Top 10 life and travel tips for Single Dudes

Top 10 Single Dude Life and Travel Tips

Now that we have a library full of helpful travel tips, destination guides, travel stories and more that’s nearly 300 articles strong we thought it was about time to list our top 10 tips for The Single Dude. This is just a brief summary, be sure to follow the links to get all the details on how best to make these tips work for you.

Escape the corporate prison. Let’s face it, you aren’t free, you can’t travel and you can’t enjoy life if you’re chained to a cubical inside some corporate prison. You’ve got to escape! Move abroad. The US and many other western countries … [Read more]

SDT Travel Advisory: Don't get ripped off on travel visa scams for Argentina or other countries

Flag of Argentina

Sorry for the long hiatus. We are going to be back with new material soon. In the mean time, we have a Single Dude Travel Tip for you that can save you some of your hard earned money. The specific example I have is from Argentina but I’m sure there are similar scams going on for many other countries. The thing with Argentina is that if you are a US Citizen you have to pay $160 to their scumbag government (officially called the “Argentina Reciprocity Fee”), but at least it’s good for 10 years. Read more]

SDT Guest Post Policy

Indian typing with his nose

We get such an incredible number of emails asking to do guest posts and so few that offer even remotely quality content that I felt the need to put up a public guest post policy. Here it is and it’s really simple:

We accept guest posts and evaluate them on a case by case basis. If we think it’s fun to read, well written, relevant to our readership, contains useful information and is not something we have already covered in detail we publish them – no questions asked, and we will accept a virtually unlimited number of guest posts that meet this criteria.

If not they go in the circular filing cabinet. We get lots of crappy generic … [Read more]

The Single Dude's Primal Flourless Space Brownie Recipe

Primal Space Brownie

Our space brownie recipe combines two of our favorite things: weed and healthy primal foods like dark chocolate, farm fresh butter or coconut oil and honey. This recipe is super simple and produces outstanding results. The quantities specified below are to make one medium sized pie pan (about 10″ / 25 cm in diameter).

Ingredients 250g (~9oz) 85-99% cocoa chocolate 160ml (2/3 cup) grass-fed organic unsalted butter or coconut oil Honey and/or stevia (to taste) 4-5 free range eggs (real free range) 10ml (2 teaspoons) vanilla extract (optional) 14g (1 tablespoon) sweet rice flour (optional) Shredded coconut (optional) 1 pinch Himalayan pink salt 2 grams (~.07 ounces) high quality weed (adjust according to quality) Process Preheat … [Read more]

The Single Dude's Guide to Supplements for Optimum Health in a Poisonous World


The more I learn about life the more sure I am in my conviction that the most important asset a dude has is his health. One can always make more money, get a new girlfriend, and make new friends and business contacts. The only non-renewable assets in life are health, time, and family. And without health it is virtually impossible to enjoy anything else in life.

The difficulty today for the single dude is that it is becoming more and more difficult to be healthy in today’s world. Humans are trashing the planet in a wide variety of ways while poisoning ourselves more and more. Face it dudes, there is poison everywhere nowadays, in the food, in … [Read more]

Cool Dudes have Personal Assistants

Personal Assistant

Something I have been thinking a lot about lately is the value of time. Other than your health, time in my opinion is a Single Dude’s most valuable asset. Money, chicks, stuff, you can always get more of those. Time, however is finite, and we all only have a certain number of hours to spend before we shuffle off this mortal coil into the waiting noodly appendages of our Creator. This is why I strongly recommend that every single dude try to find a good assistant to help make sure … [Read more]

Guest Post: The Single Dude's Guide to Polygamy


Anybody following this blog long enough clearly knows what it is about: We rate cities around the globe for their “single dude friendliness” and I unabashedly admit that I have no interest in becoming pussy whipped and chained to one girl for life. To be clear, we don’t advocate sex tourism as it contributes to exploitation, human trafficking, and you are basically guaranteed to get some type of infection. I essentially just avoid Western chicks, fear Western governments, avoid marriage, travel the world meeting down to Earth beauties and strive to maintain ongoing relationships … [Read more]

Guest Post: The Single Dude's Guide to Staying Fit on the Go


The single dude is always on the move. Crashing a friends couch, waking up in a strange land, or getting settled in a new one; we are often adapting to a new environment. Two of the first good habits that go by the wayside when one is on the move are two that matter very much to us: physical activity and nutrition. In the first section of this two-part post, I’ll address how you … [Read more]

The Single Dude's Guide to Bitcoins


The existence of Bitcoin is something I’ve know about vaguely for years but I always dismissed the idea because it was just to weird for my tastes and also seemed inherently insecure. I wish I had simply spent 5 minutes googling “How does Bitcoin work” because actually it is quite simple to understand conceptually and quite secure. This turned out to be a costly mistake because Bitcoins have skyrocketed to a value of over $70 USD (edit: now over 100) at the time of this writing and it seems as though the clusterfuck in Cyprus and the EU at large has been driving some of the recent meteoric rise in … [Read more]

Privacy and Single Dude Travel Live Chat

Surveillance Cameras

Just came across this extremely timely article on Zero Hedge about privacy today. We believe that privacy is something that’s becoming more and more important every day given things such as the NSA Utah data center.

We’re in the process of checking out all the tools described below, some of them we already know like Tor, while others were new to us like CryptoCat. We just tried it out and like and thought why not have an open Single Dude Travel chat going. Until further notice we will have an ongoing … [Read more]