Benjamin Garrison, Cartoonist for the People

Up Shit Creek

Recently while researching for my recent article American Scamocracy, I came across the outstanding work of political cartoonist Benjamin Garrison. I really liked his work “The March of Tyranny” and contacted him for permission to use use it in the article. His response was as follows, shared with his permission:

Excellent piece! A good balance of profanity and facts. The GE news came out last week. They made billions and paid no taxes–again! Their tax return was submitted electronically, but if it had been printed on 8.5 x 11 paper it would stack to 19 feet high. They have a legion of lawyers, crony connections and … [Read more]

Our favorite fan mail to date


Since the last reader mail we posted was definitely hate mail, we thought we’d follow it up with the most flattering fan mail we’ve received to date. Thanks QN, we wish you luck in your travels!

From: Q N
Date: Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 8:29 AM


I just wanted to email you guys and let you know that I want to be you when I grow up, if I grow up.

This is the first time in my life I’ve ever sent anything even remotely close to fan mail – I much prefer hate mail because watching bridges burn is way cooler and less time consuming than actually watching people build them. … [Read more]

Hate Mail: Retard says what?

Monkey at Typewriter

We have been receiving a fair amount of fan mail over the last few months which we very much appreciate. Besides the fact that it’s nice to receive compliments it’s also nice to know that people appreciate what we’re doing and that we’re on the right track. But let’s face it… hate mail is always more fun. For one thing, for whatever reason, the haters more often seem to be complete bumbling retards that embarrass themselves far more than their target. It is on that note that I would like to present to you the following short but sweet hate mail from Balkan Guy (aka Dood McMan):

From: Balkan Guy
Date: Sat, … [Read more]

Reader Mail From Iraq!

iraqi women

iL Chiron writes in from Iraq:


First off, this is the first time I have ever taken the time to email some random fan-mail type crap, so whoever reads this bullshit should feel honored.

I have to say is by far one of the better websites out now. You guys are hysterical, downright entertaining and ruthless! I enjoy reading the blogs and it certainly does help me take pleasure in the little “personal” time that I have here on deployment in Iraq. I feel like somewhat of a child praising dudes for doing shit “men” should already know and be doing in general.

In some of the blogs, you guys are right on the money regarding … [Read more]