Charlie & Boris Summer Update Volume 1

Green Shots

We are nursing the kind of hangovers that would make Amy Winehouse cringe. We had a hell of a time and a hell of a 5 day bender. We arrived in Sofia last week at which point we wasted no time jumping straight into an all night drinking session culminating in an orgy of tequila shots at Briliantin (one of our favorites). If you have been following us on Facebook you know that we then headed directly to Sozopol to attend Sozopol Fest for the Juli Sutrin (July Morning) Party. It was an outstanding weekend at bargain basement prices like only Bulgaria can provide.

Guadalajara, Mexico

gdl girls

Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, is a great town.  It’s filled with what many Mexicans say is the most beautiful women in Mexico, has lots of great cultural options, and is also the world capital of tequila.  As Mexico’s second largest city (6 million), there is a lot to do there, but it till feels surprisingly chill and is fairly walkable.  It also has a little bit of an alternative vibe to it, with a large hippie, metalhead, gay, and student population.

Flights come in to Guadalajara’s airport (GDL).  Once you get there you can either take a taxi into town for around 100-150 pesos ($8-12) or a bus to the old bus station and … [Read more]

Playa del Carmen - Cancun, but Good!

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen rocks. I wrote earlier about what a disaster the cesspool of Cancun is and how you should never go there.  Luckily, nearby is one of my favorite places in Mexico: Playa del Carmen, or just “Playa” for short. It’s only an hour (or less) from the Cancun airport by bus, yet it feels like a thousand miles away culturally. In place of drunk fat sunburned American tourists you have chic Italians, cool Mexicans, Russian models, and great nightlife at much less tourist trap prices. Playa del Carmen is definitely a single dude recommended destination.

Now that you’ve landed at the Cancun airport, it’s time to first wait for customs. Quick? See any cute … [Read more]