Gold and other investments for the Single Dude

Gold Coins

The world financial system today is in enormous trouble.  Greece is just the tip of the iceberg.  Next: Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain (not necessarily in that order).  The Greek train wreck will be the first domino to fall in what will become a worldwide crisis that has the potential to make 2008 look like the common cold when compared to the Ebola virus. Time to cover your asses, dudes.

I didn’t want to give investment advice but Charlie talked me into it. You might as well get it here if you aren’t going to get it somewhere else. I imagine that many of our readers are not much into the … [Read more]

Wet Your Whistle at the Right Watering Hole

A Bar

So boys, it’s been a pretty amazing day!  You spent the afternoon at the coffee shop here in Buenos Aires relaxing and getting the phone numbers of some delicious mamacitas and setting up dates for later in the week, and now it’s time to go out with the boys and get into trouble at the bar.  But there’s such a bevy of options on the main bar drag, so how do you choose one?  The girls are out tonight and they want to meet some cool dudes like you but you need to make sure that where you go is the right place.  You can’t just go anywhere and have great success at the bar or club.  Many … [Read more]

Bar Real Estate: Location, Location, Location!

A Bar

Everyone has heard the old cliché, “The three most important things in real estate are location, location and location!” We agree and think real estate means much more than just real estate taxes and whether there’s a Bed Bath and Beyond nearby and the how the goddamn school districts are.  Real estate is very important in social situations as well.

In every social situation it is important to feel at home and to control your territory, just like the alpha males in the animal kingdom control their pack’s territory.  As alpha males, your territory in question is the bar, club, coffee shop, restaurant, or any other place where you intend on picking up girls who just missed the cut … [Read more]