Escape the Corporate Prison

Beach Sunset

So if you’re anything like me once you got a taste of what life really has to offer (or at least what life outside the Western world really has to offer) you can’t get enough of it. You have one little problem though: two weeks of vacation (or four to six if you live in Western Europe) just isn’t enough. If you’re like most young professionals out there as I was, you probably spend 40% or more of your waking hours working as a corporate slave chained to a desk in a cube. To add insult to injury you probably spend another 10% or more of your waking hours driving to and from that corporate prison.

Sure you travel … [Read more]

Be a Contrarian not a “Peacock”


So there have been a lot of guys writing books and giving seminars who call themselves “Pick Up Artists” the last ten years or so.  If you haven’t read any “pickup books” by these so-called “pickup artists” (PUAs) this article may not make a lot of sense to you and may want to familiarize yourself with some of the suggested reading at the bottom of the article.  We certainly have read plenty of these books but don’t identify ourselves, nor want to be identified as PUAs in any way.  We find those guys tend to focus on only the act of meeting a girl for the first time in some bar and fooling her into being interested.  They … [Read more]

The importance of body language

Body Language

One of my favorite forms of entertainment is going out to bars and watching guys try to pick up girls. I like to pick out a place in the bar with a nice view of the proceedings and sit back and enjoy the show. Now of course I can’t usually hear what’s being said but I really don’t need to hear whatever lame lines the poor bastards are trying to know how they’re doing, all I have to do is watch the body language. Especially if I see everyone’s feet I can tell you with a high degree of certainty who likes who, who is with who, who wants to leave with someone or who wants … [Read more]