The Picture Game!

Pretty girl with camera

The picture game is a great little single dude party game when traveling which Boris taught me recently on a trip to Saigon. He begged me to not write about it and keep this secret for us, but I don’t really see the harm in showing it to our loyal readers.

So when we’re traveling a wingman and I are often confronted with a situation where we are spending time with a couple girls with which the language barrier is a significant issue. We can talk a little bit in English or their language, but not a lot, and long conversations about complicated subjects are out of the question. So we just smile a lot, dance … [Read more]

How to Get What You Want from Her Without Fighting

Fighting women is never this fun.

Life these days is difficult, and there is a lot that the single dude needs to spend his time and energy on, like staying healthy, having a good business plan, good investments, avoiding tyrannical governments, paying college debts, finding health care, and avoiding ladyboys. The average single dude has enough to work against in the world and therefore his relationships should not be a further drain on his mental and emotional resources. Simply put, a good relationship is an easy relationship. So why doesn’t that chick understand this and stop trying to fight with you about completely unimportant crap all the time? Because you let it happen.

Fighting accomplishes nothing, and you don’t … [Read more]

Love at First Sight and the 60 Second Rule

love at first sight

So I’m not really what most people would consider a romantic dude.  I have plenty of detractors who accuse me of having no emotions and I am outspoken in my opposition to what a  traditional American girl would consider romantic things, like diamond rings, monagamy, etc.  I think that life is a numbers game and one should date as much as possible to find out what one really wants.

But there’s one romantic thing that I do believe in and that is: love at first sight.  Crazy right?  But it’s true that in my extensive field research, here’s my observation: close to every time in my life I’ve met a girl that I’ve really gotten along … [Read more]

Valentine's Day Special: How I, ¡Raul!, make love to a beautiful woman

Hot Cupid

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all have a special someone tonight to make sweet love to.  ¡Raul! likes Valentine’s Day because all his girlfriends are dying to be one of the two or three girls ¡Raul! will have time for today.  Many people have asked me, “¿¡Raul!, how do you keep all the ladies coming back for more?” Well, it is simple, ¡Raul! is not only charming, intelligent, good looking, experienced in death defying feats of badassness and very gifted physically, but he is also a world class lover.  Whenever I make love to a woman I always make sure to do it right the first time. The first time can include the actual first time, or sometimes, … [Read more]

The importance of body language

Body Language

One of my favorite forms of entertainment is going out to bars and watching guys try to pick up girls. I like to pick out a place in the bar with a nice view of the proceedings and sit back and enjoy the show. Now of course I can’t usually hear what’s being said but I really don’t need to hear whatever lame lines the poor bastards are trying to know how they’re doing, all I have to do is watch the body language. Especially if I see everyone’s feet I can tell you with a high degree of certainty who likes who, who is with who, who wants to leave with someone or who wants … [Read more]

Your voice is an instrument, use it as one!

Ferris Bueler

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Of secondary importance to body language but also of critical importance in communication is how your voice sounds. One of the fastest way to drive off chicks is to have a monotone voice. It also used to be one of my own biggest problems, coincidentally. People always used to tell me I had such a boring monotone voice and I always got mad and thought my friends were just trying to fuck with me and insult me. It wasn’t until one day when I was attending a psychology lecture discussing the importance of tone of voice and vocal expression that I realized that perhaps people weren’t just … [Read more]