Manuel and Charlie's Halloween Weekend in the USA

Frankenstein's Monster

There have only been two times in my life that I’ve gotten really fucked up physically. One time was in South America and the other time was outside of Pittsburgh. This is a story of what happens when we try to have a party in the US – shit just goes entirely off the rails for no fucking reason. Charlie and I were in a small town for professional reasons and figured we might as well party it up a bit while we were there. I had a hot little Spanish girlfriend in town visiting me for a while also. She’s quite a story in her own right but one for another time.

In any event I told my … [Read more]

Don't be an asshole and don't be a douchebag

Tucker Max

Don’t be an asshole.  Contrary to popular opinion this won’t help you get laid and it definitely won’t help you make any friends either.  Tucker Max is an asshole.  In his defense he admits to it freely.  However, Tucker Max does not get laid because he is an asshole.  Tucker Max gets laid because he’s a shameless self-promoter and somehow, against all odds, used his blog and (later) books to make himself rich and famous.  We don’t believe Tucker Max got laid 1/50th as much as he claims until after he became famous and even more so after he became rich.  If you think we’re unfairly attacking good old Tucker, tell us this, does this sound like … [Read more]