Not Everyone is a Douchebag, People!

douchebag 2

Raul told me a funny story the other day about a conversation he had with his mom recently. She’s a really nice lady, which is strange considering what a depraved misanthrope her son is. Anyway, he happened to refer to someone as a “douchebag”, and his mom cracked up. He apologized for his crudeness, but she said,

“No no, it’s just when I was growing up (in the late 50s-early 60s) we used to call people douchebags all the time. Are kids calling people douchebags again?”

Amazing. Anyway, that story got me thinking about the modern douchebag and the impact he has had on society. The douchebag and his opposite, the hipster, are the yin and yang … [Read more]

El Matador Returns! New York and Golddiggers


As everyone knows, NYC is rife with gold diggers. According the principles that El Matador believes in, the only reason hot young women compete hard to get in to college is so that that they will have the best mating opportunities. That is, by gaining access to the cream of whatever crop they hope to be nesting with, they get the first pick, before men understand the stakes. Essentially they are leveraging their lifetime peak of attractiveness (their 20’s) against men’s unrealized lifetime value while in college. Our value increases over time, as we get older, theirs plummets. This chart from Defalt User’s blog illustrates the point nicely.

I love cougars, but you gotta catch … [Read more]

Benjamin Garrison, Cartoonist for the People

Up Shit Creek

Recently while researching for my recent article American Scamocracy, I came across the outstanding work of political cartoonist Benjamin Garrison. I really liked his work “The March of Tyranny” and contacted him for permission to use use it in the article. His response was as follows, shared with his permission:

Excellent piece! A good balance of profanity and facts. The GE news came out last week. They made billions and paid no taxes–again! Their tax return was submitted electronically, but if it had been printed on 8.5 x 11 paper it would stack to 19 feet high. They have a legion of lawyers, crony connections and … [Read more]


Online Dating

I just came across a post that I believe demonstrates irrefutably why internet dating in the west is a big no no. Check out this review of on I’ve reposted below:

Reviewed By Analyst, Washington DC

Over the past few weeks, I’ve conducted a study to measure the effectiveness of I created 6 control groups that are designed to be representative of all users. Over the course of one week, I measured the response rates of all 6 groups, in order to determine which group will receive the best user experience. The results may shock you, but … [Read more]

Guest Post: Fat Acceptance: How far can it go?

Fat Chick

I recently came across the article “Why is obese more acceptable than anorexic?” and shortly thereafter stumbled upon an “info graphic” that’s right up the same alley. Besides the fact that the author of and creator of the chart clearly lacks basic math skills and conceptual skills (how else can the allowable upper weight limit be one pound lower for a 5’3″ female than a 5’2″ female?) she seems to be one hell of a fat apologist! I mean honestly – look at those numbers! I’m a 5’9″, relatively athletic and muscular male and back when I was in peak athletic condition I tipped the … [Read more]