The Single Dude's guide to Guangzhou, China.


The southern city of Guangzhou, China is the third largest city in China and the center of the Chinese manufacturing powerhouse that has filled the Wal-Marts of America with cheap plastic shit. Manuel and I took a weekend trip down there to explore the scene and in our opinion is not a great option for Single Dudes. While there are some good possibilities for making money and some hot chicks, there are far too many cons for me to recommend it.

First thing that jumped out at us was the price. Guangzhou was shockingly expensive. This was my first trip to the mainland and I was expecting it to be a bargain, but Guangzhou is definitely not even close … [Read more]

Hey Dudes! Don't Believe these Warmongering Assholes!

Sheep CNN

In the last several months we have seen a steady stream of warmongering going on between the United States and Iran. I know, regular Americans, you haven’t seen much yet, but I understand how busy you’ve been lately. It’s hard to keep up with the international news when it’s football season, I mean, how great was Eli Manning? Then of course there was Valentine’s Day, can’t forget to go buy your overweight girlfriend or wife some stuff to prove your continuing devotion to her. And then, of course Whitney Houston died, and even though nobody cared about her before she died, the passing of that crackhead has-been required 24-7 news coverage for a couple weeks. What a … [Read more]

Welcome to the New America

Scott Olsen

Welcome to the New America.

Human history has shown us over and over that those in power will do whatever is necessary to maintain control of their subjects. We have seen regularly all over the world of political leaders (or totalitarian rulers) attempting to control dissent by police brutality of protesters, imprisonment of political dissenters, censorship of anti-government ideas, and propaganda campaigns. From Tiananmen Square in China in 1989 to Pinochet massacring people in soccer stadiums in Chile in 1973 to more recent governments’ brutal crackdowns in Syria, Egypt and other “Arab Spring” countries these suppression of populist uprisings have a long history in our world.

Like a scene out of some Middle Eastern dictatorship, the recent … [Read more]

Charlie's First IRA

My mental image of what's happening to the USA

When I was younger I used to believe more of what other people told me. One thing was what the typical money managers say to regular dudes like us (meaning people that aren’t millionaires). “Make regular scheduled contributions to mutual funds that mirror the broad market, buy stock in blue chip companies, buy and hold, and be patient. This investment will work out for you in the long run and you’ll be financially secure when you retire (At 65).”

What bullshit.

Those guys don’t give a shit about us. We’re minnows. Our purpose in the mind of those Wall Street BBDs (business-banker douchebags) is as food, like the 2 1/2 tons of plankton a … [Read more]

Ways to make money abroad

rent a whitey

So you finally escaped the corporate prison and moved abroad but your 15-minute business plan isn’t quite firing on all the cylinders yet and you need to make some extra cash. No problem! Besides the luxury lifestyle at a budget price and all the beautiful women you’re enjoying, simply speaking fluent English with no discernible accent affords you special skill that opens up a lot of interesting potential side jobs for you in most Single Dude Travel recommended destinations.

1. Teaching English PROS: Flexible hours, stable consistent work, may offer assistance with housing and/or visa and work permit. CONS: Not usually very high paying (although it can be if you … [Read more]

The Single Dude's Guide to Suzhou, China

Li Gong Di

China.  Land of Mao, Yao Ming, Confucius, Jackie Chan, and roughly a billion more and counting.  I do admit, it took us at Single Dude Travel a long time before we sent our our fist scout team to China, but I finally packed off for a couple months in China and have had very promising results to report so far.

First I need to disclaim that this article only refers to Shuzhou, China. Suzhou is a city of about 8,000,000 about 2 hours drive from Shanghai. I’m sure there are many places in China that are radically different just like you might notice some minor differences between say… Detroit and Beverly Hills.

Suzhou, China is a very good single … [Read more]

Karaoke Chinese Style aka KTV


Although karaoke in the US is generally considered a lame gimmicky bullshit thing to put in your bar, abroad it can be lot of fun. In many foreign countries people go crazy for karaoke and not just in Asia. For example, Bulgarian chicks absolutely love karaoke and you can find one club or another running karaoke pretty much 7 days per week. It’s a great place to pickup.

But I digress, we’re here to talk about Chinese karaoke which they call KTV. KTV joints are everywhere in China. KTV is quite different from traditional western karaoke which is usually just a big screen at the front of the bar and some nerd with a crappy computer program running … [Read more]