Welcome to the New America

Scott Olsen

Welcome to the New America.

Human history has shown us over and over that those in power will do whatever is necessary to maintain control of their subjects. We have seen regularly all over the world of political leaders (or totalitarian rulers) attempting to control dissent by police brutality of protesters, imprisonment of political dissenters, censorship of anti-government ideas, and propaganda campaigns. From Tiananmen Square in China in 1989 to Pinochet massacring people in soccer stadiums in Chile in 1973 to more recent governments’ brutal crackdowns in Syria, Egypt and other “Arab Spring” countries these suppression of populist uprisings have a long history in our world.

Like a scene out of some Middle Eastern dictatorship, the recent … [Read more]

The shocking lack of integrity at Columbia University

Low Memorial Library

Charlie’s recent article about the astoundingly low quality yet astronomically high costs of today’s higher education reminded me of something a friend of mine told me about Columbia University. Columbia University clocks in at number three on the list of most expensive universities with annual tuition of $56,310. As if the outrageous cost were not enough Columbia University is currently engaging in a shocking and appalling grading fraud. Their grading policy is so egregious that I felt an open letter to the frauds at Columbia University was in order.

Dear Academic Frauds,

I was recently told by a friend of mine who attends Columbia University, that during the orientation … [Read more]

Charlie's Rules for Traveling with a Woman

Huge Boobs

I love to travel.  The new experiences and perspective I gain from a trip can be one of the the most rewarding things in life.  And while traveling with your team to foreign lands filled with spicy food and chicas calientes is certainly one of the great pleasures in life, sometimes I like to mix it up and bring a girl with me.  No one enjoys holding court with my bros at the perfect location at the bar or club surrounded by our new Russian girlfriends drinking Russian Standard Vodka more than me, of course.  But it’s also nice to travel for other reasons and sometimes a romantic trip with the right woman to a … [Read more]

The importance of being well read

Chick with books.

We like to talk a lot about self-improvement here because we really believe that’s the key to success with everything. You need to be continually evolving, learning and staying ahead of the curve. A great way to do that is by reading. “But Boris, I don’t have time to read, I’m too busy.” Horseshit. Even if you still haven’t figured out how to “Escape the Corporate Prison” there is a lot of time that is just wasted that you could be reading and modern technology makes that easier than ever. Get yourself a Kindle or other eBook reader or get yourself an MP3 player and do books on tape (drawback is that the selection isn’t as … [Read more]

The Higher Education Scam and Sarah Lawrence College

lerner at Sarah Lawrence College

One of the main complaints of the Occupy Wall Street movement is the high cost of student debt for higher education. It is a major problem. This year for the first time the total student debt of the USA superseded that of credit card debt and the total student debt number will soon be 1 trillion dollars.

College is unbelievably fucking expensive these days. Look at this list of the top 10 most expensive colleges for 2010-11, from campusgrotto.com.

Are you kidding? 56K for Harvey Mudd College?

What the fuck? Sarah Lawrence College? $59,170? What for? I don’t hear much about alumni from Sarah Lawrence College going on to make a bunch … [Read more]

Single Dude Radio Episode 4: Boracay, Philippines

Single Dude Radio

In today’s we discuss the Philippines including many of of its benefits and drawbacks.

The Single Dude’s Guide to Manila, Philippines – The Cons
The Single Dude’s Guide to Manila, Philippines – The Pros (coming soon)
The Single Dude’s Guide to Boracay, Philippines
How to spot a ladyboy
The Single Dude’s Guide to Thailand
A plea to stag parties

Interview with a protestor

Occupy Wall St

Charlie recently got in touch with Johnny Ramirez, the organizer of the San Francisco Occupy Wall St protest. Here’s what he had to say:

The occupation of Wall St. began on Sept. 17th and has remained strong since then garnering mass support, but no one really knows what people are occupying for. The mainstream media is presenting it in two different polarizing lights with the conservatives bashing it and most of the liberal media giving it praise for its message.

I helped organize the first protest in San Francisco in solidarity with Occupy Wall St… Personally speaking I got involved because after leaving my job in the winter of 2009 and spending time backpacking in Mexico and … [Read more]

The Single Dude's Guide to Manila, Philippines - The Cons

Manila, Philippines

The day after Boris’ near death experience in Singapore we decided to get the hell out of town and explore some other options in Southeast Asia. A quick perusal a week before of cheap destinations found us a cheap ticket to Manila, the bustling capital of the Philippines. After dealing with the typical severe retardation of Tiger Airlines (the Singaporean discount airline) we found ourselves on a Jetstar (an Australian discount airline) flight to Manila with Boris’ head wrapped up in something that resembled some sort of religious headgear. We ended up spending over two weeks in Manila, which was way too long. We kind of got sucked in.

Manila is pretty much a shithole. Nowhere else in my … [Read more]

Weekend Update - Occupy Wall Street and Fantasy Stock Game Starts Monday

Weekend Update with Charlie

Today marked the end of the 3rd quarter, and what a quarter it was. I went to Bulgaria, all over Asia, and the world looks like the dominoes will start falling in earnest soon. Greece hasn’t defaulted yet, although it looks like it might at any moment. Boris called Greek default months ago and is looking to be proved right at some point. I was Skyping with a cute Greek girlfriend of mine yesterday and I suggested she take her money out of the bank in case of a bank run there and she said, “It’s ok, I have no money. Nobody can find a job, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” It was kind … [Read more]