Guest Post: A long-term expat's take on Thailand


I’ve lived in Thailand for more than 5 years, and I firmly believe that it’s a Single Dude’s Paradise. I’ve been all over in Asia, but I chose to live in Thailand because it had everything I was looking for: pretty and available women, gorgeous beaches, a thick expat community, and a cheap cost of living. There are drawbacks, but many are overstated and easily avoidable. It’s not perfect, but no place is. I think the Single Dude’s have a fantastic website here, and a lot of their observations on Thailand were spot on. I definitely think they picked up on more more than most casual tourist’s do, so their posts are worth reading. But there’s plenty that they missed, … [Read more]

Guest Post: Ko Samui Thailand Location Review

Ko Samui Palm Tree Beach

Today we bring you a guest post from Skins over at We think it’s a great article that is spot on about Ko Samui and we haven’t covered this location yet. You may also be interested in our other posts Rilay Beach, Phuket, the Song Kran festival, Thailand in general and how to spot a ladyboy. Also of note is … [Read more]

Guest Post: The Peter Principle and Suspects

Government Thugs

This may seem a little off topic but anything that deals with the deleterious intersection of the criminality, incompetence and evilness of western governments (especially the US) is pretty important for Single Dude’s to understand.

This is part two of my series about the Peter Principle. My last article touched on the Tsarnaev Brother’s case. The Peter principle is involved in all the layers of government. The more concentrated the power of government, the more ignorant the people become. The following story is of my own personal dealings with local law enforcement. Try not to cringe at the stupidity of those who are employed by the taxpayers “to … [Read more]

STDs and the Single Dude - a few things you should know

Condom How To

Alright dudes, this is definitely not the sexiest topic of discussion, but unless you’re the luckiest stud on the planet that manages to exclusively date hot virgins, chances are your girl has been with at least one other guy. Well Sex-Ed 101 taught us that despite your sweet little angel having only banged one other guy her entire life, that one dude just gave her all the accumulated pathogens from the hundred whores he’s been with. So this topic is unpleasant, but the following could save some dude’s life out there. So first I will elaborate on the dilemma Single Dudes face, then offer my own personal story, and lastly present the solution I arrived at.

The simple … [Read more]

Obesity Infographic


I’ve bitched at length previously about the obesity epidemic in America, and the costs it has for all society, ranging from health problems to the extreme scarcity of quality American girls. Now from Tony Shin we present to you this infographic on the obesity problem in America. I particularly would like highlight the point that obesity causes many more deaths than drug use, firearms, STDs or car accidents. Yet the government subsidizes McDonalds (corn subsidies) and keeps drugs illegal. Assholes.

The Fat Future of America

El Matador Returns! New York and Golddiggers


As everyone knows, NYC is rife with gold diggers. According the principles that El Matador believes in, the only reason hot young women compete hard to get in to college is so that that they will have the best mating opportunities. That is, by gaining access to the cream of whatever crop they hope to be nesting with, they get the first pick, before men understand the stakes. Essentially they are leveraging their lifetime peak of attractiveness (their 20’s) against men’s unrealized lifetime value while in college. Our value increases over time, as we get older, theirs plummets. This chart from Defalt User’s blog illustrates the point nicely.

I love cougars, but you gotta catch … [Read more]

Guest Post: Fat Acceptance: How far can it go?

Fat Chick

I recently came across the article “Why is obese more acceptable than anorexic?” and shortly thereafter stumbled upon an “info graphic” that’s right up the same alley. Besides the fact that the author of and creator of the chart clearly lacks basic math skills and conceptual skills (how else can the allowable upper weight limit be one pound lower for a 5’3″ female than a 5’2″ female?) she seems to be one hell of a fat apologist! I mean honestly – look at those numbers! I’m a 5’9″, relatively athletic and muscular male and back when I was in peak athletic condition I tipped the … [Read more]

Guest Post: The Single Dude's Guide to European Spas


So you’ve taken a whirlwind trip to Amsterdam, cruised the Red Light District, got stoned in a few coffee shops, tried to get laid with a leggy blond Dutch chick, drank way too much Heineken, and never, ever want to see another Van Gogh sunflower painting again. What’s next?

A visit to a Dutch spa.

OK, I know you’re thinking “WTF? A spa?” Chill and take the next few minutes to learn a little something new about the world and you’ll be surprised. I’m about to let you in on one of Europe’s best kept secrets…

They’re known by different names in Germany, Netherlands Austria, Switzerland and parts of Belgium. You … [Read more]

Guest Post: Enablers

Enabler Medal

Enablers are people that allow you to continue your losing ways; babying you and bailing you out. Enablers allow you to continue making the same mistakes and never having the guts to tell you where you really stand – never having the balls to let you know that you are screwing up or that you just might need to put your head down and do some actual work.

In “our” world, enablers are most apparent in the mainstream. These are companies that promise that you will “speak fluent French without boring drills or actual work” or that “every time you go for a swim, dolphins will appear”. These are individuals selling a concept that assures “You won’t have to … [Read more]

Welcome to Dating in America

Anna, you showed us all the way.

I don’t know what’s more appalling about the video below, the blatant gold digging or the fact that ABC News is doing what seems like a positive, or at least neutral “news” piece on this atrocious bitch (and by news I mean non-news). Maybe I’m misreading it, but this bitch journalist seems almost like she looks upon this skank with something like admiration of her ingenuity. It’s rare to see so many things that are wrong with western society so obviously portrayed in one short video clip. From the obnoxious gold digging bitch, the hypocrisy that permeates western society, to the retarded non-news promoting mainstream media this clip … [Read more]