Guest Post: Enablers

Enabler Medal

Enablers are people that allow you to continue your losing ways; babying you and bailing you out. Enablers allow you to continue making the same mistakes and never having the guts to tell you where you really stand – never having the balls to let you know that you are screwing up or that you just might need to put your head down and do some actual work.

In “our” world, enablers are most apparent in the mainstream. These are companies that promise that you will “speak fluent French without boring drills or actual work” or that “every time you go for a swim, dolphins will appear”. These are individuals selling a concept that assures “You won’t have to … [Read more]

American Scamocracy


The assholes running this country (Republicans, Democrats, it’s all the same, really) have absolutely no qualms spending trillions of other people’s money. They’re not just spending our money, they’re bankrupting our children and their children and consigning them to be born in an America where they will live in debt slavery from cradle to grave. The politicians don’t care, they’ll be long gone by then and their children and children’s children will be sitting pretty on the wealth that their parents and grandparents are stealing from you and me right now … [Read more]

Help Wanted for Team Charlie

help-wanted positions

I’ve written frequently before about my love of the company of high quality women. I am at heart a womanizer. But sometimes I start to think that I’ve gotten a little too good at it. It’s hard to stop the constant picking up of beautiful friendly exotic women, and sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. Believe it or not there is such thing as having too many girlfriends! It’s so easy go on automatic pilot when traveling and I often just can’t stop myself from picking up new potential future ex-wives when I go out and there’s so many available options, and I meet more women these days than I have time to see. Read more]

The real way to learn languages


If you are like most American guys, you only know how to speak English and at that, really not very well, the truth be told. Your grammar is probably a disaster and you don’t even know it. I’m not getting on my high-horse on this one or anything as my mother is a proofreader with a whole wall of English reference books and she squirms when I speak as I make untold errors in form and structure. In fact, I’m not saying anything, I’m just sayin’. So, now that we agree we all suck at even our native tongue, we can now move onwards like Vikings to explore new lands and massacre the languages found in those places. That’s … [Read more]