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Carmelita in Mexico writes: “I want to make love with you until the cows go sleeping

The night I almost died in Singapore

That night I almost met them.

It was a normal enough night for Charlie and I in Singapore at first. We were at a salsa club on Clarke Quay (a bar district in downtown Singapore). Charlie had bought a bottle of Absolut for the low low price of $171 SGD to celebrate his completion of some business in town and our planned escape from Singapore to Manila the next day. We were getting trashed and dancing salsa with Art Pfister, Charlie’s hot cool little Chinese-American yoga teacher, her Colombian cougar friend and a couple lesbians with potentially bisexual aspirations who were buying everyone $22 Patron shots every 15 minutes. I had planned to meet a New Zealand cougar there but she … [Read more]

Interview on the Bobby D Show

The Bobby D Show

I was interviewed on The Bobby D Show on Wednesday July 28, 2011. Bobby D is running a super Single Dude friendly show that is syndicated all over the place so check out his site and tune into your local station or listen live at worldwide between 7 am and 12 pm central time (GMT -6).

Check out the full interview on Bobby D’s site:

Charlie & Boris Summer Update Volume 2

Bulgarian Fashion Show

Since we’ve been kind of lazy about the summer updates I guess it’s time for a quick recap of the last week. Charlie has been called away to Southeast Asia due to an urgent business matter while I opted to hang back in Bulgaria for another couple of weeks. I believe he is currently cavorting around KL but I’m not sure. I will likely join him later but for the time being I’m having way too much fun here. If you’ve been following us on Facebook you have a rough idea of what we’ve been up to. Mainly it has involved bars, clubs, fashion shows … [Read more]

Charlie & Boris Summer Update Volume 1

Green Shots

We are nursing the kind of hangovers that would make Amy Winehouse cringe. We had a hell of a time and a hell of a 5 day bender. We arrived in Sofia last week at which point we wasted no time jumping straight into an all night drinking session culminating in an orgy of tequila shots at Briliantin (one of our favorites). If you have been following us on Facebook you know that we then headed directly to Sozopol to attend Sozopol Fest for the Juli Sutrin (July Morning) Party. It was an outstanding weekend at bargain basement prices like only Bulgaria can provide.

Live vicariously through Boris & Charlie


As you may or may not have noticed we have adopted an unofficial publishing schedule for our articles of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Charlie and I have decided to fill some of the void by filling you in on our whereabouts this summer. We will be making short posts on many of our “off days” with a picture and/or video and just a few sentences about our current location and activities. So if you still haven’t escaped the corporate prison at least you can live vicariously through us… not that we don’t encourage you to get off your ass do something about it as soon as you’re finished reading.

We will also be “checking in” frequently on … [Read more]