The Single Dude's Guide to Bitcoins


The existence of Bitcoin is something I’ve know about vaguely for years but I always dismissed the idea because it was just to weird for my tastes and also seemed inherently insecure. I wish I had simply spent 5 minutes googling “How does Bitcoin work” because actually it is quite simple to understand conceptually and quite secure. This turned out to be a costly mistake because Bitcoins have skyrocketed to a value of over $70 USD (edit: now over 100) at the time of this writing and it seems as though the clusterfuck in Cyprus and the EU at large has been driving some of the recent meteoric rise in … [Read more]

Got your physical gold and silver yet, dudes?

The Gold Shell Game

If not, now is the time. I just read a stunning article on Zero Hedge that provides yet another reason to hold physical gold: gold leasing! As they explain, forget about the paper Ponzi scheme in precious metals, even physical, allocated investments are not safe. Apparently banker and politician scum have decided to lease out other people’s gold. Holy shit! Imagine how valuable your precious metal holdings are going to be after the paper Ponzi and the gold leasing scams collapse!

Via Zero Hedge and Jeff Thomas of International Man

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Man I hate celebrities!

Retarded Ellen Degeneres vs Legitimate Business Owner

Most of them anyway. As a group, you will not find a bigger bunch of a cock sucking, scumbag hypocrites than Hollywood celebrities (not to mention a big chunk of big name musicians like Bono too). They’re always bitching and moaning about how unfair the world is, how corrupt it is, the evils of big corporations, the poor starving children in Africa, on and on and on in an endless stream of loose, liquidy, odoriferous, projectile, verbal diarrhea. They just love to get up on their soapboxes, complain, berate and even “threaten” all of us that they will leave the country if [insert random election] doesn’t go their way. First of all, why should anybody give a shit if … [Read more]

Why Facebook isn't worth $100 billion or anything close to it...


NOTE: I wrote this article before the IPO numbers became public so please keep that in mind. I keep coming across articles indicating that the fraudulent sacks of shit on Wall St. are trying to value Facebook at $100 billion. The absurdity of this valuation should be painfully obvious to anyone who takes even a cursory look at the numbers. The mathematics are simple enough even for small children to understand.

Let’s look at some key statistics about Facebook:

Users: Over 900 million
2009 Revenue: $777 million
2009 Net Income: Unknown
2010 Revenue: $1.97 billion
2010 Net Income: Unknown
2011 Revenue: $3.8 billion
2011 … [Read more]

Silver and the Single Dude

100 oz Silver Bar

I’m the last guy that ever though he’d write a financial article but after hanging out with Boris and el Matador over the years I’ve taken an increasing interest in the subject. These days I never bother going to shitty movies like Avatar any more because those unimaginative hacks in Hollywood just repackage the same tired story with the same talentless actors over and over. For me nowadays my true entertainment is the slow motion train wreck that is today’s world financial system.

I hope you had the time to read Boris’ article on investing in gold when it came out. Since that article came out on July … [Read more]