India's Shocking Lack of Attractive Women

Unhappy-Brides-e1368526115188-634x517Happy New Years, dudes! I hope that 2013 was good for you and I hope that 2014 is filled with good health, happiness, hot chicks and business success for all our loyal readers. I’m writing on the beach in East Malaysia where I am taking a little New Years’ trip with one of my favorite girlfriends, a very pretty and nice nurse from Hong Kong. I will try to write a little report on Kota Kinabalu soon, but it occurs to me that I promised some more writing on India, so I would like to tackle the subject of the prospects (or lack of) for finding women in India.

I have been to 50 countries now, and I can say without reservation that India is the absolute worst place for women I have even been. I can think of no place less suitable for a single dude trip with the objective of meeting chicks than India. Perhaps some places I have not been yet, like Saudi Arabia or some AIDS infested shithole Sub-Saharan African country might be worse, but those places would be expected to be poor choices. India, however, would be a much greater disappointment due to the false stereotype that exists that it is a country with many beautiful women.

Usually I think that stereotypes exist for a reason, but India is a country where the outside stereotypes do not match reality at a couple of extremely important ways. I discussed earlier how the Indian reputation for high intelligence and tech savvy is completely undeserved. India is a world leader in retardation and this is important to know before you outsource any important business work there.

There also persists a myth that Indian women are beautiful, thanks perhaps to Bollywood. It is similar to what some people expect of America based on Hollywood movies where all the chicks are slim and beautiful. Unfortunately the Bollywood beautiful woman myth is completely false. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. I was in India for two weeks and I did not see a single, truly hot Indian chick the entire time I was there. Granted, I was in Goa during the offseason for the majority of my time there where there was basically no one there, much less hot chicks. However I did spend a couple days in Mumbai and walked around in the Fort district extensively, went to some fancy restaurants, and there were no chicks hot enough to be worth looking at twice at a place like Beach Bar in Sofia, Bulgaria on a slow Tuesday night.

India is a complete sausage fest. There is a shocking imbalance of men to women in public in India. Walking around on a Sunday afternoon in Mumbai I saw 15-20 men for every woman. It is completely common to see 50 men in a row walk down the street with nary a whiff of feminine presence. The only other places where I saw such enormous multitudes of men everywhere was on the street in Istanbul’s Beyolu neighborhood, and in Marrakesch, Morocco. In those places it is a Muslim thing, where the local small dicked dudes are so insecure they they keep all the women locked up at home, and covered head to toe when they let them go to market.

In India, there are occasional females on the street but they are completely unacceptable to the typical single dude. Overweight, with acne-riddled skin from a lifetime of greasy cheap Indian food, their belly fat sticking out of their saris, your typical Indian woman is a beast. Contrast this with a street scene in Eastern Europe with gorgeous classy girl after girl walking down the street in high heels and hot outfits. It’s not even the same species, dudes.

Even the alleged hot chicks are not really that hot. I know a budding Bollywood starlet who is a regular star on some Indian TV show who I met in Hong Kong last year. Sure, she is relatively pretty, but like most of the Bollywood actresses she has never thought of stepping in a gym. A 8 face and a 6 body will get you work in Bollywood if you’re an Indian chick.

Don’t believe me? Check out this article entitled the Top 100 Hottest Indian Women:

Sure, some of this chicks are alright, as to expected when you pick the best 100 out of a 1 billion population, but even the hottest ones are really quite so-so in the grand scheme of things. None of these chicks would ever contend for a local beauty contest in Russia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Latvia, Vietnam, or a host of other places. And some are disgraceful.

Check out this tranny at #4, Kareena Kapoor:


#6 is totally unacceptable. I wouldn’t fuck Sania Mirza with a stolen dick.


If you’re into skinny fat anorexics #17, Alicia Raut, should be up your alley:


Contrast this to this article entitled 100 Hottest Russians. Statistically, one would think that India, with almost 10 times the population of Russia, would have an advantage, but there are very few Indian women that are even in the same league as an average hot Russian woman. I’d take a hot Russian office chick over a Bollywood star any day.

Here’s an article with Brazilian chicks (sorry dudes, only 50 this time.)

I imagine an Indian guy would disagree and insist that some skinny fat hack actress is who he has only seen on TV with makeup and CGI is the highest standard of beauty, but as an unbiased observer I tell you, no fucking way dudes. India is a wasteland for women. For single dudes traveling to India the only possible options are to import your own chick to India or go pick up horny party Russians on the beach in Goa during high season. Still though, it’s not really worth it, and I would much prefer Nha Trang Vietnam, which has plenty of party Russians, plus beautiful friendly local Vietnamese girls, and also delicious food and available drugs without the retardation everywhere and creepiness of many of the Indian guys.

The Indians for all their reputation for the Kama Sutra and Tantric sex and gods with 50 penises, are actually total prudes. They keep the sexes separated there. My guess is that all the women hang out in at home in very unsexy saris together at home and gossip about Bollywood. They don’t really mix with the men, and therefore the men have no ability to relate normally with women not in their family. You can’t even get a massage from someone of the opposite sex in India. The women usually dress very conservatively, because any nicely dressed sexy woman is pretty much guaranteed to feel uncomfortable at best and at worst get raped.

The sexual assaults on women in India have gotten quite bad. There are regular stories of gang rape coming out of the country and every Indian woman has stories of being groped on the bus and being stared at in a creepy fashion by hordes of weird Indian dudes. The creepy Indian dude stare is something every female traveler to the country is very familiar with.

Indian guys can be quite a bunch of closeted queers. I was regularly approached by creepy Indian guys on the beach who insisted on putting their arm around me for a picture session and tried to follow me around. Indian bars deserve special mention. Every Indian bar I have been to is populated by 90+% men, with a 1 to 1 ratio of man to whiskey bottle. After drinking for several hours, not talking to each other, and listening to music that sounds like cats fucking, the drunk Indian guys like fight each other and approach me, put their hands all over me without permission, try to pour whiskey down my throat and act like they want to be my best friend. Before they get drunk enough to approach however, they like to stare for the first couple hours. It’s very weird and sometimes quite uncomfortable.

It is not uncommon to see Indian guys walking down the beach in bikini Speedos holding hands. Go to an Indian menswear store and I challenge you to shop for underwear that isn’t animal print bikini briefs. The Indian dudes can be quite flamboyantly closeted. Indian beaches means lots of weird Indian homo-eroticism and absolutely no chicks in bikinis unless they are foreigners. Compare and contrast with Sunny Beach in Bulgaria or the outrageous scene on the beaches of Brazil and you might as well be dealing with a different species on a different planet.

I’m sorry to be harsh, but I need to be absolutely clear that India is the worst place I have ever been for the single dude traveler to meet a local girl. The USA or UK is a paradise in comparison, and regular readers know that I have an extremely low opinion of the single dude prospects of those places. I do like Indians in spite of their weirdness; they are very friendly and outgoing, but single dudes need to know that the Bollywood stereotype is nothing like the reality. Perhaps northern India is better, but I cannot imagine it could be enough of an improvement to justify a single dude trip. So if you go, bring your own chick, enjoy the cheap strong drugs, do some yoga, eat some delicious local food (but try not to overeat) and for Ganesh’s sake, try to not get raped.


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  • AJ

    I’m Indian and I’m really sad to say that I agree with this article in totality. I lived in the US for three years and really miss those times now. I was engaged to a white girl from Oklahoma but she couldn’t stand the groping, brushing and the stares anymore and politely (without hurting my sentiments as much as she could, she was a sweetheart) broke off the engagement. And Indian girl would have just stomped out making a scene.

    Well played, sir.

  • Emil

    I visited Iran , Pakistan and India an year ago with my dutch friends, i am no.people in all these countries are friendly .Iran and Pakistan there’s a lot of religeous brain washing by the goverment. About girls, Iranian girls are pretty, i was not expecting to see any pretty girls in Pakistan but i was wrong they have very pretty girls walking around that are way better than any bollywood girls.Some of them looked like latins some even like us europeans .Which is strange because pakistan and india are the same but we did’nt see any girl like they show in Bollywood in India… Why is that so???

  • I am an Indian I have been to few different countries. I find Indian women very attractive. I guess you have not been to parts of India I have been to. First of all how is it different a creep in NYC is so drunk and is talking to a woman different from a guy who is looking at them creepy.

  • splooge

    I think one of the reasons why indian girls dont take care of themselves is that there are more men then women. Its a bigger gendar gap then china …107 males to 100 females. Which oddly enough has groom kidnapping going on
    and many indian guys born in the west get forced arrange marriges to these boars inn the motherland.

    o and heres the rape stats. India per capita wise is pretty dam low(despite the spike)…rivalling Canada

    I got 2 buddys that forced arrange marriage to girls in India that were totally below then. They dated and nailed hotter ones here

  • splooge

    I pretty much agree with everything you said about india(im half indian myself)
    well that small dick comment thing you said well thats mate guarding thats suppose to be a manly thing.

    Ya an 8 in India would easily be like a 6 here in the west.Honestly I prefer the latin girls, better curves less body hair and no drama. Plus latin girls after having kids look better as oppose the indian girl who lets her self go.If youre craving brown girls, latin is the way to go. When it comes to gaming India is the worst place to go next the middle east(except Isreal). Go for Yoga and spirtual stuff(well that can be anywhere) but the women and nightlife isnt the case. If youre a horny woman then by all means hit up india. Ya its better to chase drunk isreali and russian chicks in Goa, if I lived in India thats what Id be doing.

    Believe it or nor Bollywood is now being taken over by foreign actresses from south america and the west(mostly europe) because the women are hotter. Google it. like Bruna Abdullah from Brazil for example any many others. They are taking work away form aspring local actresses.

    It takes alot of work and makeup to make an Indian girl look good, me in 2 weeks shell start getting thick facial hair. Body hair of an Indian girl can rival a White guy(we are a hairy bunch..italians got nothing on us). I met 3 that were hairer then me and Im hairyer then most white guys here.

    For rape in India, in terms of raw numbers its third highest next to south africa and Usa(congo wasnt on the list for some reason). but in per capita terms India is higher then Canada but lower then Greece. You can wiki it.
    Seems like that really bad incident on the bus really mad India look worse then it is.

    If you think India is bad(for gaming), neighboring nations like Pakistan,Bangladesh, and Nepal are much worse since they are poorer.(sri lanka is a little cleaner but just like India).

    Btw in India hand holding among men isnt gay, though speeds have got to go.But they do try and act buddy buddy at least. In India its stigma for women to dress slutty or bikini(cuz face no man wants to see their mom sister or daughter in one)

    If I was born in India Id move to former soviet union(russia ukraine kazahstan etc) since women outnumber men there and bollywood gave indian men a good name.
    Uruguay Brazil veitnam phillipines have slight female majority but even a western nation seems inticing for women.

    I think that sterotype of indian girls being good looking came form those miss world competition and even then India wins based on volume of people and still are 2nd place. the number 1 best is Venezuela and its a smaller country. It says alot about the local talent.

  • V. Uil

    The great pleasure of reading Single Dude is that all of you call it like you see it which, in this day and age of political correctness and bullshit spin, is a breath of fresh air.

    I lived in Bangalore, India for 18 months – software development business – and your observations in a relatively short visit are absolutely spot on. Impressive to get your head around the place so quickly. As a tourist keen on seeing sites it is a great place to visit and fun because most locals speak English. I like India and Indians and Indian food (after you get over your first bout of Delhi belly), but that’s where it ends.

    The place is populated by idiots. Of course a country of over a billion people throws up a lot of smart people even though, proportionately, the smart people are a small percentage. I employed over 800 of them and I reckon you’d be lucky to get one in fifty who is really smart which is a pity because they are a cheerful lot eager to improve their situation. It is just that they go about it in the wrong way. Almost every Indian worker I came into contact with was simultaneously trying to suck up to his or her boss while at the same time screw the boss so they can take over the position. What a mess. There was never a feeling of trust. You always got the feeling they told you want they thought you wanted to hear so you’d like them so they’d get promoted. Truth was relative.

    But that is nothing compared to the Indian women situation. Since I was staying there for 18 months I figured I’d look around for an nice Indian girl to date, take things slow and see what happens. But no such luck. Most Indian women are kept in a controlled situation preparing for an arranged marriage. (Even in the West most Indians have arranged marriages.) Basically decent women are not available. And nobody in their right mind would go near the hookers – high class or not just being in their company was likely to give you a disease. Part of the problem is that there is no need for an Indian woman to make any effort to be attractive since she is not trying to attract a man. Acquiring a husband is arranged by her parents often as a business transaction.

    On the few occasions one got to meet decent women there they invariably looked like the back of a bus (as you quickly observed). And don’t get me started on the facial hair. Overweight, reticent to even talk, giggly when they did and ignorant beyond belief of the world outside of India which, let’s face it in the age of the Internet, is pretty unenterprising. As I said, this is what you get when there is no need to attract a man.

    Perhaps there is nothing quite as depressing as walking around an Indian city on a warm Saturday evening. (I did a lot of that living there for 18 months.)

    Every man from 8 to 80 is out on the street. In restaurants, on sidewalks, leaning over balconies, siting in the road, selling fruit, lying on whatever patch of grass they can find, gathering in groups, standing on roof tops, cruising in tiny Tata cars or just strolling down the street. Crowds of them. Men everywhere. I even saw them on top of lamp posts. Even in a small Indian city millions of men come out to view the world on Saturday night, but few women are to be seen. It is not a wonder that men start eyeing each other in the moonlight. You are absolutely right. They stare at you all the time. Not only in the local Mount Everest pub selling rough Indian scotch whiskey, but everywhere all the time. Staring is not considered bad manners.

    So all in all a mixed bag of a place to visit: great scenery, great dope, reasonable beer (Kingfisher), friendly people who speak English and grand palaces such as Mysore, Jal Mahal, Jenhangiri Mahal all of which, let’s face it are all pretty dull when you are looking for nice women. Worse, don’t even consider bringing your girlfriend to India. It is dangerous. A blonde friend of mine came to visit. Big mistake. From the moment she arrived Indian men touched her, felt her hair or rubbed themselves against her. Walking in public was impossible. We ended up spending time in a game park just to get away from the crowds. It is not a wonder some Indian women walk around in hijabs with only their eyes showing. All those lonely Saturday nights staring at other men drive them crazy……….

    • Wow…Your assessment of the work place is spot on…..You can’t get promoted unless you lick your boss up and say YES to whatever s**t he throws. Back stabbing, dishonesty is the norm of most Indian companies here.

      Just like America….99% of all businesses are owned by the freemasons..The Tatas you mentioned are not even from India, they came from Persia. The dude had one of the first airline in Asia in 1930′s itself..built the foundation of India to be ruled.

      Now that the government knows …the fraud gig is up…they are introducing visa free travel to 180 countries as no one wants to come here….I really wish and pray that no women on earth would fall to this latest TRAP of visa free travel only to get raped…

      I do not personally consider IQ to be a big deal than honesty and trust….Most countries even if dumb but honest can live a healthy life…here, we do not have both :)

  • I’m from India, came from the link from winston wu site….Man, You blew me away…Can I bow to you Please…You described India perfectly that no one else had without any BS, Curry Spice added….Indian women SUCK ..period.

    Due to cultural Issues, Our women has as much freedom as a chicken in a slaughter house, just enough grown to be bred and then cut. Its been like over 5000 years in India where women are treated as crap….Dowry death, suicide, are common thingy here…

    People are deluded about women in India thanks to Bollywood like women in America thanks to Hollywood. 99% of women in India are absolute crap, I know I’m going to hell but it needs to be said if you compare women from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, China…you will never look at any Indian women the same way….The women in Bollywood also are heavily make uped…If you see them in streets you won’t even look at them …..I have lived in Mumbai, all major cities in India….The ratio of hot women is too low compared to the population we have….Fort, Bandra, Andheri etc etc are some of the places to find comparable beautiful women or so I thought until I left the shores of India and saw Russian women..MAN…an avg. Russian women is 10 times more beautiful than the most wanted beauty in India…TRUST ME….

    Indian women if they work out, go to gym, eat healthy food, they could climb higher in points,..but the cultural issues does not allow women to go out so often….Its miserable for a women in India…My post is not to condemn them but to highlight their misery..Its not really their fault that they are crap in India…its the society that made them that way….

    Your post is 100% true…Do not listen to ego patriotic trolls who don’t won’t find any fault in India ever…in their entire life..


    I was basically living in a frog well kinda story….All Indians who think our women are beautiful only need to go to Ukraine once…

    The thing is in India…its made to look better than Saudi but its worse, ‘cos of hypocrisy here…The Arabs can easily get laid in Dubai..

    I advice my friends abroad to SKIP India..Do not even look at the Map Screen during flight while it crosses India and somehow, thats the time you wake up from your sleep while going to Thailand or Philippines and wonder…ohh thats India…I must try it their sometime…BIG MISTAKE…I do not think for a guy who really wants anything to do with “WOMEN” “Good Life”..Wants to preserver his soul….then he would ever have anything to do with India..

    Thank you again…Please keep on writing…The world really needs such an open minded, honest writers..

  • Marc Lee

    so you are saying Indian men have a chance with Russian women?? I find them and Ukrainians quite hot but worry that they are just using men to get passports out of the country. I like that they are educated AND attractive AND are feminine. I used to like latino women a lot more but after living in Colombia, found that they are generally not educated.

    I am an Indian man (born and brought up in Oz, Europe). I have to agree with your article. I have been to 80 countries, lived in 7 countries, lived on and off for 10 years in Delhi and Mumbai – where I have friends in the fashion industry. Indian women are THE UGLIEST in the world – no other country even comes a close second. No questions about it. Even pakistani, bangladeshi, sri lankan women are hotter. The only draw towards Indian women is that I am of Indian culture and Indian women give some level of familiarity (comfort?). But if an Indian woman is even REMOTELY attractive, she thinks she is god’s gift to indian men and usually has a line of 50 men waiting at her feet.

    At 30+, I am very close to giving up on Indian women and my culture.

    • Hey Mark…Same here….We have our work cut out….I’m 35+ and It is all over for me in India…I have gone through so much that I don’t feel bad about my country anymore but sad & hopelessness, an Impossible wall that would never be broken….There are some things in life that cannot be undone…

      ..South Korea was in much worse shape than India just few decades back…now..look at it…Thailand, Philippines, the whole SEA was not as developed as India in the 50′s, 60′s, 70′s and now they have left India behind in all aspects.

      Bombay Stock Exchange is the oldest in Asia….Yes, that started way back in 1875..much before even Japan did….and yet it could not do anything to India it terms of prosperity ..same with Railways and airlines…we started much earlier than most countries…


      For dating in other countries..Its not easy to pick up Russian women as compared to Philippines or SEA….I would say for Indians who are starting out with less time in hand…Philippines is the best….but we will find EE women attractive but it needs some work done….

    • Enrique Santos

      I agree with much of this Mr Lee. Especially your comment about Indian woman thinking they are actually more attractive than they really are (to men). I do admire their values and traits, but the amount of attitude and guard they give off, especially in the UK where I’m from, is quite a turn off. I am a big socialite, regularly attend networking and social gatherings, party all the time and have traveled a fair bit. I know what’s out there. It’s not so much the lack of attractiveness that bothers me, it’s the personality and front that comes with it for no reason. But this is possibly due to the partial behaviour of some ignorant Indian men onto these women. In short, yes Indian women aren’t the most attractive in the world, but if you’re an Indian woman reading this don’t let that put you off because it’s not just about looks, it’s the attitude that comes with it for no reason and makes no sense (to us men). So the next time a decent Indian man says hello to you at the bar/club/grocerystore/temple, etc. be polite, smile and remember that you’re not Priyanka Chopra (she apparently isn’t amazing looking in real life either) and you should be fortunate that this guy has even bothered to talk to you. You may just find that he is interested in something else other than your looks.

    • How you are named Marc Lee if you are indian? Tripped up there didnt you, you beady eyed, low nosed, jaundiced skin east asian punk with the smallest dicks in the world. Your women cant stand you. If Indian women are the worst, then Chinese men are the ugliest

  • JD

    I just found your blog from a link on G Manifestos site. This is a fun, practical blog. Like many men in America I’m fed up with the feni ask brainwashed hordes of ugg boot wearing, Starbucks sipping 6s who act like they are 1995 versions of Pam Anderson’s or Jenny McCarthys. American women are like paying French bistro prices for Carl Jrs or McDonalds.
    Where in Europe can I find girls with big, natural tits and red hair????

      • JD

        How big are their tits-I’m talking C Cups and up.

        What about a place that’s cheap with big tits everywhere? Is Poland good.

        Does Bulgaria have alot of big tit women?

        • If you don’t mind fake Colombia is your best bet.

          • Jd

            Yeah Colombianas are sexy for sure.

            Does Poland do all the cool things mentioned below???????

            In Eastern Europe-
            My ideal game trip is a place that’s cheap, has big tit white girls with good facial symmetry and aren’t fat or act like bitches, and has good quality food (even some ethnic places like vietnamese, turkish, french) and house/trance music with good cheap drinks.
            Charlie does a place with all this exist???

  • Geoff

    Haha… I am Indian, and I couldn’t’ agree with you more. You, sir, are an astute observer. Growing up, this dearth of above average looking women with some physical attractiveness severely impeded by sex life. I moved abroad – problem solved.

    On staring, all I can say is that probably you went to some seedy bar where the illiterates and people from lower rungs of society go. They have probably never seen a white man before and are just plain curious. Nevertheless, staring is rude. All I’m saying is they don’t know any better. If you had gone to a upscale place in any of the big cities, I doubt anybody would be staring at you.

  • Brianmark

    Charlie, I have to agree with you 100%. I spent 7 weeks in India, and I hate to disappoint you even more, but Goa has the best looking girls in India and highest percentage of girls that you will see out. Rajasthan and Northern India have even less girls out. In northern India I wasn’t even sure if there were any females in the country. In lingerie stores, men sold lingerie to other men for their wives. Goa is much better than the rest of India because it has the Portuguese influence and thus is more liberal and you’ll see more women out. Many of the women working in stores are from Nepal or other countries because Indian men don’t let their women out of the house. India was my biggest disappoint for women of any country I had ever visited.

  • Eddy

    I am an Indian I have been to few different countries. I find Indian women very attractive. I guess you have not been to parts of India I have been to. First of all how is it different a creep in NYC is so drunk and is talking to a woman different from a guy who is looking at them creepy. I don’t see a difference. I am not sure where you got the list Sania is sure not a 4. I have seen better pictures of her. I really like the fact that my country is a running ground for people who would like to view women as eye candy and a mere sex toy. There is more to India than what you have seen We are progressing. Do you expect us women to shop on 5th avenue and go to the bars. If those are the activities no matter who if you are a woman or man fill your weekend there is some thing wrong. Women are born the way they are. There are beautiful women in India. I am glad it’s not attractive place for your American sexual innuendo.

    Let us be who we are —Stop enforcing your views on a Billion people. I look for more things in a woman than just looking like a absolute whore==

    I am actually happy that we were good enough not to feed your needs. Did it hurt your ego? Did you waste money and time travelling to India? Its funny great Bill gates came to India in search of sanctity when people like you come for pussy. Lol

    • I’m not enforcing my views on anyone, Eddy, I am expressing my views, take it or leave it.

      In India they don’t get drunk and talk to a woman (the horror) like they do in NYC. But they do gang rape and murder them. I’ll take the NYC treatment, thank you.

      I don’t like women looking like whores, and I’m not asking them to.

      Your reading comprehension is poor. Sorry your feelings were hurt. Go read a different blog.

  • BobBobbob

    I’ve lived in India for a couple years, and on some level Charlie is spot on…from the short term tourist viewpoint. You will not see beautiful girls on the street. Or hanging out in a crappy beach bars. And it has to be one of the worst places in the world for single dudes who travel.

    However, they truly do have the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen in my life. But you’ll meet them at friends parties. Or fancy ass lounging bars/restaurants. They are there…but it’s well hidden behind conservative norms of India society. The odds are definitely against you on a limited travel schedule.

    I too was shocked when I compared travelling in major cities in Thailand…and then arriving in India. Where did all the women go? No seriously, it felt like 70% women…in major cities in Thailand…and you have this drastic drop off when you arrive in India it feels like you are walking around with 70% men…so I totally understand that feeling.

    I think think is caused by India being somewhat of a closed culture, but not in obvious ways like the middle east…however there is a strong culture of protectionism regarding their women…which you can only begin to see behind after spending some time there.

    • I too was shocked when I compared travelling in major cities in Thailand…and then arriving in India. Where did all the women go? No seriously, it felt like 70% women…in major cities in Thailand…and you have this drastic drop off when you arrive in India it feels like you are walking around with 70% men…so I totally understand that feeling.

  • El Duderino

    That was a good fucking laugh.

    Charlie, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met are from India/Goa … in England. Sounds as if though those insecure, flamboyant Indian dudes have marginalized, intimidated and otherwise banished those girls from beaches/bars. Fuckers.

    Every try Sri Lanka?

  • Manstead frkm

    This guy is so biased that it is pointless to read any reviews. Seems like you have some personal issues with people from certain countries. By the way a quick Google search on Alecia Raut shows that she is Russian born in Brazil so according to the writer from two of the ‘hottest’ countries he has been to.
    Maybe you didn’t find any good looking women in certain countries because there is a problem with you and you found them in certain other countries because they wanted your money and it is easy to find working girls in those countries.
    On that note wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

    • Thanks dude. You too.

      I didn’t go there with any bias, but I call it as I see it on this blog. I was totally surprised at what the situation in India was. I am not talking about “finding” hot chicks, I am talking about “seeing” them. Anywhere. They’re not there. It sucks. I have Indian friends and they are cool dudes, all foreign educated. Just saying, bra. I even know a couple hot Indian chicks but they are not actually from India.

      Alecia Raut proves my point. Half Indian, half Russian, she would never make any lists in Russia. It was a good career move for her to make her modeling career in India as she had no chance in Russia. Just like we encourage our Single Dude readership, go abroad where you’re more in demand.

      Good Move Chart:

      INDIA —> men —> RUSSIA
      USA <— women <– RUSSIA

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