing?  What’s new?  Me?  I’m awesome.  Why?  Well, everything is good at work, and I’ve been hitting the gym a lot and eating well  so I feel really excellent these days. Also, I’ve been seeing this totally perfect girl from Eastern Europe!

Yeah, I know, I know.  I never say that about my American girlfriends.  I thought it was me, that I was burned out, and that I couldn’t really be that into a girl anymore.  But this girl changed my whole attitude.  I’m really into her for all sorts of reasons.   Like what?  For one, she’s really ultra hot.   She’s in great shape and really looks good whenever we see each other.  You just hardly ever see chicks like this in America anymore.  She’s really smart.  She’s got a good professional job and she speaks four languages.  I feel like I can actually have an intelligent conversation about about anything with her, and she understands everything I say even though English is her third language.  Also she’s super nice.  When I first saw her I walked up and said hi, and she just smiled at me and said, “Hi!  Where are you from?”  She was totally in to me from the first second, and vice versa.

I know, man, it’s great.  And when I told people I was going to Eastern Europe, they said things like, “But it’s poor and crappy there”, or “It’s all Mafia Douchebags there”, or “Where is Latvia?  Is that in Russia or something?” It’s true you have to watch out a little for the Mafia Douchebags.  But those skeptics have no idea what they’re missing out on in Eastern Europe.

Life there is just, so, European.  Pretty much everybody is nice and smart and competent.  When the weather is good, everyone sits outside at cafes and drinks coffee all day, and then they all party their asses off all night, seven days a week.  The places on the beaches there are pretty much all night parties in the summer.  There’s some really nice scenery; with mountains, seasides and beaches, and cool old cities.  It’s cheap too, since most countries haven’t adopted the Euro yet, you can have a pretty awesome time for pennies on the dollar.

Also the girls, the girls!  They’re everywhere there!  It’s not like you have to scour the bar for the two hot chicks in the whole joint like you have to in America or Western Europe.  You don’t really even need to turn your head to watch a hot one go by, because you’ll be missing the next one. And they take great care of themselves too.  They dress nice all the time, wear high heels and makeup and really seem to enjoy being feminine.  And lots and lots of them are also just as smart as my new girl.  It’s a paradise.

So yeah, feel like coming along on my next trip to Eastern Europe?  I though you might!  Maybe we’ll go to one of the Baltic countries.  Or someplace on the Black Sea.  I really like the Balkans too.  And don’t forget central Eastern Europe, there’s a lot going on there too.

So, let’s book our tickets!  For next summer!  Maybe you won’t come back!  Or maybe you will, but with the girl of your dreams!  I bet you though, chances are good when you get back, that you’re going to be in love with a girl or three with last names that end in “…ova” or “…ic” or “…ski”.  

Charlie Bushmeister

Call me Charlie. I decided to join with others to write this blog because I feel that I have learned a lot about how to succeed in life in general. It took a lot of trial and error and I've developed a wealth of philosophies, skills, and tricks of the trade that would be very useful to like minded guys out there. There's no need to repeat my mistakes, of which I have made many, instead I urge you to read this blog, absorb and practice its lessons, and then go out and have the most awesome life, on your own terms. To me that means good health, success in your career, the number and type of relationships you want, and general satisfaction that you're not wasting your life spinning your wheels, but going forward always towards your goals.

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  • Matt

    There are a few guys here that keep talking about getting married and then being taken to the cleaners after a few years of bringing your new hot EE girl back to the U.S.. You know the solution to that problem – right. Don’t bring her back. Tell her you are not moving back to the US and then see how interested she still is in you. If she still digs you then it won’t matter where you live.

  • Petrov

    I am from Eastern Europe and i can tell you that the girls here just want to be married by a western male due to the money and the better perspectives. There is no magic at all, they see that you are from England/USA/France/Germany etc. and are in love with you from that moment.

  • sam

    I agree that western chicks are completely overinflated ego-maniacal and useless sacks of water (we are all 70% water) compared to EE girls. EE girls are much nicer easier to get, more feminine, interested in you and have lower maintenance costs etc etc, but in the long run though is there much of a difference? i dont think so, after a few years in marriage they are gonna be just like western chicks, and if u marry them and bring them home to some where like US, can, uk, …… its all the same ending. divorce lawyer tens of thousands of dollar and half of everything you’ve earned gone, plus permanent servitude with alimony and child support …..

    if u wanna just get s3x, why not try Australia, NZ, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Czech, Taiwan, Singapore, Turkey and so many more. (half the planet s3x work is legal and the other half doesnt have any way to enforce it, its only a handful of feminazi western democracies where there are crimnal bans and are actually enforced, with Florida (AKA old_testament_istan ) top of that list , where its actually a felony to pay for s3x)

    there are very nice girls among the escorts and they are all very reasonably priced.

    Marriage is just the biggest rip off in the history, wise up guys. It didnt work even when there was polygamy and women did nothing but house work,and ppl died at 40 yrs old.

  • Dave S.

    I could not agree more. I already left a comment elsewhere about this subject, but it needs to be said. I lived in Odessa Ukraine, just getting back this past October, and there were
    too many beautiful women to count. The girl on the bus or subway, the chick at the hotel desk, the girls at your work office, all of them highly bangable and easily 7s and over. They are very open to meeting new people, love to have a good time, and rarely don’t put out. Im in Washington DC right now, where I grew up, and girls just roll out of bed and put on juicy coture sweats and 50’s, (the sunglasses that hide 50 percent of their face, because their too lazy to wash up or do some concealer) and go out onto the streets to give u mean looks and shoot you down at every turn. I have already made plans to return to eastern Europe, especially Ukraine if the country dosent implode, how can you not? Go, its cheap, girls are inanely hot, and you wont regret it.

  • Englishsurfer

    Goddamn. Looking at flights to Eastern Europe now. Girls in the UK severely fail any cost-benefit analysis you care to run. Stuck-up with over-inflated egos. Thanks for the site – given me the kick up the ass I knew I needed!

  • sam

    Eastern European women are indeed, whores. They want to move to the U.S. and bring their parents here, too. Hope it happens to you, and you end up supporting the whole family.

  • Lee

    You see, that’s my point. One guy says EE is not as great as you think and others say its great. what’s the truth according to single dude travel??? I suspect a western man with some game and guts can do well. am I wrong?

    • EE is our favorite. I suppose readers will just have to go and decide for themselves if we’re full of shit or not.

      • Lee

        Favourite in what way? can you please expand on that?

  • Banafly

    I think all women are pretty much the same, after bad boys until they hit 30 then want a guy who saved and has a house, then they hit 40 and look at their options again, either they walk out and go back to their slutty ways or stick with you… its a gamble for any western man, thats for sure…

    • You think wrong – western women vs. eastern women is night and day.

  • Lee

    But Krauser said its a myth that its easier in EE. true?

    • Who is Krauser? We LOVE Eastern Europe.

      • Lee

        Krauser is a PUA. this is the link to where his opinion on EE girls. I had hoped EE would be full of friendly babes…


        • Jason Row

          PUA’s are notoriously known for being sociopath douche bags and liars. Take it from a guy that dropped no less than 10k and ran with the most famous ones in the USA. These guys make their living exploiting weaker men via their insecurities. Until you go and experience it yourself, don’t listen to a damn thing they say. In fact, you should realize that men going abroad presents a serious threat to the PUA business model which is reliant on beta, needy guys combined with bitchy over entitled women.

          • Hey Jason, nice to hear from you again.

            That’s a good point. However I thing 95% of PUAs are too stupid to figure that out.

  • SameShitEverywhere

    ok.. So let me drop some advice too.
    I am actually from Eastern Europe however I gave travelled quite a lot.
    I can tell you romanian girls are shit – basically they used to be better but since joining the Europeean Union things got much worse. They are either really dumb “prostitutes” – worse actually or just dumb chicks waiting for Mr Right.

    I can tell you Hungary is WAY WAY WAY better – girls are much more open minded. Also there is an area in Transilvania – check Odorheiu Secuiesc where there is a majority population of hungarians – they tend to be very open minded and no foreigners at all.. And incredible hot .. The rest.. East and poorer areas are better if you look for the stuid country girl who has nothing to eat and she is scared of ending up like her parents or her grandma.

    Ukrainian women also way above romanian ones.
    Black Sea is crap.. all resorts. Usually Romania is also very expensive.
    Biggest problem is that women are very closed minded – they are very religious and just plain stupid.

    Thumbs up for this blog. You guys are ubercool.
    Let me know when you want to check out Romania I can show you around – I am based in Transylvania.

    • Gaia

      LMAO Typical Romanian man: dissing the women in his own country. Is it because you’re a shallow, empty-headed douchebag yourself that no Romanian woman wants? Or wait, you might actually be a Hungarian who lives in Romania and who hates Romanians. No, the truth is, Romanian/Hungarian MEN are SHIT and don’t know how to respect women or treat them well. How does THAT feel for ya?

      Romanian women are awesome and very intelligent and outspoken. There are dumb ones like everywhere else, but the majority of them are well educated and intelligent. So, any intelligent man who is worth the attention of a woman will naturally get along with them well. Most of them are just no-nonsense types who tell misogynist pigs like YOU to fck off.

      I think you guys should stop objectifying us EE women and not look at us as per nationality. We’re women, like everywhere else. We want to be respected, appreciated and loved like every other living being on earth. Don’t judge us by nationality or economic status, that’s dehumanizing! I hate this sex tourism going on, you have no idea how incredibly demeaning and repulsive it feels to see how Western men come here in drones to ”score” with the women and size them up like they’re market objects. We don’t exist to appeal to any of you. If you think that us being uber hot is the most important thing to you, we DO NOT want you. Nor do we want you pretending like you care about us so that you can come here and drool over every second woman on the street.

      • Piggy the man

        Another dumb romanian “baba” who goes to church and waits for some indian gut to treat her “like a princess” which she is..
        What’s funny in Romania is that the typical “feminist” is actually arguing that women should not fuck with men rather than that women should do what they want.. Typical romanian 18th century women. desperate to find a looser to give her money and provide for her until she dies.
        and for your info – there is basically zero sex tourism in Romania because women are so traditional that they aren’t even having sex unless it is a “serious thing”. They don’t even talk to people they don’t know.. they are so xenophobe and dumb that hungarians don’t mix with romanians and viceversa. DUmb 18th century “virtuous” people are no better than.. well .. the same people who lived in the 18th century :-P.
        However chicks like Gaia are an easy catch if you just play the game she demands.. You will need to wait 3 months to score but after that she will be easy to control and play .. just read some psychological books and apply the therapy .. never said anything she does not agree to. have no opinion just act like a little puppy. or some indian.. but of course you need to have some money too so she can feel “safe”..

  • Banafly

    I am 40 and live in the UK, I am very disillusioned with girls here and since my divorce have traveled extensively to Thailand, P.I, Vietnam, Cambodia, Poland, Germany and a few others… I have found this rejuvenated me. What i am looking for next is to go maybe somewhere else in Europe from UK which people have a good success rate, I don’t mind paying the odd hooker but would much prefer to date a girl and take her out etc in a reasonably safe environment. I’m thinking maybe Riga or Estonia? what do you guys think?

  • Mike

    Hey Dudes – Wondering if any of you have “gone the distance” with any Eastern European girls as in married with kids and/or living together (where?? in their country or yours??). I ask because I have travelled extensively and lived in Central America for many years and while the chicks are super hot down there, at the end of the day, they are not great marriage material for the most part, for a number of reasons. I won’t go into all of those reasons here but a friend of mine married this Ukrainian chick and she is unbelievably hot but also super intelligent, sophisticated and educated, in a fun way that makes her super desirable in every sense of the word. My experiences in Latin America have taught me that “hot” doesn’t necessarily mean “great” for the long term – as in, they are basically interested in your money, what you can do for them, and ready to screw you over when the opportunity presents itself for maximum gain for them, and they can play along for years until they finally decide to finish their “extraction”. Also they don’t really want to live in Canada or the US, they might try it out for a bit but more likely they will be miserable up here and want to move home with their family. This presents a conundrum because as sexy as it sounds to live down south it also has drawbacks over the long term, been there, done that. Wondering if any of you all have any deeper perspective on the Eastern European women, which, considering their countries to be among the most corrupt in the world in terms of business and politics, wouldn’t the women adopt those corrupt little ways as well? I mean everything I have studied about Eastern Europe as a whole leads to an uber corrupt society full of cheats and thieves. Obviously, every woman is different and it’s hard to generalize but wondering if you anyone has a first hand perspective to share. My theory is that potentially Eastern European chicks are even more sophisticated the ways they want to screw you (pun intended).

  • Greg B

    Hey guys great site, just found it today and this is my first post.
    I’m an English guy, but spend 3/4 months a year in eastern Europe and I love the women over there.

    I’ve spent months in Ukraine, Romania, Hungary Lithuania and Latvia and have had amazing girls in all of them along the way. The girls are beautiful, usually graduate educated speak at least 3 languages and incredibly friendly too just as long as you stay away from the cities on the British stag night circuit.

    Unfortunately thats one of the problems is that boozed up guys from my home country have ruined a lot of the cities with there antics, mainly Prague, but Riga and Budapest are heading the same way too. My advice if you want to find a girl who isn’t going to look at you as some kind of sex pest is to go to the second city in each country rather than the capital where all the budget airlines like ryan airways jet2 and easyjet always seem to fly.

    Eastern Europe is a big place and I see people trying to group all of the countries in the same vein. Romania and Latvia couldn’t be more different, so I would like to describe my experiences of the countries that i know.

    Romania and Bulgaria. Dark sultry women with hourglass figures. Closer to Mediterranean in looks than soviet and to answer a post above they have no problem with black guys at all. If you like very glitzy clubs there are none better than bucharest just google player club or bamboo bucharest and you will see what I mean

    Poland Lithuania Latvia and Estonia. Some of the most stunning women you will ever see, Slim petite girls usually with blue or green eyes. The further north you get the more soviet they become with the beaches of Riga in summer being inundated with russians themselves due to the direct flights from Moscow every day. Out of all these my favourite is Lithuania as it hasn’t really been corrupted by the stag night circuits and so the girls still a welcoming and behave like (stunning) girls next door. For the coloured guys best off skipping the Baltic states, you will do much better further south.

    Ukraine. You cant even walk down the street and get coffee here without passing a girl that takes your breath away. The way they can walk in 5 inch heels with perfect poise on sheet ice during winter has to be seen to be believed.
    Biggest problem you will have in Ukraine though is only a small percentage speak english so difficult to approach on the street. To find a nice girl for a serious relationship though I would only really recommend going if you have arranged to meet one online first.
    Also most of the good girls wont go to clubs due to the sex tourism industry, but if you have $100 in your pocket there are many student at these clubs trying to fund there way through college they only way they know how.

    All in all easter Europe girls are great but you need to treat them with respect. If you want an easy lay go to London not the former soviet states its not what these countries are about. Most girls aren’t gold diggers or interested in money that much, they are more after what they consider a “worthy man” so expect to have to romance them before you will get anywhere, but once you step across that threshold you will never want a western girl again!

    • Alice

      They speak three languages? Really? If ‘I, you, go home’ qualifies as speaking a language then yes, they do.

      • Gaia

        Jealous much? lol

  • I hope you do a bit on Romania someday. I’ve read on Roissy (ahem) that they’re super-conservative and marriage-minded there, so I hope to get another datapoint on that graph.

  • Eric

    What’s up dudes! Very much enjoy reading your blog.

    I am contemplating setting up a company in one of the Baltic nations for several reasons, lower tax being the main factor, and for that to happen I would have to stay at least half the year in the country of my company (or be billed extortionate amounts in tax). Also, it’s a short 1 hour plane ride from my country which I will spend the rest of the year in.

    Which of the Baltic countries do you prefer and why? I’ve only been to Talinn for 2 days and found it pleasent (particularly the girls), but also a bit boring which was probably due to not knowing where to find anything except the old town.

  • DRock

    Wow, I just found your site today and I must say, well done! I’m a 28 year old Air Force pilot and I’m about to travel to Europe for the first time. I talked to a friend who said go Eastern Europe and so that is the plan along with a few other destinations.

    I’m still trying to iron out the details, though. Here’s what I was going to do (I have about 15 days). Riga, Krakow, Prague. Then to Munich for Oktoberfest for a few days fly to London at the end of the trip for a European Poker Tour event at the end of September. I’m a semi-pro poker player and a bud who is going with me is a pro.

    Is this doable or too much? Should I cut out Prague or is it worth seeing/going to? Thanks much.

    • I’d pass on Prague if I were you. That’s too much traveling for 15 days IMO anyway and it’s a sausagefest there now.

    • Agree with Charlie. Stay in Riga the whole time.

    • Richard

      Also, unless you are really interested in Angle history, stay away from the UK too. It is expensive to visit, providing little value for money. It it the most promiscuous country in Europe, but don’t let that fool you; it is a small minority of girls that bump the statistic up.

  • “When I travel I start WANTING women again.”

    This just came to me: Abroad I want a WOMAN. In Seattle I just want SEX.

    Here I focus on the sex because frankly, I don’t WANT any of these women. Yes, they hold the keys to sex, but beyond that I don’t want them near me, living in my apartment with a hand on my assets. The sounds of their voices, the thoughts in their heads, the looks on their faces, UGH. No no no.

    I thought I felt that way about women in general, but no. Not so. The foreign women taught me otherwise: That it’s actually possible to WANT a real woman by my side in day-to-day life. What a relief!

  • “I thought it was me, that I was burned out, and that I couldn’t really be that into a girl anymore. But this girl changed my whole attitude.”

    OK, bingo. I’d like to add my testimony to this, if only to remind myself.

    First of all, a bit about me: There’s nothing “alpha male” about me. Not at all. Us engineers (I want to move into teaching) tend to be deferential dweebs (how else can we put a man on the moon without being careful and seek out our mistakes?). I want a wife that I genuinely WANT. I want a little boy and a little girl, to play with them and teach them things. I want to do work that I believe in. In general, I want to BELIEVE in my life.

    Like many, I’m finally deciding that I’m a fool to keep trying to make that come true here, to keep doing the same things and expecting different results. I’m 36 now in Seattle, and it’s time to cut the fucking crap.

    Here are some experiences that have given me certainty about this and the courage to move:

    In Thailand, at a restaurant there were a couple college girls who volunteered at the nearby hostel. I was just happy to be in a room with them. They were just so pleasant and enjoyable that I didn’t even need to get anything from them to enjoy their presence. This shocked me because I had never felt that way before.

    I met a Spanish girl through a Craigslist apartment listing. She was cute and — gasp — genuinely FUN to be around and talk to. Leading her about the city was a pleasure, not a battle. I was too chicken to make a move, but in retrospect I can tell that she wanted me to. I hadn’t actually enjoyed myself with a female that way in at least 10 years. This shocked me because I had never felt that way before.

    I once dealt with a Ukrainian teller at the bank. She wasn’t actually all that hot — a little chunky — but still there was this full-body feeling that shouted “I want this woman to move into my apartment RIGHT NOW.” It wasn’t even about sex per se. I just wanted her around. This shocked me because I had never felt that way before.

    In Poland a couple years ago, I was strictly on the tourist circuit but I still intersected with ladies who were just genuinely appealing. I wanted them closer, not farther away. This shocked me because I had never felt that way before.

    Get the pattern?

    In each of these experiences I’ve been reminded that I’m NOT just worn out, pissed and bitter. It’s not just ME. It’s ME in this CONTEXT. When I travel I start WANTING women again.

    This doesn’t make it EASY. They still insist on a Real Man who takes charge, leads them and protects them, etc. We’re NOT trained for that. To a domesticated American this sounds like WORK. and it IS work in that it takes EFFORT to Man Up that way.

    BUT! They key that you might be missing is that the women in Eastern Europe (for example) provide all the MOTIVATION you’ll need to put that effort in and come correct. THAT’s the part that you probably don’t understand if you’ve only known the Anglosphere.

    (So there.)

  • According to Wiki, the Baltics will be on the Euro soon. Do you think that’ll really happen? And wouldn’t it change the place economically? Like, costs-wise?

    • If that happens, prices may go through the roof. But the Euro may not last that long.

    • Switching the EUR tends to be bad for everybody but I don’t think it will happen. I think the EUR will die before they can switch. By the time they can actually do it they won’t want to. But who knows, politicians are pretty stupid.

  • eastern europe girl

    thank you 🙂

  • Jimmy Dean

    thanks a lot for the responses! I really appreciate your feedback on this!

  • RBG

    Jimmy Dean: Read “Sterlin’s Race Debate”: http://ruadventures.com/forum/index.php/topic,13787.0.html and then read “Black Men and Their Prospects With Russian and/or Ukrainian Women”: http://ruadventures.com/forum/index.php/topic,5112.0

    My advice is try South America or Asia.

  • Jimmy Dean

    I have a question about traveling in Europe.

    Allow me to preface and describe myself. I am a black male, pretty good looking, and own my own business. I make 100k after taxes.

    I was curious as to what I might expect if I choose to travel to Eastern Europe. Also, what countries would I have the most success in? Any info or help would be much appreciated!

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Jimmy,

      First off all, you shouldn’t be worried about how much you make – see our article “The Single Dude’s Rules for Money.” Planning to go over there and throw your money around is the wrong mindset. For one thing you won’t be able to compete with the mafia douchebags, they have unlimited money via embezzlement from the government, extortion, drugs, etc. You won’t win a big money pissing contest unless you’re Bill Gates, guaranteed.

      Second, all of Eastern Europe is pretty much a playground. I would recommend you take short 4 – 7 day trips to different countries until you find your personal home away from home. My personal favorites are (in no particular order) Latvia, Serbia, Ukraine, Albania, Croatia and Bulgaria. I will say though that Croatia is the most expensive and not surprisingly the chicks are the most stuckup. Zagreb is kind of like the Zurich of Eastern Europe. I haven’t been anywhere in Eastern Europe that I didn’t like except Bratislava. Chicks were mediocre and beer cost too much. It’s probably all due to Bratislava’s close proximity to Vienna. You might also want to avoid Prague due to DAFF overpopulation.

      Anything else we can do to help please let us know.

    • ben

      Brazil is suppose to be great for black guys because Americans tend to be less douchey than the locals. I have heard about single black only tours set up just to get tail.

  • matt

    Eastern europeans are bunch of whores – they are just living off the achievements the west have done over the years

    they have no decency – they should not have been allowed to join western europe but instead formed there own cr**

    • You’re a total douche!

    • Babalu

      And let me add, an idiot. But Boris was right on the button.

    • Taz

      and your contribution to the western achievements is what ? your birthplace ?

      • Not to mention Eastern European society has been making “achievements” since long before much of the West even existed. Read some history you jackass, matt.

  • Andy

    This may explain why I instantly fell in love with those Bond girls from GoldenEye and Quantum of Solace and never cared for the ones from the other Bond movies. I’ve heard mostly positive reviews over the years about Eastern European women. It’s about time I go over there to see what I’ve been missing out on. Next summer is not out of the question for this non-DAFF. Aw heck, Euro 2012 co-hosted by Poland/Ukraine here I come!

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