Manila, Part 2, The Pros??

Hobbit House

A while back I wrote a long article about the cons of Manila, in the Philippines, and called it Manila Part One, so I suppose I’m obligated to come up with a Part Two in case you find yourself in Manila and have to make the best of it. I don’t like Manila, so this may be a short article.

I don’t think that Manila is an ideal location for many of the things that I like, really. The food is terrible, it’s very hard to find drugs, the chicks are cute but super boring, it’s not as cheap as it should be, and it’s too hot. The only thing that I’m into that Manila is excellent for … [Read more]

The Dudestroyer

Crazy Eyes

Looking at her, there’s nothing really special. Sure, she’s pretty hot usually, but not super hot, and not as hot as some other chicks you’ve been with. Nor is she necessarily the coolest, smartest or best in bed you’ve ever had. But something about her affects you like Kryptonite affects Superman. The single dude’s Achilles’ Heel. Look out for her, she’s the Dudestroyer.

Every now and then even the best of us get caught. It’s happened to me, it’s happened to Boris, it’s happened to Raul, and it’s pretty much happened everyone. It’s an inexplicable phenomenon, but every now and then the most put-together single dude gets involved with a woman who somehow has the ability to bring him … [Read more]