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Online Dating

I just came across a post that I believe demonstrates irrefutably why internet dating in the west is a big no no. Check out this review of match.com on edatingreview.com I’ve reposted below:

Reviewed By Analyst, Washington DC

Over the past few weeks, I’ve conducted a study to measure the effectiveness of match.com. I created 6 control groups that are designed to be representative of all match.com users. Over the course of one week, I measured the response rates of all 6 groups, in order to determine which group will receive the best user experience. The results may shock you, but … [Read more]

Welcome to Dating in America

Anna, you showed us all the way.

I don’t know what’s more appalling about the video below, the blatant gold digging or the fact that ABC News is doing what seems like a positive, or at least neutral “news” piece on this atrocious bitch (and by news I mean non-news). Maybe I’m misreading it, but this bitch journalist seems almost like she looks upon this skank with something like admiration of her ingenuity. It’s rare to see so many things that are wrong with western society so obviously portrayed in one short video clip. From the obnoxious gold digging bitch, the hypocrisy that permeates western society, to the retarded non-news promoting mainstream media this clip … [Read more]

Internet Dating: No in America, Yes in Europe and Asia!

Hot Russian Bride

I think it’s safe to say internet dating has finally lost it’s negative stigma, or at least most of it. Too bad it hasn’t lost its shitty results, at least in the western world. I never had any qualms about it myself, if it results in getting hot chicks into my bed I’m usually down for it. It just doesn’t fucking work in the states. You could waste a year of your life on match.com and maybe, if you’re lucky, have the privilege of buying a fat chick or two dinner.

So enough about where it doesn’t work, let’s talk about where it does work! Europe and Asia! More specifically Eastern Europe and Asia. You may want to ask … [Read more]