Travel Tip: How to avoid getting ripped off by Airbnb!


I need to preface this brief post by saying that Airbnb is great in concept and it often gets you superior accommodations at superior prices. However, the company is run by greedy, big business assholes that will screw you whenever they get the opportunity. As it is the fees they take are rather hefty for being nothing more than a glorified Craig’s List of homes, apartments and rooms for rent short term but that’s OK; compare it to other options and if it’s cheaper or offers you something that suits your needs better you take it. You do have to really read the fine print though because Airbnb really allows the hosts to run whatever kind of scams … [Read more]

Top 10 life and travel tips for Single Dudes

Top 10 Single Dude Life and Travel Tips

Now that we have a library full of helpful travel tips, destination guides, travel stories and more that’s nearly 300 articles strong we thought it was about time to list our top 10 tips for The Single Dude. This is just a brief summary, be sure to follow the links to get all the details on how best to make these tips work for you.

Escape the corporate prison. Let’s face it, you aren’t free, you can’t travel and you can’t enjoy life if you’re chained to a cubical inside some corporate prison. You’ve got to escape! Move abroad. The US and many other western countries … [Read more]

How Fiverr is screwing their buyers and sellers out of an additional 10% on many gigs

Fiverr Logo

When I first discovered Fiverr it seemed like a pretty cool concept. There is all this shit you can get somebody to do for just $5. It also seems like a nice way to make some quick cash for a Single Dude Traveler, at least I thought so until I figured out how much of a cut they take. A whopping 20% to be exact, or at least that’s what they want you to believe. The reality is they are taking 30% on all $5 gigs and they’re doing it in a super dishonest fashion. As a seller, when you sell a standard $5 gig, this is what you see:

What fiverr shows sellers

Exactly what you … [Read more]

America is a bad boyfriend!

America is a bad boyfriend

What a perfect analogy for what a shitty, overbearing, tyrannical disaster the US has become. It’s hard to laugh about such a serious topic but it’s either laugh or cry. It’s time for decent, intelligent, thinking people to jump ship. Soon it might be too late.

Has "Fat Acceptance" now become "Fat Encouragement"?

McDonald’s Fat Women

We’ve discussed the obesity epidemic in the US and the western world in general over, and over, and over, and over. It seems like it just keeps getting worse and worse. We used to question “Fat Acceptance” but now I can’t help but wonder aloud, is “Fat Encouragement” the new movement in the west? Is this really the way we want to encourage future generations to live their lives?

According to the Center … [Read more]

Cody Wilson: Great American Hero of a Generation

Cody Wilson: Great American Hero

Cody Wilson: a name every red blooded, freedom loving citizen, not just of America but of the World, ought to know. Before the age of 30 this man has done more for freedom and the libertarian movement than anyone I can think of and it would appear he’s just getting started. He is a true hero of his generation. Defense Distributed, Dark Wallet (to be fair, Cody is a co-founder and there are many others involved) and are all projects that freedom lovers the world over should familiarize themselves with and support.

Let’s take a brief look at what these … [Read more]

Destination Guide: Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark

Freetown Christiania Flag

Have you ever heard of Freetown Christiania? I hadn’t either until very recently. If you like Amsterdam, you’ll love Christiania. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed such a place could exist in today’s era of overbearing, oppressive governments. So what exactly is Freetown Christiania? I would describe it as stepping into a time machine and being transported back to a mini Woodstock (although Woodstock predates my time this is something like what I imagine it must have been like). That’s the atmosphere anyway but for all intents and purposes it would appear to a be a tiny self-contained, self-governing … [Read more]

SDT Travel Advisory: Don't get ripped off on travel visa scams for Argentina or other countries

Flag of Argentina

Sorry for the long hiatus. We are going to be back with new material soon. In the mean time, we have a Single Dude Travel Tip for you that can save you some of your hard earned money. The specific example I have is from Argentina but I’m sure there are similar scams going on for many other countries. The thing with Argentina is that if you are a US Citizen you have to pay $160 to their scumbag government (officially called the “Argentina Reciprocity Fee”), but at least it’s good for 10 years. Read more]

U.S. Raises Fee To Renounce Citizenship By 422%. Thanks Assholes!


I just came across this article from the Forbes website and found out that the US State Department has just raised the fee for renunciation of U.S. citizenship from $450 to $2,350.

The article goes on to quote the State Department’s reasoning for this 422 percent ass raping.

1. Consular officers must confirm that the potential renunciant fully understands the consequences of renunciation, including losing the right to reside in the United States without documentation as an alien.

2. Consular officers must verify that the renunciant is a U.S. citizen and they must conduct a minimum of two intensive interviews with the potential renunciant. Consular officers must even review at least three consular systems before administering the … [Read more]

An Honest Politician

Hillary Rodham Clinton Evil Ugly Witch Bitch Whore Cunt

What politicians would sound like if they were honest: