Just In: Americans Are Such Retards That They Still Think There is a Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

The March of Tyranny

As we count down these last few days to October 17, otherwise known as debt limit day, stupidity reigns supreme in America. Everyone is wailing about the “imminent catastrophe” coming America’s way if the Congress and Obama can’t come to an agreement to raise the debt ceiling again. Because, it’s obvious to Americans, apparently, that if you’re in debt, the only responsible thing to do is to borrow more money. Again.

The presstitute media has been in full force with fear-mongering story after story blaming one side or the other and accusing one side or the other (mainly the Tea Party) for putting politics ahead of the country. My Facebook feed is mirroring those articles with post … [Read more]

Man I hate celebrities!

Retarded Ellen Degeneres vs Legitimate Business Owner

Most of them anyway. As a group, you will not find a bigger bunch of a cock sucking, scumbag hypocrites than Hollywood celebrities (not to mention a big chunk of big name musicians like Bono too). They’re always bitching and moaning about how unfair the world is, how corrupt it is, the evils of big corporations, the poor starving children in Africa, on and on and on in an endless stream of loose, liquidy, odoriferous, projectile, verbal diarrhea. They just love to get up on their soapboxes, complain, berate and even “threaten” all of us that they will leave the country if [insert random election] doesn’t go their way. First of all, why should anybody give a shit if … [Read more]

Why Facebook isn't worth $100 billion or anything close to it...


NOTE: I wrote this article before the IPO numbers became public so please keep that in mind. I keep coming across articles indicating that the fraudulent sacks of shit on Wall St. are trying to value Facebook at $100 billion. The absurdity of this valuation should be painfully obvious to anyone who takes even a cursory look at the numbers. The mathematics are simple enough even for small children to understand.

Let’s look at some key statistics about Facebook:

Users: Over 900 million
2009 Revenue: $777 million
2009 Net Income: Unknown
2010 Revenue: $1.97 billion
2010 Net Income: Unknown
2011 Revenue: $3.8 billion
2011 … [Read more]

I told you so!

Nelson Ha Ha!

Dear Assholes,

For all the people that left comments telling me how dumb an investment gold is, I told you so. Even I didn’t think the shit was going to start hitting the fan this quickly but it is. This is the beginning of the end. Even a nine year old boy “gets it” better than you dumbass nonbelievers in the crisis still to come.

There are some real game changers, some key linchpins if you will, that are allowing the United States of Ponzi to keep the game going but their scheme is just hanging by … [Read more]

Obesity, The AIDS of America

fat chicks

I see fat people.

Everywhere I go in America they’re there, mountainous creatures waddling down the street armed with their XXL Big and Tall outfits, burritos in hand, with gargantuan partners and morbidly obese children drinking Super Big Gulps filled with sugar soda.  Sweating through their pits at the slightest effort and mouth breathing like some woolly mammoth out of Ice Age, these disgusting creatures are everywhere and it is only getting worse.  This is an epidemic that is to America what AIDS is to Africa.

Not convinced?  Look at this graphic on the CDC website.  When you watch the little slideshow map you can really get an idea of how much of an epidemic this is.  … [Read more]

Now is the time to move abroad!

Beautiful Beach

So you’ve already escaped the corporate prison, you’ve implemented a 15 minute business plan and you’ve been doing a ton of traveling. You’re basically a LIP (location independent person) but for some reason your primary residence is still in the US or some other low bang for the buck lame ass western country.

Maybe you’ve been brain washed into thinking that the US must be the greatest country in the world because so many foreigners seem to want to move there. It’s true that many foreigners want to move to the US (or some other western country) but aside from the ones that are coming from 3rd world countries where they’re literally starving, most of them are … [Read more]