Don't Be This Guy, Dudes!

Girl Beats Asian GuyIt’s the talk of the town in Hong Kong right now, this video of this dispute on the street between a bitchy little four eyed local girl and her pussy faggot local boyfriend. She was actually arrested for this, but I think he should have been arrested for being such a limp dicked pansy. Words do not describe his lack of balls thouroughly enough. Pro tip for life, dudes: do not ever be this guy.

  • non delusional

    Seriously delusional, mediocre men who want “the hottest chicks” the most respect, want to do whatever they want, little boys without giving any of that back.

  • Adam

    OMG This is SO fake it’s ridiculous. He certainly wasn’t a monger because if he was he would of told her to start stepping. I tell my girl to step all the time when she starts bitchin’ about me gettin’ my sex elsewhere because she’s too lazy and I now find her unattractive but still “care” for her socially. You know what guys…she’s still here…..begging me not to dump her ass 4 years later.

  • Sebastian

    Maybe the whole video was just a joke and they wanted to make some video that goes viral. In case it wasn’t a joke this guy needs to grow some balls and this girl needs to….I can’t really say that in public :-P.

    If this video isn’t fake it is depressing and frightening how our feminist culture looks like and what “men” on this planet have become.

  • Movers In Singapore

    Haha well THAT WAS SHIT. HAHAHAHA every man does what he does. haha

  • JT

    That girl sounded bored and not even remotely angry. I’ll be you a dollar they were just working out some public humiliation kink. And like with most kinks, the bottom is really the one in control.

    • M

      I agree. It looked staged. I think the guy was into being humiliated in public.

  • The Chief

    The inexcusable behavior of this pussy aside, you have to wonder if the reason why he’s putting up with this is because there are so few female options in Hong Kong? Any thoughts Charlie?

    He definitely deserves a much worse beating.

    • Anon

      Look at the stats. HK has more women then men actually, unlike the mainland.

  • Justin

    American feminist goals come to fruition in Hong Kong !