Single Dude Radio Episode 6: Last Report from Manila

ManillaIn this podcast, our last from our trip to the Philippines, we have a wide ranging discussion with our final impressions of the country. Topics include Grandpa Boners, Bunny Boilers, ladyboys, bad food, and of course, midgets.

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  • paddy

    Re the rich girls … also known as COO of the company (Child Of Owner) – Daddy owns some kind of large business, like a manufacturing firm, concrete mixing company, printing company whater. Daddy doesn’t pay much taxes, there is plenty of money flowing as you noticed. There is Makati, with Greenbelt – GB 5 is the high end one I think.

    If you want, check out PowerPlant mall in Rockwell.

    Rockwell is like a gated development except it is entirely a self-contained city; there are no beggars or poor people, because they banned anything except taxis and private cars (no jeepneys etc. allowed).

    Also the new gimmicky thing is Fort Bonifacio (the Fort). Condos in Rockwell start at over $100K for a studio, Fort is a little less depending on what you are looking for.

    Fine dining – you have to look around, see if you can find a local who knows where to go. Part of it is, rich people have 1 or more cooks, so they have their cook prepare whatever they want. French wines etc. are much cheaper than in the USA. Fast food – lots of it is not that good, true. Usually the good food is not in the expensive areas, it is some kind of out of the way place.

    Visa fees – better to just leave and then come back for another 21 day stay. Basically again, find a paralegal or lawyer who takes care of all this crap for $10 under the table – they will take your passport (make sure they are trustworthy of course) and return it to you in 1 or 2 days. Did you mention the exit fee at the airport = they charge you to leave the country; really stupid!

    San MIguel Light! Try the SM Pale Pilsen… :-)

    Too true about the shallowness of Filipina women … they are nice, easy to get along with, but they DO NOT READ BOOKS, except maybe Twilight or Harry Potter.

  • Elijah Craig 18

    Good stuff here Charlie and your radio episodes are always an interesting listen. I’ve missed these of late. Hope you have several more in the bullpen.