Boris' first date with an eastern European girl

Hot Serbian Girl

As a followup to Charlie’s first date with an American girl we give you my first date with an eastern European girl. Which do you prefer?

A Beginner's Guide to the Women of Miami

Models on the Beach

Let me say right now that this attempt to explain Miami will be in no way comprehensive. It would take a team of experts to do justice to the penile playground that is the greater Miami Fort Lauderdale area. I’m simply flattered that Charlie asked me to take a crack at it. This is the first of what I hope will be many entries from other contributors so that Single Dude Travel’s readership can get a taste of what’s going on down there.

So, what is this Miami thing made of? The first ingredient is money. Crazy boatloads of it, much of it arriving in crazy expensive boats and planes. The next ingredient is drugs. Crazy boatloads of … [Read more] Submission

Bulgarus Douchebagus Fashionistas Faggus

Dear Fellow Douchebag Enthusiast,

I would like to submit the attached for your consideration for inclusion in your outstanding collection. This is a rare species hailing from the Balkan state of Bulgaria. Commonly referred to locally as ubitak (убитак), official Latin classification: Bulgarus Douchebagus Fashionistas Faggus. This species refuses to mate in captivity or anywhere else for that matter. It is a genetic mutation only produced by inbreeding the common mutra (мутра), official Latin classification: Bulgarus Fattus Baldus Noneckus Mafias Dumbassus Douchebagus.

Please accept this photograph as our gift to you. If you have any interest in obtaining a live specimen please contact me at your … [Read more]

Your new career: You are a fashion photographer!

Fashion Model

You’re a photographer, got it? Few occupations pull as much quality booty as this job title. Go ahead, have cool business cards made up declaring as much. There’s nobody stopping you. You’re not required to have any kind of training or license to be called a photographer. Just get a cool camera, learn to use it and start taking pictures of girls. Now that digital cameras have taken over the field, you don’t even have to have a darkroom full of silver nitrate, expensive equipment and other unwieldy chemicals anymore. Those barriers have vanished. Remember when I remarked that travels with a purpose and a mission is for more compelling to women you meet on your journeys? … [Read more]

Rant: Models are just walking coat hangers

Super Models

I don’t know what this has to do with Single Dude Travel, but Charlie says he loves rants, so here it goes. Models are just walking coat hangers! This is a topic I love to rant about because over the years I have had the pleasure (or displeasure, as more accurately may be the case) to work with a lot of models, including those on the international “super model” level. Actually, on second thought, this topic may have some tie-ins to Single Dude Travel, so bear with me.

Models should earn minimum wage and not a penny more. Why? Despite what some douchebags in the fashion industry might have you believe there is no real special skill required … [Read more]