You don't need to be a rocket scientist...

America Titanic.

You don’t need to be an economist either nor do you need any other kind of degree. The ship is sinking! It’s painfully obvious. Little children can understand this. Elementary school level math is enough to understand the certain demise of the US economy. Wake up people. This is a great video that breaks it down in layman’s terms in less than six minutes. Share it!

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With the news over the weekend that Greece may be “officially” insolvent by September, and Spain/Italy not far behind, it’s probably a good time to look at the dire straits that the good old US is in as well.

One of the websites … [Read more]

As The World Continues to Burn...

Burning World

I wanted touch on some of the themes Charlie discussed in Charlie’s Plan B. At this point in time it should be obvious to even the most skeptical reader that a complete meltdown of the world as we know it is far past the point of no return. Protesters are flooding major cities world wide and more than occasionally these protests are turning violent (usually it’s the police brutalizing the protesters though). The end of the Euro and multiple sovereign defaults are discussed openly in the mainstream media. More wars seem to be on the verge of erupting, in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Most of these things are events that the average Westerner … [Read more]

Charlie's Plan B

Emergency Glass

The dominoes are falling faster and faster right now in the ongoing global financial train wreck that is starting in Europe and will eventually spread to the whole world. First Iceland and Ireland. Then Greece, Greece, Greece, for a month. Then they fixed Greece! Or… well anyway, forget that shit, then Italian bonds exploded over 7% with the authority of Peter North on his first scene of the day. Then Spain, Belgium, Hungary, and several others shot up all at the same time just like bond bukkake. And that was just the European sovereign debt market. The US stock market had its worst Thanksgiving ever. Ndamukong Suh stomped on a guy. The debt Supercommittee failed, surprising exactly … [Read more]

Mangez Merde, Sarcozy!


Lately, there are new headlines coming out of the European / Eurozone debacle daily, such as some country’s bonds exploding, banks getting downgraded, Muppet rulers getting switched for other Muppets, and of course the regular dude getting totally shafted by the big banks and their politician henchmen. Greece is going down, Italy is next, Hungary, Ireland, Spain, France – it’s a fucking mess over there in Europe these days and they are going to take the whole world down with them when they finally go under.

The main problem is that everyone is broke – the countries, the banks, the people all owe each other money in a big tangled web of graft, greed, political grandstanding, incompetence, and … [Read more]

Weekend Update - Occupy Wall Street and Fantasy Stock Game Starts Monday

Weekend Update with Charlie

Today marked the end of the 3rd quarter, and what a quarter it was. I went to Bulgaria, all over Asia, and the world looks like the dominoes will start falling in earnest soon. Greece hasn’t defaulted yet, although it looks like it might at any moment. Boris called Greek default months ago and is looking to be proved right at some point. I was Skyping with a cute Greek girlfriend of mine yesterday and I suggested she take her money out of the bank in case of a bank run there and she said, “It’s ok, I have no money. Nobody can find a job, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” It was kind … [Read more]

Charlie's First IRA

My mental image of what's happening to the USA

When I was younger I used to believe more of what other people told me. One thing was what the typical money managers say to regular dudes like us (meaning people that aren’t millionaires). “Make regular scheduled contributions to mutual funds that mirror the broad market, buy stock in blue chip companies, buy and hold, and be patient. This investment will work out for you in the long run and you’ll be financially secure when you retire (At 65).”

What bullshit.

Those guys don’t give a shit about us. We’re minnows. Our purpose in the mind of those Wall Street BBDs (business-banker douchebags) is as food, like the 2 1/2 tons of plankton a … [Read more]

Gold and other investments for the Single Dude

Gold Coins

The world financial system today is in enormous trouble.  Greece is just the tip of the iceberg.  Next: Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain (not necessarily in that order).  The Greek train wreck will be the first domino to fall in what will become a worldwide crisis that has the potential to make 2008 look like the common cold when compared to the Ebola virus. Time to cover your asses, dudes.

I didn’t want to give investment advice but Charlie talked me into it. You might as well get it here if you aren’t going to get it somewhere else. I imagine that many of our readers are not much into the … [Read more]

Greece: Greed, Graft and the Grim Reaper

Greek Default

The Greeks are totally fucked.

They’re not just a little fucked, like your car just got towed or you got drunk and accidentally banged a Ladyboy … No Greece is fucked big time, like waking up in a bathtub full of ice and your own blood in Bangkok and realizing your kidneys are already on the next flight to Vietnam.

It amazes me that people are still debating whether or not Greece will default. For the rest of us non-retards, it is a foregone conclusion. The real question is when they will default and how many other European countries they will take down with them. Clearly if the few solvent countries that are left in … [Read more]

Osama and Obama, or The Politics of Getting Bush


So after the US Navy Seal group bust in and jacked Osama Bin Laden the other week, guns blazing and taking no prisoners, there were many different reactions to the news.  All over the US there were scenes of fat drunk Americans partying and waving American flags, burning pictures of the dead dude, and of course the refrain:

“U-S-A! U-S-A!!”

Others were busy “getting involved” and “making a difference” by posting whiny Facebook status updates along the lines of, “I don’t think anyone should celebrate the death of another human being.”, etc.  Others speculated that killing the guy while he was unarmed and probably sitting on the shitter would just martyr the guy and help with terrorist recruiting.  … [Read more]

The importance of body language

Body Language

One of my favorite forms of entertainment is going out to bars and watching guys try to pick up girls. I like to pick out a place in the bar with a nice view of the proceedings and sit back and enjoy the show. Now of course I can’t usually hear what’s being said but I really don’t need to hear whatever lame lines the poor bastards are trying to know how they’re doing, all I have to do is watch the body language. Especially if I see everyone’s feet I can tell you with a high degree of certainty who likes who, who is with who, who wants to leave with someone or who wants … [Read more]