Dancing = Foreplay

Dancing = Foreplay

An extremely useful and important skill for the single dude traveler is dancing.  I know, some of you DAFFS are thinking, “Dancing?  That’s impossible, I’m 30 years old and have never danced, it’s too late, plus dancing is gay.”  Wrong.  You have to dance.  You don’t need to be able to sweep a girl off her feet on the dance floor, but you have to be willing to enjoy dancing occasionally and not be a complete disaster when you do it.

News flash from The Obvious Broadcasting Company: Chicks love to dance.  As much as they love to shop, have their pictures taken, and play with kittens/puppies/babies.  It’s just a fact of life.  Dancing is … [Read more]

Real Men Go to the Farmers' Market

veggie love

Every Saturday morning, when my alarm goes off super early (at 10AM) and as I groggily lift my head off the pillow, the girl next to me says,

“Carlos, que haces?” to which I reply:

“Voy al farmers’ market, mi corazonita.  Regreso en una hora con desayuno y mas amor!”

Then I step out and drop by the farmer’s market.  So I’m sure your next question is: Why would I leave that gorgeous Costa Rican girl in bed to go buy some vegetables?

Because: Real men go to the Farmers’ Market.

It’s so useful for so many reasons.  In today’s world of super unhealthy processed food, the McDonalds epidemic, and lots of artificial pesticides and fertilizer, … [Read more]

Hey Boris and Charlie, remember my first day and night in San Jose, CR?

Playboy Bunny

What do Playboy bunnies, hookers, casinos, gay guys and heavy drinking at an open bar have in common? They were all there on my first day in Costa Rica. On my first trip to Costa Rica I arrived a few days after Boris and Charlie. They were there in our friend’s really sweet penthouse condo in Escazu, the rich expat suburb of San Jose. After I arrived the three of us amigos decided we would go and figure out what downtown San Jose was like. One word. Dirty. From the streets to the hookers. Dirty. The three of us headed into the famous Del Rey Casino which consists of gaming, a hotel, a bar and is loaaaaaaaaded with … [Read more]

Friday Poetry Corner: An Ode to Costa Rica


Ohhhhh, Costa Rica!
You Switzerland of the Latin World,
You regulator of the working girl.

You cheap if I wanteth you to be,
You great supplier of dentistry.

From your high mountain tops,
To your women’s boobs that almost pop.

Your Imperial Beer is not the best,
Luckily you serveth all the rest.

Your downtown San Jose is trashy,
Except for the casinos, sticketh to the Del Ray and Key Largo for flashy.

They are filled with beautiful girls,
That you may taketh up and give a whirl.

The cost is not too much to handle,
Less than a hundred dollars get’s you till the end of the candle.

… [Read more]

The Single Dude's Rules for Money

Money Bags

We think a lot here at Single Dude Travel about how to spend and make money well.  Of course it’s good to have money.  Lots and lots of it if possible.  Making good money makes all of life easier because of all the other opportunities it opens for the single dude.  But there are a lot of common mistakes that guys make with money.  So without further ado here are some basic Single Dude Travel rules for money:

Rule 1:  Don’t waste your life in a corporate prison slaving away long hours to make someone else rich.

Rule 2:  Don’t be a walking wallet.  Avoid gold diggers and girls who take advantage of your money.

A … [Read more]

Que Onda, Guatemala?

gallo girls

Just one country south of Mexico lies a great land of opportunity named Guatemala.  It’s a beautiful country with volcanoes, lakes, beaches, and great Mayan ruins.  Raul and I lived there for a couple months a couple of years ago and we had a really positive experience, so we go back for a week every year these days.

So flights to Guatemala come into Guatemala City, Guatemala – La Aurora (GUA).  You might be tempted to go and hang out for a day or two in “Guate” as the locals call it.  Do not do it.  Guate is a total shithole, dirty and dangerous.  In Guate, every bank, pharmacy, convenience store, beer truck, etc, has a private Guatemalan “security … [Read more]

Central America: “The Stepping-Stone”

Costa Rican Chicas

So, you are in the Central American training ground. Well, congrats on finally getting your passport, but please remember, this is only a stepping-stone filled with beautiful and willing land based mermaids that are an absolute pleasure. But, you must beware, they will try to pull you in with their everlasting longings for amor and to meet a gringo like you and have your babies. Remember: Stepping-stone.

First thing is first. When traveling to a new country, we will lump Central America together for now, it is essential to learn a few lines of the native tongue. This is easy because we all know at least a little Spanish, right? If not, don’t worry; it comes easier than … [Read more]

Have a Pint at the Pub!

Irish Pub

So now you’re abroad and are seeking adventure in the great wilderness filled with smart beautiful young professional girls in Mexico City. Great idea!  Your flight just arrived and now that you’ve checked in to your hotel or apartment, you want to grab a drink and get to work meeting you next future ex-wife.  Where to go first?

Now just like America, there are small minded provincial thinkers all over the world.  They’re not interested in the rest of the world and how those people live, they don’t travel, and they certainly don’t want to meet American guys out on the prowl for exotic tail.  It’s unfortunate because some of those … [Read more]