Ways to make money abroad

rent a whitey

So you finally escaped the corporate prison and moved abroad but your 15-minute business plan isn’t quite firing on all the cylinders yet and you need to make some extra cash. No problem! Besides the luxury lifestyle at a budget price and all the beautiful women you’re enjoying, simply speaking fluent English with no discernible accent affords you special skill that opens up a lot of interesting potential side jobs for you in most Single Dude Travel recommended destinations.

1. Teaching English PROS: Flexible hours, stable consistent work, may offer assistance with housing and/or visa and work permit. CONS: Not usually very high paying (although it can be if you … [Read more]

Now is the time to move abroad!

Beautiful Beach

So you’ve already escaped the corporate prison, you’ve implemented a 15 minute business plan and you’ve been doing a ton of traveling. You’re basically a LIP (location independent person) but for some reason your primary residence is still in the US or some other low bang for the buck lame ass western country.

Maybe you’ve been brain washed into thinking that the US must be the greatest country in the world because so many foreigners seem to want to move there. It’s true that many foreigners want to move to the US (or some other western country) but aside from the ones that are coming from 3rd world countries where they’re literally starving, most of them are … [Read more]

Guest Post: The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Money Bag

As Boris has pointed out in the past, one of the most popular ways to escape the corporate prison is to start your own business. It’s interesting – you will need the same skills you need to pull quality tail to succeed as your own boss: The best example is being a nice guy like Charlie told you to. People don’t give money to dickheads. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Here’s some background.

I was a dedicated worker bee, providing a specialized service. My organization was completely and totally dependent on government money for survival. I am and always have been really, really good at what I do, but I never had to bring money … [Read more]