Just In: Americans Are Such Retards That They Still Think There is a Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

The March of Tyranny

As we count down these last few days to October 17, otherwise known as debt limit day, stupidity reigns supreme in America. Everyone is wailing about the “imminent catastrophe” coming America’s way if the Congress and Obama can’t come to an agreement to raise the debt ceiling again. Because, it’s obvious to Americans, apparently, that if you’re in debt, the only responsible thing to do is to borrow more money. Again.

The presstitute media has been in full force with fear-mongering story after story blaming one side or the other and accusing one side or the other (mainly the Tea Party) for putting politics ahead of the country. My Facebook feed is mirroring those articles with post … [Read more]

Video Repost: The Syrian War: What You're Not Being Told

obama lie

Yes, boys and girls, those motherfucker scumbag warmonger politicians in Washington DC are at it again, trying to start a new war in the Middle East with fabricated evidence and dishonest claims of “protecting human rights”. Check out this very succinct video by Storm Clouds Gathering and please do spread around this video, especially to anyone you know in the military or police forces.

I think that these guys at Storm Clouds are spot on with their geopolitical analysis. Check out their other videos here.

Are American citizens the dumbest animals on planet Earth?

Full Retard

What is it with you brain dead dumbasses? How much more in your face does the reality of the situation have to be? It’s not a conspiracy theory anymore. It’s right out there in the mainstream media even! What the fuck is wrong with you people? A short video and an article without further comment. Read, watch, wake the fuck up!

Is the Government Also Monitoring the CONTENT of Our Phone Calls?

Originally posted at www.washingtonsblog.com

Yes, Government Spooks May Be Listening

The Obama administration has been caught spying on the Verizon phone calls of tens of millions of Americans.

But the government has sought to “reassure” us that it is only … [Read more]

A dire warning to Mom and Dad

US Flag Burning

These days it seems like nearly every single day there is something in the news that makes me grow more and more terrified of the fate that may befall my friends and family back home in the Great American Scamocracy. The US is clearly long overdue for an appointment with reality and seems to be an empire that’s nearing its expiration date, both in general and in its Ponzi fiat currency scam. I saw this coming years ago and left the USA for greener pastures, and I regularly try to convince my friends and family still living there to get the fuck out. This isn’t the time for useless activism, “getting out the vote”, “fighting the … [Read more]

Guest Post: i dun unerstan u lah!: An exposé of Singapore and Singaporean retardation

Singapore Flag

I greatly enjoyed reading the Single Dude’s articles on the pros and cons of Singapore. As a European business person I would like to expand a bit on the “Singaporean retardation” described in the cons article. When I arrived in Singapore I was absolutely shocked at the almost unimaginable retardation of the local Singaporeans. Given that Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and apparently has the highest number of millionaires per capita, I was expecting … [Read more]

Gun Control and American Empire


In the wake of the recent spate of mass shooting incidents there has been much discussion about firearms and their place in modern America. In my opinion, most of the discussion in the brain dead mainstream media misses the most important point, so I would like to add my two cents (inflation adjusted, more like $2) on the topic. Warning: to those whiny liberal readers living in fantasy land, you may not like this article, so maybe you should pop on over to the Huffington Post where everyone will agree with you.

I won’t waste any time getting to my point here: … [Read more]

Welcome to Dictatorship in America

Crazy Obama

Now that the election is over we can examine some of the data and after doing so no honest, thinking individual can come to any conclusion other than that there was out of control fraud in the 2012 “Presidential Election”. Not that it really mattered who was going to win, but the sheer brazenness of the manipulation of the vote is nothing short of appalling. The numbers put forth as legitimate and genuine in hundreds of precincts could not have occurred in a fair and impartial election.

Some of the Ohio results, similar to some of the results from Philadelphia, … [Read more]

Vote Gary Johnson or nobody at all

Gary Johnson or Nobody for President 2012

It feels good to be permanently out of the States and perhaps at no point does it feel better than during election season. Nevertheless, we still can’t let the election pass without commenting on it. Here in Asia I can remain blissfully ignorant of whenever garbage the American mainstream media is forcing down the throats of Americans still living in America and for the most part I managed to successfully avoid wasting any of my brain cells bothering to give a shit about which retarded senator from which state with an obesity rate of a 30%+ said what about whose baby gets to get aborted after rape. Because you know, these are the questions that America really needs to … [Read more]

Something doesn't quite add up here...

Tin Foil Hat

Absolute lies and fabrications from the government (virtually all governments) and the mainstream media are the rule not the exception. These days if it comes from either of those sources you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that it’s bullshit. If a representative of either of these organizations actually provides some truthful information it’s probably by accident. CNN, MSNBC, The Fed, The Beaurau of Labor Statistics, the POTUS himself – all bullshit. On that note, Charlie came across this short five minute video that I thought was too good not to post. Check it … [Read more]

Idiots, there is NO economic recovery...

The Forgotten Man

Just when I think I have a good handle on just how completely, mind-numbingly retarded the average American is, I am reminded that I have only seen just the tip of the iceberg. This time around it was watching weeks of headlines that all resembled some variation of “Polls show [insert random retarded Republican presidential candidate] would beat Obama” but then today I saw … [Read more]