Single Dude Radio Episode 8, We Love Saigon

Single Dude RadioToday we dip into the archives for an unreleased podcast back from a while back when we were in Saigon. A lot has changed since then; Boris is no longer with the blog, and drunk Charlie doesn’t really show his face very often anymore. However, there’s some good info here, a couple good stories, and Saigon is still a great place.

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Turn the goddamn music down, assholes!

The Picture Game!

Fuck you, Cockblock!

  • Keith

    Sounds like good content, but I’ve got the volume all the way up and it is still hard to hear.

  • jim

    Very good podcast, unfortunately it seems to cut out at the 18:48 mark and doesn’t play for the full 21:56. Could you re-upload the file.

    But also very good work. If you guys just made that off hand on the roof of your hotel without much preparation then that is fantastic. It comes out as a very well structured tale.