The Single Dude's guide to Singapore, Part Two - The Pros

Marina Bay Sands is cool but pricey

In my previous article on Singapore, I detailed the numerous drawbacks for the single dude to Singapore. Seen from that perspective, Singapore sounds terrible- high prices, gold diggers, fagbagsters, DAFFs, and retardation do not make a good single dude travel destination. But, in case you find yourself in Singapore for some reason beyond your control, don’t lose heart. You can make it work here if your skills are good and your bankroll is … [Read more]

Make friends with door openers

The Door Man

Make friends with door openers, both literal and figurative. Someone doesn’t need to be rich, famous or good looking to be important to your success. The door man at the club is a great example of a guy with a minimum wage job that can do a lot for you. Know and greet them by first name. There is nothing like the impression given when you rock up to the hottest club in town with a date and the doorman greets you by name and asks if you would like your usual table.

Don’t get me wrong, you should always be nice but some people you should really go out of your way … [Read more]