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Repost: 5 Reasons The Future Will Be Ruled By Bullshit


What an incredibly “on the money” article from cracked.com.

Picture your ideal future. OK, not your ideal future, where you’re the last man on earth fighting the zombie horde, but society’s ideal future: Energy is clean and limitless, goods are plentiful and machines take care of all the dirty work. So everybody’s happy, right?

But in many ways, that future is already here, and it can be described in five letters: FARTS.

I should probably explain.

#5. A Star Trek-Style Utopia is Already Here … Sort Of

Let’s talk about porn and dead babies for a moment.

If I gave you a budget of zero dollars and said, “Get me as much Internet porn as you … [Read more]

Privacy and Single Dude Travel Live Chat

Surveillance Cameras

Just came across this extremely timely article on Zero Hedge about privacy today. We believe that privacy is something that’s becoming more and more important every day given things such as the NSA Utah data center.

We’re in the process of checking out all the tools described below, some of them we already know like Tor, while others were new to us like CryptoCat. We just tried it out and like and thought why not have an open Single Dude Travel chat going. Until further notice we will have an ongoing … [Read more]

Manuel and Charlie's Halloween Weekend in the USA

Frankenstein's Monster

There have only been two times in my life that I’ve gotten really fucked up physically. One time was in South America and the other time was outside of Pittsburgh. This is a story of what happens when we try to have a party in the US – shit just goes entirely off the rails for no fucking reason. Charlie and I were in a small town for professional reasons and figured we might as well party it up a bit while we were there. I had a hot little Spanish girlfriend in town visiting me for a while also. She’s quite a story in her own right but one for another time.

In any event I told my … [Read more]

The Single Dude's Guide to Macau


We’ve been absolutely dying to visit Macau for years, especially ever since we heard that Macau overtook Vegas as the number one gambling destination back in 2007. Being that Macau is only a short, cheap ($20 USD) one hour jet boat ride from Hong Kong, which is a favorite destination of ours, there is really no excuse that it took us so long to visit.

Right off the bat we’ve gotta say, it was a big let down. Granted we were only there on a week day and it could have been an “off night” but still, given all the hype it was pretty lame. Macau may rake in more gambling … [Read more]

Single Dude Travel V2.0

SDT Data Center

We are currently in the process of designing a newer, better and faster site as well as moving to a more powerful server. Lately we’ve been having some sporadic outages for which we apologize. Hopefully this will all be resolved within a month or two. In the mean time please leave a comment and let us know if you have any suggestions or desired features for the new site. Thanks for reading!

Man I hate celebrities part deux

Wyclef Jean

I’ve already written a scathing rant explaining in great detail why I hate celebrities with a passion that is as clear and true as a pristine alpine stream but today I came across an article that provides such well documented proof of exactly what I’m talking about that I couldn’t possibly not post it. The New York Times wrote a stunning expose on how Wyclef Jean and a gang of other shitty celebrities bilked a charity he started himself out of millions of dollars just to further enrich themselves. You really can’t make this shit up. The story here is not so much the piece of subhuman garbage that is Wyclef Jean, that’s … [Read more]

A Single Dude's Guide to Being Prepared

Mushroom Cloud

We touched on some of these topics earlier in posts like “Charlie’s Plan B“, but I want to revisit the topic of being prepared for “when the shit hits the fan” (WTSHTF). We have only gotten closer to another major melt down since the last time we discussed these topics. The US has made all the wrong moves, acquired more debt, continued to give corporate bailouts and ever increasing entitlements. The US now has record numbers of people on food stamps, disability and other forms of welfare. The situation is quite simply unsustainable. Any one of a number of things could trigger all kinds of mayhem from riots, to bank holidays to a complete freeze … [Read more]

The grade inflation of tourist destination ratings

Grade Inflation

We’ve talked in the past about using Trip Advisor, Zagat and other similar things and when I travel I’m only growing more found of rating apps and websites. I think there is a lot to be said about the theory that large groups of stupid people may be able to give you better information than small groups of smart people. This is why things like Intrade can provide so many interesting insights (although I think they may be dead wrong on this coming presidential election). It really works nicely with hotels and restaurants because in these cases you want (or at least I want) consistency more than I want to … [Read more]

Something is rotten with all these mass shootings

James Holmes

Putting aside the debate of weather or not one or more of these events is a “false flag” or not, which, by the way, I think there is overwhelming evidence for as detailed over at American Everyman in at least two of the cases. What’s really disturbing about the four “random” shootings in the USA in the past four weeks and some odd days is that there appears to be an underlying narrative here in the reporting and it’s scary. I would say that the dominant social theme being promoted here is that the new terrorist is domestic and he’s probably white and he’s male. It could be anyone of you therefore we can’t allow … [Read more]