Charlie's Plan B

Emergency Glass

The dominoes are falling faster and faster right now in the ongoing global financial train wreck that is starting in Europe and will eventually spread to the whole world. First Iceland and Ireland. Then Greece, Greece, Greece, for a month. Then they fixed Greece! Or… well anyway, forget that shit, then Italian bonds exploded over 7% with the authority of Peter North on his first scene of the day. Then Spain, Belgium, Hungary, and several others shot up all at the same time just like bond bukkake. And that was just the European sovereign debt market. The US stock market had its worst Thanksgiving ever. Ndamukong Suh stomped on a guy. The debt Supercommittee failed, surprising exactly … [Read more]

American Scamocracy


The assholes running this country (Republicans, Democrats, it’s all the same, really) have absolutely no qualms spending trillions of other people’s money. They’re not just spending our money, they’re bankrupting our children and their children and consigning them to be born in an America where they will live in debt slavery from cradle to grave. The politicians don’t care, they’ll be long gone by then and their children and children’s children will be sitting pretty on the wealth that their parents and grandparents are stealing from you and me right now … [Read more]

Mangez Merde, Sarcozy!


Lately, there are new headlines coming out of the European / Eurozone debacle daily, such as some country’s bonds exploding, banks getting downgraded, Muppet rulers getting switched for other Muppets, and of course the regular dude getting totally shafted by the big banks and their politician henchmen. Greece is going down, Italy is next, Hungary, Ireland, Spain, France – it’s a fucking mess over there in Europe these days and they are going to take the whole world down with them when they finally go under.

The main problem is that everyone is broke – the countries, the banks, the people all owe each other money in a big tangled web of graft, greed, political grandstanding, incompetence, and … [Read more]

Real Men go to Yoga Class

Yoga chicks are limber

As part of Single Dude Travel’s ongoing commitment to keeping you healthy and successful while also helping you get laid, I’d like to convince you macho single dudes to go to yoga class. We’ve already discussed how real men go to the Farmers’ Market, now it’s time to enter the land of yoga mats and leotards.

I know, I know, it sounds pretty gay. I mean, you’re just stretching, right? And there’s a 65-year-old grandmother in there! We’re men, we don’t do yoga! Wrong. Now I’m just like Hank Hedgehopper in that I love doing things at the gym that are hard and awesome, like slamming a sledgehammer into an old tire a bunch of times … [Read more]

Boris' first date with an eastern European girl

Hot Serbian Girl

As a followup to Charlie’s first date with an American girl we give you my first date with an eastern European girl. Which do you prefer?

How to Get What You Want from Her Without Fighting

Fighting women is never this fun.

Life these days is difficult, and there is a lot that the single dude needs to spend his time and energy on, like staying healthy, having a good business plan, good investments, avoiding tyrannical governments, paying college debts, finding health care, and avoiding ladyboys. The average single dude has enough to work against in the world and therefore his relationships should not be a further drain on his mental and emotional resources. Simply put, a good relationship is an easy relationship. So why doesn’t that chick understand this and stop trying to fight with you about completely unimportant crap all the time? Because you let it happen.

Fighting accomplishes nothing, and you don’t … [Read more]