Disaster in Holland

Coffee Shop Menu

Amsterdam has long been my favorite city in the world.  Bicycles, tulips, fine art, canals, tall women, pancakes, and most importantly, the coffee shops.

Ah, the coffee shops.  It feels so civilized to sit at a Dutch coffee shop with a fine cup of joe, roll a nice joint, sit, relax and enjoy it all.  Nobody looks at you weird, and the weed menus are comprehensive and high quality.  Nobody freaks out, although there are always tourists from Italy or Spain that are so stoned they just stare off into space for hours.  But they’re not hurting anybody.

Compare this to alcohol.  Alcoholic drunks crash their cars and kill people, beat their wives, get in bar fights, get … [Read more]

The Single Dude's Guide to Amsterdam

dutch girls

Alert:  the Dutch government is attempting to close access to Dutch coffeeshops to tourists by the end of 2011 which is a major blow to Amsterdam’s single dude travel destination status.  Monitor the situation before you visit.  More on this here.

Amsterdam is my favorite city in the world.  It has pretty much everything I like.  Great food, great legal drugs, nice hot chicks, great art and music, great party, and a tolerant, cool, easy to get along with local population make Amsterdam a great location for single dude travel as long as a super low priced vacation isn’t a major need.

Amsterdam is not cheap.  Especially if you’re an American traveler, with the strength of … [Read more]

Nice Guys Finish First


I know, I know.  Everybody always says the opposite, that “nice guys finish last”, but that’s bullshit.

Do you know an asshole?  I’m sure you do.  Do you every feel like helping him with anything?  Of course not. That dude is on his own.  Maybe he’s got a hot girlfriend, but she’s just an insecure shell of a person with deep father issues or something, or she’s as big of a bitch as he’s an asshole.  Congrats to him for getting that.

Let me dispel the rumor: Girls do not prefer assholes.

Girls like to feel good.  They like to be with someone that makes them feel special and treats them well.  Girls are always … [Read more]

Where to stay in Eastern Europe

The Blond Parade in Riga May 2010

Welcome to Eastern Europe, where the pivo is cheap, the women are krasiva and people are experts at taking 3 hours to drink an espresso.  The first practical lesson for you in this paradise is easy:  Don’t get a hotel. Stay in an apartment! You can rent an apartment for the same price or less than a hotel in virtually any Eastern European city. All you have to do is Google “apartment rental [insert city of your choice]” and start shopping.

Lesson One: Rent an apartment when you stay in Eastern Europe, and get an apartment near the center of town.

Now let’s talk about the reasons why you want an apartment over a hotel besides cost (short … [Read more]

Playa del Carmen - Cancun, but Good!

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen rocks. I wrote earlier about what a disaster the cesspool of Cancun is and how you should never go there.  Luckily, nearby is one of my favorite places in Mexico: Playa del Carmen, or just “Playa” for short. It’s only an hour (or less) from the Cancun airport by bus, yet it feels like a thousand miles away culturally. In place of drunk fat sunburned American tourists you have chic Italians, cool Mexicans, Russian models, and great nightlife at much less tourist trap prices. Playa del Carmen is definitely a single dude recommended destination.

Now that you’ve landed at the Cancun airport, it’s time to first wait for customs. Quick? See any cute … [Read more]

Mr Day and Dr Night

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

So now you’ve arrived in wherever it is you’ve gone to give this new lifestyle a crack and now it’s finally time.  You’ve done whatever groundwork you could, be it learning the language, getting in better shape, doing internet groundwork, whatever, and now it’s time to actually hit the pavement and get to work.

The question is now: where and when to do it?  I like hanging out in bars as much as the last guy, but it’s not the best place to make new beautiful Bulgarian girlfriends with high heels and sex addictions.  Which brings us to today’s first lesson:

Lesson 1 for today:  Meet girls when the sun is up.

It’s so much … [Read more]

Save your money

A Wildebeest

Ok, so you’ve booked the ticket for your first trip to some place where the beer is cheap and the women are beautiful, nice and can’t wait to meet you.  Now what?  How do you get ready for the trip?  What homework might pay dividends?  How do you make sure you’re as ready as you can be?

First of all, save your goddamn money.  If you’re like me and have to be in America or Western Europe for job reasons most of the time, going out to meet girls is pretty much a waste of time and definitely a waste of money.  It’s just throwing your money and precious time away at late night clubs drinking $5-7 beers and … [Read more]