Why is obese more acceptable than anorexic?

Katya Zharkova, Pus Size Model

Today I came across an article I found both shocking and appalling. I shouldn’t have found it that way, I know what the world is like today, it’s permeated by the “It’s everybody’s fault but mine” attitude especially in the west. But still I felt this article was way over the top even for today’s ultra liberal, feel good, everybody’s equal world. The article in question was “‘Most runway models meet the BMI criteria for anorexia’, claims plus-size magazine in powerful comment on body image in the fashion industry“.

Where to begin dissecting this complete and utter horseshit… Not that I’m a fan of your typical runway model, … [Read more]

Happy Birthday, Single Dude Travel!

birthday cake

Single Dude Travel was born one year ago, with our first entry, my rant on American girls, and I tell you, it felt good to write that. Apparently others agreed, and a year later it’s been read over 7,000 times. All in all, we’ve had over 300,000 page views, 1,500 comments, and 180 posts. Thanks to you, our readers, for making us feel like we’re actually helping some single dudes out there figure out how to live a better, smarter, more fulfilled life, and to all our contributors, especially Boris, Raul, el Matador, Hank Hedgehopper, Annie, Zeno, Lumiere, and our other guest contributors. Thanks also to the haters, who let us know that we must be doing something … [Read more]

Book Report - Neil Strauss' Emergency

Emergency Glass

Neil Strauss is a great writer. I’ve now read two of his books and both of them, along with being fiercely entertaining, were life-changingly mind-opening. The first was of course the classic, The Game which I read about 5 years ago. That book opened my eyes to the idea of consciously bettering my social skills by learning basic psychology, body language and the like. At first the point was to get more and better girls but I subsequently learned that those skills are useful in all human interaction – in business, love and friendship. Reading The Game was the catalyst that really got me working on improving my social skills. Now in Read more]


First Step

Happy New Year’s, dudes! I hope everyone had as fun and productive of a year as I did. I did a lot of traveling, to more than 15 other countries which was very fun and profitable and educational. We started this blog, I bought gold, read a bunch of good books, had some great girlfriends, had some professional successes in my regular life, dodged ladyboys, insulted some fat American chicks and hipsters, and generally tried to make the most of the gift of the last 365 days. Not everything was a success, in fact there were as many failures as successes, but that is a necessary part of the process. Above all, I … [Read more]