It's all in the eyes... and the ass

Big Ass

There she is. The one you have been looking for. She is all the way on the other side of the room. Her eyes… they call you over. As you make your way, you never let your gaze waver. Closer… closer… clo… Holy shit. What a huge ass. I mean gargantuan. Damn it!

Have you ever been driving in a car and been convinced that the chick driving next to you is hot? She just has those eyes that say, “Bang me solid for a week.” Then, have you ever seen her get out of her car and the whole chassis raises a foot? That was no lo’ rider. That is a fat chick. This kind of thing … [Read more]

Guest Post: Why bars and clubs suck for meeting girls and malls are a virtual unguarded henhouse for men

A Mall

I have never really understood how guys hook up with desirable women at bars and clubs. First of all, those places seem to be populated mainly by skanks and second of all, if we took alcohol and drugs out of the equation, I’m not sure how lucky those guys would be getting. I am certain that it matters greatly to women how the narrative of how they met Mr Right reads. Their ideal story is that they were carrying milk in pails back from the market down a country road and a “real man” with honor and a horse chased them down and talked them in to taking a ride on their steed (this is how my grandparents met … [Read more]