Facebook receives a tax refund of $429 million on a $1.1 billion profit, how is your 1040 coming?


Well, maybe we were wrong. In an earlier analysis of Facebook’s value before the IPO, we suggested that Facebook was a piece of shit company and a terrible investment. Well, it is, but it’s a great vehicle for moving enormous amounts of money into the pockets of a select few. Check out this article from Wolf Richter on Testosterone Pit for the full story of how Facebook is just another corporate welfare recipient of this facist government.

Facebook filed its first 10-K annual report with the SEC, containing its financial statements for 2012 along with a host of small-print footnotes which presumably no one would ever look at. But the recalcitrant nonpartisan research and advocacy group, Citizens … [Read more]

Patience is a Virtue


Dude, this girl is perfect. Smart, hot, cool, fun, legs for miles, perfect boobs, great job, super nice, the whole package. I see why we got on a plane and came all the way out here to Riga, just to meet a girl like her. We really hit it off when we met at the coffee shop too, and after we sat and talked for hours I knew she was exactly the kind of girl that fit my definition of perfect. I’m totally in love right now. But then I asked if she wanted to meet me for drinks this weekend and she said what many would consider the worst four … [Read more]

Osama and Obama, or The Politics of Getting Bush


So after the US Navy Seal group bust in and jacked Osama Bin Laden the other week, guns blazing and taking no prisoners, there were many different reactions to the news.  All over the US there were scenes of fat drunk Americans partying and waving American flags, burning pictures of the dead dude, and of course the refrain:

“U-S-A! U-S-A!!”

Others were busy “getting involved” and “making a difference” by posting whiny Facebook status updates along the lines of, “I don’t think anyone should celebrate the death of another human being.”, etc.  Others speculated that killing the guy while he was unarmed and probably sitting on the shitter would just martyr the guy and help with terrorist recruiting.  … [Read more]

The Burkha Disgrace

Sexy Burka

Walking down the street in Kuala Lumpur is always an entertaining experience.  People from all over the world are here, from super hot Chinese daddy’s girls in miniskirts and high heels, to Indian truck drivers, to super overly made-up Iranian girls with fake boobs, drunk Australian DAFFs, Ghanaian kids kicking a soccer ball, and of course semi-retarded Malays loafing around everywhere.

But the thing that was the most shocking for me when I came to Malaysia for the first time five years ago were the Saudis.  There’s a lot of oil business that gets done here in KL, so there’s a bunch of Saudis working here and seeing them on the street is really weird.  First you … [Read more]

The Diamond Ring Scam

A Huge Fucking Rock

Today I’d like to rant a bit about one of the greatest scams going on in relationships in America today – The Diamond Engagement Ring Scam.

Now it’s pretty well established that men’s basic genetic programming is not for long term monogamy.  Our most basic urge is to spread our seed as far and as wide as possible.  For men, agreeing to a permanent single partner is a major concession.

For women, the basic desire is different.  A women prefers on a basic level, a stable, monogamous partner who can provide for and protect them and their offspring.  As women can have a very limited number of offspring, she wants to make sure that the ones she does have … [Read more]

Recommended Team Equipment

Random Hi-tech Shit

Let’s touch on a topic every red blooded male loves: gadgets.  There are a few things that are going to make your travels easier and more productive.  Let’s start of by listing them (bold we feel is vital, others are optional):

1.) A netbook, lightweight compact laptop or iPad (I prefer a full laptop but to each his own)
2.) A camera that fits in your pocket
3.) A small notepad and a pencil (OK, it’s not very hi-tech but trust us you need it)
4.) An unlocked GSM cell phone (quad band highly recommended) GSM means a phone that accepts sim cards
5.) A musical instrument you can carry … [Read more]