India's Shocking Lack of Attractive Women

Unhappy-Brides-e1368526115188-634x517Happy New Years, dudes! I hope that 2013 was good for you and I hope that 2014 is filled with good health, happiness, hot chicks and business success for all our loyal readers. I’m writing on the beach in East Malaysia where I am taking a little New Years’ trip with one of my favorite girlfriends, a very pretty and nice nurse from Hong Kong. I will try to write a little report on Kota Kinabalu soon, but it occurs to me that I promised some more writing on India, so I would like to tackle the subject of the prospects (or lack of) for finding women in India.

I have been to 50 countries now, and I can say without reservation that India is the absolute worst place for women I have even been. I can think of no place less suitable for a single dude trip with the objective of meeting chicks than India. Perhaps some places I have not been yet, like Saudi Arabia or some AIDS infested shithole Sub-Saharan African country might be worse, but those places would be expected to be poor choices. India, however, would be a much greater disappointment due to the false stereotype that exists that it is a country with many beautiful women.

Usually I think that stereotypes exist for a reason, but India is a country where the outside stereotypes do not match reality at a couple of extremely important ways. I discussed earlier how the Indian reputation for high intelligence and tech savvy is completely undeserved. India is a world leader in retardation and this is important to know before you outsource any important business work there.

There also persists a myth that Indian women are beautiful, thanks perhaps to Bollywood. It is similar to what some people expect of America based on Hollywood movies where all the chicks are slim and beautiful. Unfortunately the Bollywood beautiful woman myth is completely false. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. I was in India for two weeks and I did not see a single, truly hot Indian chick the entire time I was there. Granted, I was in Goa during the offseason for the majority of my time there where there was basically no one there, much less hot chicks. However I did spend a couple days in Mumbai and walked around in the Fort district extensively, went to some fancy restaurants, and there were no chicks hot enough to be worth looking at twice at a place like Beach Bar in Sofia, Bulgaria on a slow Tuesday night.

India is a complete sausage fest. There is a shocking imbalance of men to women in public in India. Walking around on a Sunday afternoon in Mumbai I saw 15-20 men for every woman. It is completely common to see 50 men in a row walk down the street with nary a whiff of feminine presence. The only other places where I saw such enormous multitudes of men everywhere was on the street in Istanbul’s Beyolu neighborhood, and in Marrakesch, Morocco. In those places it is a Muslim thing, where the local small dicked dudes are so insecure they they keep all the women locked up at home, and covered head to toe when they let them go to market.

In India, there are occasional females on the street but they are completely unacceptable to the typical single dude. Overweight, with acne-riddled skin from a lifetime of greasy cheap Indian food, their belly fat sticking out of their saris, your typical Indian woman is a beast. Contrast this with a street scene in Eastern Europe with gorgeous classy girl after girl walking down the street in high heels and hot outfits. It’s not even the same species, dudes.

Even the alleged hot chicks are not really that hot. I know a budding Bollywood starlet who is a regular star on some Indian TV show who I met in Hong Kong last year. Sure, she is relatively pretty, but like most of the Bollywood actresses she has never thought of stepping in a gym. A 8 face and a 6 body will get you work in Bollywood if you’re an Indian chick.

Don’t believe me? Check out this article entitled the Top 100 Hottest Indian Women:

Sure, some of this chicks are alright, as to expected when you pick the best 100 out of a 1 billion population, but even the hottest ones are really quite so-so in the grand scheme of things. None of these chicks would ever contend for a local beauty contest in Russia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Latvia, Vietnam, or a host of other places. And some are disgraceful.

Check out this tranny at #4, Kareena Kapoor:


#6 is totally unacceptable. I wouldn’t fuck Sania Mirza with a stolen dick.


If you’re into skinny fat anorexics #17, Alicia Raut, should be up your alley:


Contrast this to this article entitled 100 Hottest Russians. Statistically, one would think that India, with almost 10 times the population of Russia, would have an advantage, but there are very few Indian women that are even in the same league as an average hot Russian woman. I’d take a hot Russian office chick over a Bollywood star any day.

Here’s an article with Brazilian chicks (sorry dudes, only 50 this time.)

I imagine an Indian guy would disagree and insist that some skinny fat hack actress is who he has only seen on TV with makeup and CGI is the highest standard of beauty, but as an unbiased observer I tell you, no fucking way dudes. India is a wasteland for women. For single dudes traveling to India the only possible options are to import your own chick to India or go pick up horny party Russians on the beach in Goa during high season. Still though, it’s not really worth it, and I would much prefer Nha Trang Vietnam, which has plenty of party Russians, plus beautiful friendly local Vietnamese girls, and also delicious food and available drugs without the retardation everywhere and creepiness of many of the Indian guys.

The Indians for all their reputation for the Kama Sutra and Tantric sex and gods with 50 penises, are actually total prudes. They keep the sexes separated there. My guess is that all the women hang out in at home in very unsexy saris together at home and gossip about Bollywood. They don’t really mix with the men, and therefore the men have no ability to relate normally with women not in their family. You can’t even get a massage from someone of the opposite sex in India. The women usually dress very conservatively, because any nicely dressed sexy woman is pretty much guaranteed to feel uncomfortable at best and at worst get raped.

The sexual assaults on women in India have gotten quite bad. There are regular stories of gang rape coming out of the country and every Indian woman has stories of being groped on the bus and being stared at in a creepy fashion by hordes of weird Indian dudes. The creepy Indian dude stare is something every female traveler to the country is very familiar with.

Indian guys can be quite a bunch of closeted queers. I was regularly approached by creepy Indian guys on the beach who insisted on putting their arm around me for a picture session and tried to follow me around. Indian bars deserve special mention. Every Indian bar I have been to is populated by 90+% men, with a 1 to 1 ratio of man to whiskey bottle. After drinking for several hours, not talking to each other, and listening to music that sounds like cats fucking, the drunk Indian guys like fight each other and approach me, put their hands all over me without permission, try to pour whiskey down my throat and act like they want to be my best friend. Before they get drunk enough to approach however, they like to stare for the first couple hours. It’s very weird and sometimes quite uncomfortable.

It is not uncommon to see Indian guys walking down the beach in bikini Speedos holding hands. Go to an Indian menswear store and I challenge you to shop for underwear that isn’t animal print bikini briefs. The Indian dudes can be quite flamboyantly closeted. Indian beaches means lots of weird Indian homo-eroticism and absolutely no chicks in bikinis unless they are foreigners. Compare and contrast with Sunny Beach in Bulgaria or the outrageous scene on the beaches of Brazil and you might as well be dealing with a different species on a different planet.

I’m sorry to be harsh, but I need to be absolutely clear that India is the worst place I have ever been for the single dude traveler to meet a local girl. The USA or UK is a paradise in comparison, and regular readers know that I have an extremely low opinion of the single dude prospects of those places. I do like Indians in spite of their weirdness; they are very friendly and outgoing, but single dudes need to know that the Bollywood stereotype is nothing like the reality. Perhaps northern India is better, but I cannot imagine it could be enough of an improvement to justify a single dude trip. So if you go, bring your own chick, enjoy the cheap strong drugs, do some yoga, eat some delicious local food (but try not to overeat) and for Ganesh’s sake, try to not get raped.

  • white, blonde and beautiful

    How dare you say such stuff like that. Firstly, you put a terrible picture. It’s a candid. All women are equally beautiful. Some may have distinct features that stand out. All races are different. Stop writing these terrible articles you racist bastard.

  • Mikeouttraveling

    Sadly, I must agree with the writer on the state of attractive women in India. I have been traveling there 20-30 days a year throughout the country (Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, Coimbatore, and Bangalore) for the past 7 years, and the lack of attractive women is quite depressing. However, when you see an actual beautiful women in India, they are completely amazing. They do exist, but I think a select few became perfect 10’s, while the other 98% got the short end of the stick. Sorry India, but SE Asia has you completely beat.

  • Reva

    I think you are being unreasonable..just because you couldn’t find an Indian girl to bang that does not mean Indian girls are ugly…May be you weren’t at the right places at the right time.Nowadays some Indian girls go for a hook up..that’s not a big deal.

    1) Beauty :
    you wrote about fat ladies … I bet most of them you saw were married with a kid…Indian women pay attention to their kids and husband instead of being selfish and doing make up.They are mentally stable with a happy married life where they do not need to care about their outer beauty.
    Outer beauty is based on genes one carries and it is also affected by climate conditions of the location where one is staying.Indian girls have to deal with a summer where temperature is 40-45 degrees which is responsible for the color and skin damage. Most of the countries have lower temperatures which is responsible for girls being fair and having better skin.

    check this out :

    2)Food :
    About the food…Indians have different masalas which are widely used in all type of dishes.If you do not like it, simply avoid it .. don’t be judgmental by calling it cheap.Indian cuisine is very spicy and also tasty.Chefs from other countries specially visit India just to taste the food.


    Indian culture is family oriented and supports arranged marriage. It teaches you to treat your parents just like gods. Parents are well experienced about people living around them and hence they will surely find a perfect partner for their child..This is the main idea behind arranged marriage.Some may find it right ,some may not.It will depend from person to person.
    Indian culture is complicated but it surely has reasons behind it.

    4) Intelligence

    There are 29 states in India and many states have different languages and national language is ‘Hindi’. An average Indian can speak minimum 2 languages fluently.

    In case of mathematics…Let me tell you something.. you must have used ‘0’ millions of times.It was invented by an Indian mathematician (Aryabhatta) and for other inventions check this out:

    Ayurveda is the oldest school of medicines invented by Indians.

    Sanskrit is the mother of all languages again invented by Indians.

    ( )

    this was all about ancestors.

    The CEO of Microsoft is satyam Nandella who is an Indian.

    for more read this :

    For intelligent student difficult exams are designed to test them. 4 out of 12 most difficult exams are Indian.

    Well there are many things I can tell you.But seriously one thing you should always remember ..Every race has beautiful and average looking women, you absolutely have no right to comment about it.I Hope you will realize it soon.

    and one more thing…Namaste!!

  • masculineffort

    Well, The article is correct in General.

    A few reasons I xan offer

    1. It’s a poor country. Food is more important than looks. As we get richer, the women will get better looking

    2. Arranged marriage: When parents select your partner, looks are less important. So there is really no point in working hard on the looks. But with women becoming independent and the rise in marriages by mutual consent, this too is expected to change. They will get better looking in time

    3. Islamic invasions: Historically, there were a lot of rapes of Hindu women by Muslim invaders. One way for a woman to avoid rape is to look Ugly. In Kashmir, during Afghan muslim rule, hindu fathers used to deliberately sully their daughter’s looks so as to avoid rape and abduction by muslims. Since muslim rule lasted so long, this has ingrained itself into the Indian psyche. So subconsciously, at some level, fathers get a little bit alarmed if their daughter starts looking good. They would prefer her to look plain like my uncle for instance

    4. Societal mores: Exercising or indeed any physical work used to be considered Low class until recently. So Working out at the Gym is not a big deal even for men, let alone women. Hence the bad bodies.

    Hopefully these things will change over time. In the meantime, Indian men are well advised to up their game and start a Gym culture to prepare for the time their women start looking Hot so that the same situation as Japan and SE Asia does not happen here, where Loser white guys sleep with gorgeous local girls.

    • Toads

      You are correct on all 4 points. That is why Indian women who are born in the West are much better looking.

  • S.Syal

    Lmao!! it’s the truth! It’s India filled with narrow-minded people, one would not chat up or find “local” women to meet in local places. India is known for raping or teasing their women if she’s out alone for more than a few hours without a male companion or friends. So naturally the ones you see on the road are bound to be waayyy below attractive.
    The main thing is, westerners need to stop comparing every country with the same standards as they hold the US of A. You can’t expect same rights, way of living, dress style, mannerisms in every other place as you see in this country. Indian women are far more docile and respectful of another human being than the westerners for sure.

  • N

    You are a sick misogynist moron who think it’s your God given right to “have” ready-steady supply of “hot” girls at any part of the world. It’s because of scumbags like you, subjugation of females culminates into hatred, violence, rape culture. Just DIASPPEAR with your shitty butt, the world is better off without sex-starved sub-humans.

  • GetItGoing

    “The author of this article is absolutely blind and is homophobic, has no sense of beauty and mindlessly writes nonsense and spreads hatred, Who gave u the permission to write? U should just clean toilets for a living! Jerk it off, u dumbass!!!”

    Ah yes, defensiveness, insults, and a lack of addressing points made in the article. What a surprise. Looks like someone’s sore spot got hit.

    Great article, and it’s definitely true. I work with quite a number of indians here at my company.

    Generally they are obese and even worse, they simply ignore white men anyway. It is extremely rare I see an attractive Indian woman. Latinas are far better any day of the week, and more often than not are more feminine, too. And more fun and playful (assuming they are not totally Americanized princesses).

  • John

    Well, I’ve been to India three times and I’ve spent about a year there all together and it’s true that there are a lot of u attractive women there. Ut there are also some very beautiful women in India! Most of the really pretty ones were in new Delhi but the ones I saw in various shops would refuse to even make eye contact. I managed to get into the pants of atall, attractive young Indian girl I met at my hotel, the YMCA in New Delhi. She had a master’s degree in education. She wouldn’t go all the way though as she kept saying: “I’m so scared!” Bummer… I did actually make love with a Muslim woman I met in Kathmandu Nepal at a meditation center but she wasn’t so attractive. She’d lived in Abu Dhabi before and she said we’d be stoned to death for what we were doing if we got caught there.

  • nik

    Dumass…probably saw a few sites on ne…I be he is a fat retard jetting off in his mum’s basement or probably went to india and was hanging around slums.. hmm.

  • Slade

    Being an avid, single, male, American traveller, who appreciates beautiful women from other countries, I am thrilled to have discovered this site. Thank you so much for the well written, brutally honest, no “PC bullshit” articles, on various travel destinations, and the local women one can expect to meet.

    Yeah, yeah. It pisses off the women, but they need to read the truth, and realize, the sooner they get off their pedestal, the sooner they will be able to cuddle with a man at night, rather than with their toy poodle.

    Having lived here in Seattle for most of my life, I would love to see an article on Seattle, as a travel destination. I can tell you, for a single male traveller, it’s pretty bad, and it’s getting worse. The women here were never anything to take a second look at, to begin with. That is, compared to the awesomely beautiful women in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. They tend to be out of shape, and dress sloppily. The tech boom, during the last 20 years has only made it way worse. When you have 10 well-paid techy dudes to every woman, well, you can imagine the attitude the typical Seattle woman now displays. Yup, that’s right. Even a woman of mediocre attractiveness has dudes groveling to get her attention. It’s pretty embarrassing to watch, frankly. The one thing the techy dudes have in their favor, is the money to get the hell out of town, and meet the really attractive women overseas, with nice attitudes. Which probably explains why one sees so many single Seattle women, walking their dogs in the evening.

    As for Indian women, even though I’ve never been to India, I’ve worked around plenty of them. Yes. I’m one of those techy dudes, but I’m definitely not a groveler, but rather a traveller. Anyhow, as I was saying, the Indian women at least have nice attitudes here, for the most part. But, this article was spot on as to their attractiveness. If they would just hit the gym once in awhile, it would go a long ways. Some of them could be really beautiful. Alas, it seems working out is not something that has made it’s way into the Indian culture yet. At least, they have good company in that Seattle women, in general, are soft and pudgy.

    Keep up the great writing, my friends!

  • Jasmyn

    Ok, no. This is not fair.

    1. Have you ever considered the culture of India? The women there don’t wear makeup, or dress up nicely, because for most of them, their future is to get an arranged marriage. Therefore they don’t go round wearing crop tops and hot pants to secure some guy for a one nighter because they don’t want to, they don’t need to. For a lot of the women, looks don’t even matter, because they have the more important issue of money to consider. Of course they’re not going to go and buy expensive fancy clothing and high quality makeup when they don’t even have food to put on the table. Indian society is not one whch revolves around getting attention from men, as is true of many western countries.
    Most men know nothing about when a woman is trying and when she’s not- you cannot tell if a woman has makeup on unless she piles it onto her face. You think every pretty woman who hasn’t obviously got makeup on is “embracing her natural beauty” and “she doesn’t need to wear makeup”- I hate to break your dream but she probably has about six layers of foundation on along with eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and the works. Just because most of the women don’t try doesn’t mean you have the right to judge them about it.

    2. You have not grown up with the culture of India. You’re clearly not Indian- idk where you’re from, but you’ve grown up seeing white women in magazines and on TV- you brain is conditioned to see these people as attractive. Therefore when you see something different, you don’t like it. This is perfectly acceptable, you don’t have to find everyone attractive, but you don’t need to go and write hate articles about all Indian women when all you’ve seen is Goa and a few days in some cities.

    Indian people find Indian women attractive because they’ve grown up in a society which sees them as attractive. However, Indian society is also heavily influenced by Western culture, which is why they are able to find white women attractive as well. They are baffled by Chinese women, however, and fail to see how anyone could see them as attractive. It’s all to do with the society you live in. This is perfectly acceptable, you don’t have to find everyone attractive, but you don’t need to go and write hate articles about all Indian women when all you’ve seen is Goa and a few days in some cities.

    I’m a British girl of Indian ethnicity. I was born here, brought up here, and I have several Indian friends, some of whom are the most beautiful people I’ll ever see. The Indian people here are a lot more beautiful in conventional terms than the people in India, but that comes down to money- money is what makes beauty. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Check out the Cristiano Ronaldo transformation especially, and the Nicki Minaj transformation,

    Your views are so stereotypical and ignorant it blows my mind, but I wouldn’t even care had you not written an entire article badmouthing Indian women. The fact you think you have the right to say these words is unbelievable- sure, if you’re not attracted to Indian women then fine, but that doesn’t mean that you can insult them to their faces. Keep your opinion to yourself.

    If you want to look at some hot Indians, check out Deepika Padukone (undeniable), Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherji, Preity Zinta. Yeah, they’re all Bollywood actresses, but I don’t know any other famous Indian women, sorry.

    • Anon

      Darling I think author clearly wants to just Bang-A-Bitch rather than want a girl with better commitment policies. A girl with crop tops and short skirts over a classy woman with high moral standards? I’m judging him right now.
      Seriously though, I’m a Mumbaikar and if he wants to see crop and bikini tops? Yea I guess he hardly saw my city. We live and breathe on shorts!

      And the technology thing? Hahahaha someone is too stereotypical himself. India doesn’t pay for higher world ranking unlike most other countries. Still, we’re one of the best. Maybe that’s the reason why IIM-A is 11th best and not 2nd, because the Govt.doesn’t want to spend on manipulating ranks.

      Damn man! I’m not pissed off at you. I pity you!

      P.S. Never come here. We don’t need idiots ruining our country. We’re too intelligent for you. My IQ just dropped down to room temperature!

      • S.Syal

        Lol!!! Good one! *smirk *I’ll drink to that!

    • John

      I’ve read studies that looked at what men found attractive the world over and they also included developing countries and what they found was that men all over the world like the same thing. Men are attracted to slender women with a certain hip to thigh ratio i:e slender with wide but not too wide hips. Men considered them to be the best choice for child bearing. It isn’t possible to guilt trip or brow beat guys into being attracted to overweight, unattractive women. Sorry ladies, go on a diet!

      One article was titled: men Want Sex, Women Want Nests. I think it appeared in The San Jose Mercury News in California. I cut out the article from the newspaper and still have it somewhere…

  • Morgan

    The author of this article is absolutely blind and is homophobic, has no sense of beauty and mindlessly writes nonsense and spreads hatred, Who gave u the permission to write? U should just clean toilets for a living! Jerk it off, u dumbass!!!