America is a bad boyfriend!

America is a bad boyfriend

What a perfect analogy for what a shitty, overbearing, tyrannical disaster the US has become. It’s hard to laugh about such a serious topic but it’s either laugh or cry. It’s time for decent, intelligent, thinking people to jump ship. Soon it might be too late.

Welcome to Dating in America

Anna, you showed us all the way.

I don’t know what’s more appalling about the video below, the blatant gold digging or the fact that ABC News is doing what seems like a positive, or at least neutral “news” piece on this atrocious bitch (and by news I mean non-news). Maybe I’m misreading it, but this bitch journalist seems almost like she looks upon this skank with something like admiration of her ingenuity. It’s rare to see so many things that are wrong with western society so obviously portrayed in one short video clip. From the obnoxious gold digging bitch, the hypocrisy that permeates western society, to the retarded non-news promoting mainstream media this clip … [Read more]

Boris' first date with an eastern European girl

Hot Serbian Girl

As a followup to Charlie’s first date with an American girl we give you my first date with an eastern European girl. Which do you prefer?

100th Article Special Video


Hi everyone!  Thanks so much to everyone for reading and contributing to the blog and we hope you find it to be both helpful and entertaining.  This is our 100th article!  Hope you enjoy this video – of a first date with a American Girl.   Props to this article by Lucy Taylor about today’s ego epidemic for the inspiration.  Enjoy!