As The World Continues to Burn...

Burning World

I wanted touch on some of the themes Charlie discussed in Charlie’s Plan B. At this point in time it should be obvious to even the most skeptical reader that a complete meltdown of the world as we know it is far past the point of no return. Protesters are flooding major cities world wide and more than occasionally these protests are turning violent (usually it’s the police brutalizing the protesters though). The end of the Euro and multiple sovereign defaults are discussed openly in the mainstream media. More wars seem to be on the verge of erupting, in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Most of these things are events that the average Westerner … [Read more]

For God's Sake, get a Prenup!

zuckerberg girlfriend

My single dude friends seem to be dropping like flies these days, trading the Single Dude life of traveling the world and walking down exotic beaches with even more exotic beauties, for the more domestic life of committing themselves full time to one woman. Now luckily it seems like the majority of my dude friends seem to be picking the right women this time to marry. Gone are the really bad decision wives that several of my friends chose (against my explicit advice) to marry and divorce in their 20s. Having learned somewhat from their previous matrimonial mistakes, my guy friends seem to choosing much better wives for Round 2.

Personally, … [Read more]

Why Facebook isn't worth $100 billion or anything close to it...


NOTE: I wrote this article before the IPO numbers became public so please keep that in mind. I keep coming across articles indicating that the fraudulent sacks of shit on Wall St. are trying to value Facebook at $100 billion. The absurdity of this valuation should be painfully obvious to anyone who takes even a cursory look at the numbers. The mathematics are simple enough even for small children to understand.

Let’s look at some key statistics about Facebook:

Users: Over 900 million
2009 Revenue: $777 million
2009 Net Income: Unknown
2010 Revenue: $1.97 billion
2010 Net Income: Unknown
2011 Revenue: $3.8 billion
2011 … [Read more]

The fantasy world feminists and the politically correct live in

Thin to Fat

I moved abroad many years ago in no small part to avoid the rampant bullshit that one is assaulted with by feminists, politicians and the politically correct on a daily basis when living in the US as well as many other western countries. For the most part I do my best to avoid or ignore the mainstream media, pop culture and entertainment, etc. but every once and a while I have to take a peek just out of morbid curiosity. It was during one of these aimless internet surfing sessions that I came across this abomination of a blog post. This post is … [Read more]

Obesity Infographic


I’ve bitched at length previously about the obesity epidemic in America, and the costs it has for all society, ranging from health problems to the extreme scarcity of quality American girls. Now from Tony Shin we present to you this infographic on the obesity problem in America. I particularly would like highlight the point that obesity causes many more deaths than drug use, firearms, STDs or car accidents. Yet the government subsidizes McDonalds (corn subsidies) and keeps drugs illegal. Assholes.

The Fat Future of America