Silver and the Single Dude

100 oz Silver Bar

I’m the last guy that ever though he’d write a financial article but after hanging out with Boris and el Matador over the years I’ve taken an increasing interest in the subject. These days I never bother going to shitty movies like Avatar any more because those unimaginative hacks in Hollywood just repackage the same tired story with the same talentless actors over and over. For me nowadays my true entertainment is the slow motion train wreck that is today’s world financial system.

I hope you had the time to read Boris’ article on investing in gold when it came out. Since that article came out on July … [Read more]

The Single Dude's Guide to Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a city of dreams, nightmares, victory, defeat, rags and riches… sometimes in your first hour.

Vegas! Showgirls. Buffets. Wayne Newton. Gold diggers. Casinos the size of cities. Hookers. Omaha family vacations. Red Rocks Canyon. The even bigger canyon between that stripper’s enormous fake boobs. Cirque de Soleil. Free drinks. More free drinks. Hot foreign tourists. And money. Lots and lots and lots of money.

What can I say about this place that has not already been said? It is an ever changing city that is different each time you return but also hazily familiar. From the first time Charlie and I went there ten years ago (driving straight through the night from Denver) … [Read more]

Single Dude Radio Episode 2: The World Financial Picture

Single Dude Radio

Boris and Charlie are back with their musings on the world financial picture. Recorded while drinking in Manila, we talk about the asshole bankers and politicians who are ruining the world and what the single dude can do to be protect himself. Relevant links are in order below.

US Debt Clock
Estimated Cost of Iraq War
Acksiom the “Concrete Submarine Guy”
Gold and Other Investments for the Single Dude
Now is the time to Move Abroad!
Ron Paul Media Blackout Conspiracy
Charlie’s Open Letter to Mom and Dad
American Precious Metals Exchange (Oklahoma City)

… [Read more]

Guest Post: Hank Hedgehopper's Hard and Awesome Fitness Plan

Conan The Barbarian

Let me introduce myself. My name is Hank Hedgehopper and I am a FFB (former fat boy).

“Maybe I have bad genetics?”
“I must have a thyroid problem.”
“Maybe my insulin sensitivity is bad?”
“I think all that plastic in the Weight Watchers containers are leaching chemicals that are giving me my huge man-tits?”

Fuck that. I didn’t take responsibility for my self and all of the horrible things I was doing to my body. Traveling around the globe, eating and drinking whatever I wanted was destroying me from the inside out. And now I’m pissed! I spent the last week wandering around Mexico and haven’t … [Read more]



The Big D. No, no, this is not another description of Raul!’s gift with women, but a great city for getting it on with some high quality blonde bombshells. Be warned, single dudes, Dallas is not for the yellow-bellied. Stay in Topeka until you are ready.

Dallas! What could be said about this international city/metroplex that has not already? Well, for starters, what you have read or heard about Dallas is probably out of date. It is a fast changing city that looks very different after the last ten years (like Las Vegas or Thailand). Ten years ago, you would not venture downtown for anything but crack. Now with new development, stadiums, lofts, bars, … [Read more]

The Single Dude's guide to Singapore, Part Two - The Pros

Marina Bay Sands is cool but pricey

In my previous article on Singapore, I detailed the numerous drawbacks for the single dude to Singapore. Seen from that perspective, Singapore sounds terrible- high prices, gold diggers, fagbagsters, DAFFs, and retardation do not make a good single dude travel destination. But, in case you find yourself in Singapore for some reason beyond your control, don’t lose heart. You can make it work here if your skills are good and your bankroll is … [Read more]

Single Dude Radio Episode 1: Singapore

Single Dude Radio

We thought it would be fun to start podcasting while we were at the beach last week, so with much fanfare we present Episode One. We’ve changed our voices a bit to sound like we’re in the Witness Protection Program. See below for relevant links in order of appearance on topics discussed in this episode.

Singapore, Part One – The Pros
Singapore Part Two – The Pros
Gold Diggers
Save Your Money
Door Openers
How to Spot a Ladyboy
Shopping Malls
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Mainstream Media Conspires to Screw Ron Paul

Ron Paul

We have a full blown rant coming soon on the topic of how shitty our worthless human refuse mainstream media is but this is just too outrageous not to post. Watch this short clip from The John Stewart Show to see how the mainstream media is conspiring to ensure that Ron Paul has no shot at the US Presidential election in 2012.

You guys are obviously on the same payroll as the cock sucking shiteaters on Wall St. that are destroying The United States of America!

The Single Dude's Guide to Singapore, Part One - The Cons

Marina Bay Sands is cool but pricey

Singapore, a tiny nation-state at the southern tip of Malaysia, is really on the rise these days. A haven for big banking and other big money businesses it is quickly, along with Hong Kong, turning into the economic powerhouse of Southeast Asia. Shit is happening there, skyscrapers are going up all over the place and people are immigrating from all over the region (and the world) to get in on the party.

With that in mind, I went to Singapore for an extended period this summer and I have a lot to say about it. There’s great party there and an enormous number of hot chicks, but despite those advantages Singapore is absolutely not a recommended single dude travel … [Read more]

The night I almost died in Singapore

That night I almost met them.

It was a normal enough night for Charlie and I in Singapore at first. We were at a salsa club on Clarke Quay (a bar district in downtown Singapore). Charlie had bought a bottle of Absolut for the low low price of $171 SGD to celebrate his completion of some business in town and our planned escape from Singapore to Manila the next day. We were getting trashed and dancing salsa with Art Pfister, Charlie’s hot cool little Chinese-American yoga teacher, her Colombian cougar friend and a couple lesbians with potentially bisexual aspirations who were buying everyone $22 Patron shots every 15 minutes. I had planned to meet a New Zealand cougar there but she … [Read more]